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So instead of keeping this just a tail adoptables page, I've decided to make it for my other mermaid art as well. I will post things like my fabric mermaid tail creations, digital art, tail designs, items available for sale and stuff like that!

Happy Swimming!
Courtney Mermaid
Welcome to my mermaid tail adoptables account here on deviantART!

Who am I?
I am Courtney the Vancouver Mermaid!

What is this?
I run where I make detailed video tutorials teaching people how to make swimmable mermaid tails. I thought it might be cool to create some designs for people to purchase if they don't really know where to get started or if they don't feel they are very artistic or just want to get the inspiration ball rolling!

Where can you find me?

Details on Purchasing a Design
Tail Design by Courtney the Vancouver Mermaid @
Visit to view step by step video tutorials to turn this design into a swimmable mermaid tail!

The monofin used in these designs is the Finis Aquarius.


What do you receive?
Once I have received your payment, I will email you a higher resolution version without the watermark.

1. Once you have purchased a tail design from me, you can make edits to it, add to it, play with the colours or whatever makes your heart happy. 
2. What you are not allowed to do is put it back up for sale for more than you paid for it. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT.
3. You are more than welcome to turn this design into a real tail, that is sort of the point after all!

Happy Swimming!

Courtney Mermaid