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May Pose Sets 1 and 2

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So my Patreons see everything 1 month before anyone else! That means my May stuff, comes out in June for the rest of the community! These are Free-2-Use Pose Sets with Credit. 

- If you use it, Credit me, and have a link to my DA page
- Send me a link so I can fawn over the Awesomeness you create! Seriously I love to see it!
- That's it. It's free to use with credit. What can I say... 
    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Premium Content:
Includes, JPG (with blue background), JPG (White background), PNG (line art only)

Photoshop file too large, and can be downloaded for free on patreon!

Deviant art won't allow me to post premium content without having a price. So I put 10 point, as that is the lowest I can put it. BUT you can access all these Poses for FREE on my Patreon! You do not need to become a patreon, although I appreciate the support, and you do not need to pay me. Just go to my patreon page, find the Poses, hit download, and you receive a Photoshop version, a JPG (without the blue background), a PNG (just line art) and this reference. 

Link to my resource Patreon page:…
Link to my regular Patreon (No resources just art!):…

Link to other Social Media:…
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First ones me legit walking on a balance beam then startled as hell