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Lace Brush Set

Since I been getting more into lolita art, I noticed I didn't have lace brushes that where like the real life lolita dresses. I decided to make some out using real life brands and laces I don't own in any legal way.
So use this brushes to your heart's content, since none of these are my original design and no need to "note" me and tell me or ask me if you can use them. Just use them how ever you want.
Jeez thank you every one who downloaded and used these brushes, I can't believe how popular this set got. I love seeing the artwork you guys use my brushes in. And for the people who ask if they can use my brushes yes, please use the brushes.
© 2009 - 2021 CourtHouse
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Muchísimas gracias. Son tan bonitos que me está costando decidir cuál voy a utilizar. Thank you !!

Hi i want to use your lace brushes but i wanted to know if these are avaliabe on ibispaintx?

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Can someone tell me how to use them?

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Do they work with Ibispaint X?

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Спасибо огромное! Буду пользоваться

thank you!! :)

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thank you for making these brushes, it must've taken you a lot of work. QxQ you true MVP!

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thank u for making these!! :)

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how do i use it 
Большое СПАСИБО!
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thanks ,love it
gracias. Muy bonitas
I got it, thank you.
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So cute!You have a tutorial how we can install this brush set in sai?Or is not for this? ;w;
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Thank you so much for the amazing brush set!! I used it here :) Madoka Magica by Mayleth
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thank you;)
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