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So, there is a reason that I'm not posting terribly frequently, but there will ALWAYS be a reason, right? I'm doing a program at Gnomon in LA and it's pretty freaking awesome but it keeps me busy with six classes a term. At least now that I'm through the second quarter, I finally have some stuff to show that's not too boring. :D

Well, I'll try to be better. There is always trying...and this naked guy with a machete.

100 watchers by CourtneyTrowbridge

:heart: A massive THANK YOU everyone for helping me reach 100 watchers today (and now 101)!!!  So happy!! :heart:
Thanks for visiting.  I've been working a lot lately and am not letting myself read any books!  It keeps me drawing.  I'm hoping over the next few months to post some Tudors comic stuff (a lot of it...I hope!), the usual asoiaf arts for fun, and more past work.  I'm going to try.  You know how that works.

The good news is every day it's really slow at work, I grumble and wish I was home drawing.  That has to be a good sign.
Hello!  I've had this account for years now and finally intend to start publishing work to it.  Be warned I'm working on a portfolio website, so that may take some precedence over my deviant page, but editing my artwork into the portfolio should eventually make putting work up here easier.

Expect to see fanciful ladies, fashion, A Song of Ice and Fire fanarts (my latest craze) and I'm sure a smattering of other subjects.  Thank you for checking out my work and please comment if you feel so inclined!  It makes doing this worthwhile.