PnF + AVGN - The Return of LJN Chapter 1

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“Kids, we’ve been invited to an antique show in the District of Columbia. Phineas, you are to stay at your girlfriend Isabella’s house for the weekend. Ferb, you are to stay at Gretchen’s. Candace, since Jeremy is taking a vacation to Florida, you will be stay at Stacy’s. A friend of mine from the 80’s, known as The Nerd, will take care of the house.” Linda told the Flynn-Fletcher kids. Right then, Phineas walked across the street to his girlfriend’s house, while Ferb and Candace were dropped off at Gretchen and Stacy's houses respectively before Linda and Lawrence went to the airport.

Right in the airport gift shop, the Nerd was staring at an ad for LJN’s Stumbleberry Finkbat for PS3 and Xbox 360. “Why the fuck would LJN make a comeback? And to do that to the classic Australian book series? I thought LJN went bankrupt in 1995.” the Nerd shouted.

“You’re the person we invited to look after our house.” Linda told the Nerd.

“Oh, right. I hope your son doesn’t go all the way with his girlfriend.” The Nerd replied, as he left the gift shop, while Linda and Lawrence stepped into a long airport security line.

The Nerd was left wondering to himself. “Why in the name of God would LJN ruin not only Stumbleberry Finkbat, but Space Adventure AND Ducky Momo as well?! They’ve already ruined several franchises, including Back to the Future and Friday the 13th. And I must make sure nobody pays $60 for these shitloads of fuck.”
A crossover idea I had ever since first watching the AVGN 6 years ago.
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I actually like this one, already I can tell there is going to be a lot of awesomeness on here