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When you think of court reporting, you are likely to think of a court reporter who works in the courtroom, furiously typing away on the keyboard and keeping track of what is being said during a trial. You might be surprised to learn that many court reporters do the majority of their work outside of the courtroom or conference room. Video court reporting is becoming more and more popular, and more law firms are turning to this type of court reporting.

With video court reporting, law firms can create a record of a witness on video and also create a legal document from the testimony. Many testimonies occur outside of the courtroom, and it is crucial to creating an accurate document that can be used in a trial. A professional video court reporter is going to be professional, fast and accurate. They can transcribe any legal proceedings. Court reporting services can help legal firms get the transcription work they need without having to hire someone full time. They can save money and time by turning to a court reporting service.

Court reporters are going to provide an accurate record of testimony or court proceeding. Testimonies can be very valuable to a case. Some people cannot testify in court and need to testify through a deposition and having a video record of the deposition is invaluable. You don't have to call the witness into court over and over again when they have a video court record, and the written transcription of the video recording and the video records allow the jury to see the witness instead of reading what they are saying. Video testimonies show the mannerisms and tone of the person giving the testimony which gives the jurors more to work with.

Court reporters can also perform notary services, and they can make documents official with their seal. There are many types of documents that a court reporter can notarize, including depositions, statements, and evidence. Another plus of using video court reporting is that it is just way more accurate. Since each testimony is going to be valuable to the case, it just makes sense to have video records. Accuracy is crucial when working on a case and everyone who gives testimony in a case should ideally have a corresponding video record.

Law firms are requesting video court reporting services more and more, and they often turn to court reporting services to find qualified court reporters. It is cheaper to do this than hire court reporters in the house. They can save money and still have qualified court reporters working for their firm. When you contract for video court reporting services, you also get a professional camera operator to make sure that the video is recorded without errors.

If you are looking for a court reporter for your legal firm, you need to choose the company you want to work with carefully. Interview a few different companies to make sure that the company is going to offer you the services you need. You also need to make sure that the services are going to be affordable and that you like the quality of the work the court reporting service is offering.
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Submitted on
June 25, 2017