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Free2Use Bases: Dance Poses w background



Hello Everyone, Here are some new Poses. These are also a Free to Use Base. In order to get the base just check out my Patreon Page, and click on this reference. In the attachments there is a PNG (with no background grey) a Jpg (Also w/out a background color) and a photoshop version. You DO NOT need to be a Patreon to download, just click the button and name, you can use it! It is just easier for me to put all my files in one place.  (I'll add a link to later)        I tried not to add too much boob, as minor tweaks could turn these into men. It's incredible how exactly the same male and female anatomy is.

If you use the Free-to-Use Base please include a link to my Deviantart page, and reference me. You can use it for whatever you want, as long as you acknowledge it. 

If you would like to download the Photoshop/PNG/JPG version of this piece for FREE you can click on the link below, and then click the image.
Or would simply like to support my art, come check out my Patreon Page Here:…
Also, you can download the Premium content which includes all that too. (it is 10 points, as that is the lowest that DA will allow me to put the files up for. otherwise it would be free.)

My main patreon can be found here:…

Status Update: Sorry to everyone I've been neglecting recently. In the past 4 weeks, I have been to the doctors 8 times, and I'll probably be back again. I had my wisdom teeth removed, but it looks like the way it has healed, the root of my molar is exposed so I'm having extreme pain with that. So now I might have to have a root canal. I've missed out on multiple classes, putting me back on my studies, and I'm also planning on participating in a con soon. I don't want to make excuses, but I am sorry about my failure to get things done as of recent. We GOT THIS!

Anyway, i hope everyone else is having a wonderful Spring (or Fall in the Souther hemisphere) 
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Are u sure u drew this bc all I see is that u stole the sketches from Ibis Paint.