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The Last Witch Hunter Contest Entry



My Contest Entry for "The Last Witch Hunter" Contest.
Link to Contest: The Last Witch Hunter Contest
I wanted to represent the 3rd Prologue:

Prologue #3
INTERIOD: Darkened cave. - Kaulder does swift battle, flaming sword in hand, with the murky enemies surrounding him. Slashing through the dark humaniod figures, shrieking all aroudn him, his eyes wide with rage, the essence of each WITCH LORD escapes their ruptured carcasses and enter the cave walls around Kaulder, frozen in time as if cave paintings.

I really loved the idea of the movie, the Preview is EPIC!!! Of the four prologues I thought the third prologue would be a lot of fun to create! I really wanted to focus on lighting and the hard contrast of being in the dark. The Murky creatures lurking in the background some unseen, hiding in the shadows of the cave. I wanted to really push this using traditional median, and I hope that my work portrays the same feelings that the preview has made for me!

Photo References Used (Not mine):………

Watercolor, Gouache, and digital Editing
Full Size: 18 x 28'' on 20'' x 30'' Cold Press Illustration Board, Croped digitally.

Wish Me luck Everyone!
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Oh, just... The colors, man! The colors...
I can see how much effort you put on this, I really liked it.

Sorry for not writing much about it,
I'm just... Lazy... As hell... Zzz.