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Free 2 Use: Base 1: What had happened was...

Check it out! My first Base for Public Use!
- This Base is free 2 Use, but I ask that you include my name/icon in the description of anything you uploaded that uses this. Example: Base by: :iconsoccer20star:

For this Pose I wanted a couple, siblings/friends/intimate (it doesn't matter what the relationship), who are in the middle of a conversation. The female character is saying something like "Well, What had happened was..." while the male is like "what the heck did you do this time." But you can interpret this pose however you like! If you use it, add a link in the comments, I would love to see!


Other Bases:
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Awesome Artwork that used this base:
Seiya and Marin by Seiyalover436885 The Pretender: Talk to me, grand-dad by Amu-Amateur
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I feel like drawing the AMOGUS guy and the woman leaning on him a femal crewmate with the pink suit on. A M O G U S S U S SU S

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I used this a guide for this!  Thanks for making lots of cool poses!
Thanzid  Riley by GlassGeek
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NARUTO OC | AKARI AND SASORI | Hey there by Rosalienne

Thank you so much <3
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And here is another one of my artwork using your beautiful base poses.… Thank you so very much.
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This looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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So i used your base as a reference for my Oc's :) (Smile)…
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I didn't use as a base exactly, but I did steal the pose for Ladybug and Chat Noir (on the left) xD
Cat Ears and Blue Hair by SpicePrincess
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oh my God its el tigreGalaxy Cat [ICON2] Smol Red ICON Wander Emote: WOW THATS AMAZING 
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I literally just had a fan-girling moment! I love Ladybug and Chat Noir! And this is so cute!!!!!! You did an Absolutely Splendid Job!
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haha well I'm glad you like it!! I couldn't have done it without inspiration from you and the base you made! 
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This helped me make LadyNoir - Wink by TheKittypet
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Thank you for letting others use these I love drawing clothes and hair but I can't draw poses at all. These are great, I mostly draw for myself so I don't really pose things anymore. 
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I Am SO Sorry about the late response!

I'm glad that these can be helpful. It's wonderful to see what others can create with them!
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