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F2U Base : NaughtyFish Romantic Pose Set Line Art

I made these poses for a commission for :iconthenaughtyfish: and i got a lot of request to make it into line art. Finally got around to it, and here is the product. I fixed some proportion problems (the head sizes on the originals where wrong) so everything should be good. Overally I'm pretty happy with the inking, and it game me something to learn Manga studio on! I will probably use manga studio in the future for digital line arts.

Anyway, you can download for Free click the link below. You don't have to make a donation, or pay anything! just click download.…

- PSD (photoshop file with layers)
- JPG (white background)
- JPG (Reference above)
- PNG (line art only)

The Premium Content is set to 10 points, because I can't get it any lower, but includes everything from the link except the psd. The PSD file is too large to put in here, so I've left it available on my patreon page.

Please include a link to my page in the description if you use this.
For example:

Base/Reference by:       : icon courtneysconcepts :     (with no spaces between the ":")
Base / Reference by:

The first version will also put my icon in the description so if you put this in the description on deviant art, I get a notification. I'd love to see what you make!
If it is on any other site, please include the link, so people can come check out my page! 
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ii'm not seeing anything posted on your patreon, but it might just be the site being weird since i'm on mobile but using desktop mode, and not logged in. Is there any way you could upload the file to

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used as reference here:
Dancing by SythraNightshade
Kuzkai's avatar
used !! Thank you ;v;
Boy by Kuzkai
MissNoShame's avatar
Thank you for this!

NhairaxEffy by MissNoShame
pezwolf's avatar
Katy Blu and Aerofox  by pezwolf  Such good reference material, thank you for your help with this!
pierrotcvb's avatar
Alright, here's my version.

Dance with me, girlie! ft Mayla and PharaohMan by thayzustercvb
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this sooo reminds me of Yuri on Ice xD
sammyj96's avatar
I used it one of them! :D 
LordNowe by sammyj96
Will definitely be using the rest in the future :3
CourtneysConcepts's avatar
This is really beautiful! I love the characters and the border!
I'm excited to see more from you!
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im a bit confused, if it says its free to use, why is the download feature 10 points? Im just wondering :) came across this on a reference search ^^
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Deviantart doesn't allow me to post extra content without putting a price for it. 10 points is as low as it will let me. But I have all the files available for free download in the link in my description.
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Forgot to comment on this earlier //shot
But it's amazing to see how much you've improved and fixed things up ;//w//;
I'd love to maybe use these as references sometime :tighthug:
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Thank you, Yeah, it's interesting to see how a person can improve in a year. 
Awesome! I'd love to see what you would make!
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thank you so much ^^
CourtneysConcepts's avatar
^^ I'm glad you like them!
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These are lovely! Should I credit you even if I just reference the post itself, or is it for base usage only?
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Either way would works, although if you reference me by putting my icon in the description (on deviant art) i get a link to your artwork!
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