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Press R to Try Again

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One of the possible bad endings to an IWBTG fangame I'm working on. This can happen if you take more than 3 minutes to beat the final boss (who killed Thanos with a Death Star then stole his Gauntlet).
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Honestly, I'd have it "It Just Happens" if say, The Kid fails to cockblock Thanos from getting ALL the Jewels, and/or fails to 'stun lock' him before he "Just Snaps" The Kid to death.

If bonus sadist, may or may not even come with 'then erase Save file/progress, start at the beginning again'. But that'd be like Nier tier masochism on top, if particulary evil.
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This game has a scenario inspired by Last Action Hero where various fictional characters and objects are brought to our planet, including the Infinity Gauntlet. And it is possible to save in a scenario where a reduced-power Snap is inevitable.