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Resting Variation Poses

A couple resting, sleeping, and some where someone is obviously having a mental breakdown, OH and one sniffing his arm pit. The one guy sniffing his armpit is my favorite.

As always if You Use these Please
- (if you post) reference me as a resource in the description with a link to my page
- Enjoy

Free to Use Base Here:…

Also, The reason I put all the downloadable content on my patreon and not my deviant art is because adding downloadable content takes up a lot of space in my or I have to put a minimum of 10 DA points to have downloadable content, which I find to be really annoying. Because of that, I put everything on my patreon so it is available for FREE! 
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Mature Content

Haven't posted in a while so here's this by ACIDlC

Thank you for your great poses!
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Would it be alright if i used your poses? drew over it and than Reposted it on my deviantart?

I'll credit you. I don't steal art.

Know any good drawing guides/breakthrough's i can use?

Do you make tutorials? :D

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I just wanna hug this dude 
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Excellent posture. So many good positions, it will help a lot. Thank you so much! :wink kiss: 
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This is so helpful!
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this dude is me in all stages of a panic attack
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Ahaha Awesome work,By the way. 
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No problem :0 i hope to see more of this stuff from you :) 
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The guy sniffing his armpit is my favorite too xDD
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These are great poses, I love the variety!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like them!
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Mental breakdown guy is me
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Same here, and half the people I go to school with
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I have a mental breakdown almost everyday :,D

I have a lot of mental issues and nearly anything can set me off
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Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better. 
But it seems you busy with making art! That's always good!
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"some where someone is obviously having a mental breakdown"

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Awesome! I'm glad these can be of use!
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