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BG Summer: Mopping Up



Continuing from this...

The defenders were spread thinly along the shore, and one by each small group was overran, taken captive by the dreaded Immy the Pink and her pirate clan.

Imoen: Reaching fer a weapon, I suppose?

Aerie: No, cap'n... just dinnay like the look of 'im.

Viconia: Very strange custom, this 'vacation'... I wonder why it has to end this way every year...

Left to right:
Ajantis, Shar-Teel, Valygar, and Faldorn up the tree, with Boo below.
Standing Front:
Tenya, Viconia De'Vir, Imoen, Aerie.
On the floor: Edwin Odesseiron

Characters from the Baldur's Gate games, by Bioware.
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Who gave Aerie that Girdle of Giant Strength? You go, girl!

Why do I see Jaheira and Viconia actually working towards a common goal in the near future.... Too bad J's not here to see Boo chase Faldorn up a tree. She might even crack a smile.