Mega Loud (In-Game Prologue)

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AN: This is an AU, in case you couldn't tell.

Music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT9DST… (Mega Man 2 intro theme)

It all started when Lori passed away texting while driving. The guilt in not preventing Lori's death had led Lisa to create a robot clone of Lori with the memories of the Loud's oldest daughter. A couple weeks later, an elder inventor named Dr. Wily made eight of his own robots to counter Lori. Security camera footage of this inventor showed that he wears a white labcoat and blue jeans, and has a grey beard. So Lisa then made Robo-Lori into a combat robot, nicknamed the Blue Bomber. The upgraded Mega Lori wears a blue helmet, while still allowing some of her hair to be visible.

Lisa: My dear elder sibling, the Royal Woods Middle School has been taken over by robots.

Luna: This isn't a good start to spring break.

Right there, the Blue Bomber left the Loud House.
My first attempt at making an implausible crossover work. I'll be honest that I have more knowledge of Mega Man than I do Loud House.

The actual fic will have more detail, as the NES's limitations require less text.
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