Unchained Beast

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I dashed up the stairs trying to get to my room as soon as possible. I didn't have much time left. I needed to prepare, but I forgot about it until now.

I tripped at the top step, but quickly got up. I can't waste time. I ran straight for the door to my room, where everything was. I don't have time to get to the basement; I'll have to do it here. I stumbled inside and started to get ready.

I ripped my shirt off because it would just make the transformation worse. I pulled down my pants, too, because it would start to get hot, now I was left in just my underwear.

I ran to the wall on the back of my room. I kept a backup pair of chains in there in case I couldn't go to the basement. I hastily chained my ankles so I couldn't run away, then my wrists last so I'd be completely pinned to the wall.

I quietly waited for the moon's light to peek through my window and shine on me, triggering the curse that would turn me into a beast.

After a few moments waiting, the moon appeared in my window and my room got slightly brighter, but then it hit me.

My hands started to hurt, and when I turned my head to look at them, they were bleeding as my nails poked out and curled slightly, morphing into claws made to kill. The pain made me stretch out my hands as far as I could, which just made it hurt even more

I looked down to avoid seeing the pain, but it didn't work as my feet were also starting to grow. My toes seemed to get smaller as the actual foot was growing, slowly getting wider and stretching out longer. Claws started to point out from my toenails and blood dripped from there, too.

I screamed and brought my face to look up to the ceiling as I stretched out my mouth, which also started to hurt. I constricted my face and opened my mouth as I felt my teeth starting to change. All of my teeth slowly started to point out and look like canines, and there was a slight taste of blood in my mouth. Soon after that, my jaw dropped open as my real canines slowly started to burst out of my gums, growing. Blood from my gums flooded my mouth as my teeth slowly grew larger.

Once all my teeth grew into their newer, deadlier form, the blood started to stop, but a lot of it continued to drip down my face and onto my torso.

I screamed as my right arm snapped as my bones morphed into their newer forms. My arm slowly stretched out, and soon the cuff was locking up the middle of my forearm instead of the wrist. The same happened with my left arm right after.

I got a little break for a few seconds, and I panted heavily, but it wasn't long until my internal organs started to grow. My stomach and lungs started to bubble to make room for the night, I needed to fit as much food as possible, and my lungs needed to be strong to keep me going. My body felt crowded because there wasn't enough room in me to hold all my organs in their newer forms.

I couldn't take the pain much longer, so my heart stretched out and broke my ribs. My organs moved around to find some free space as my ribs recollected their shattered pieces and mended itself into a larger form than before.

My wrists and ankles suddenly snapped back and twisted around as all of the bones in my hands and feet were changing for my new body.

My legs snapped, too, as the bones were growing so I'd be taller and stronger when I'm finished. I clenched my teeth as my legs slowly crawled down the wall and the cuffs were grabbing me a little under the knee now.

Soon after, a pain burst at the sides of my head as my ears were changing. They slowly pointed themselves and hardened from their weak, soft, states and stretched straight up. My hearing suddenly got better and I could hear each bone snapping in my body.

My limbs continued to crack into their new forms as my back snapped, forcing me to hit my head against the wall as my torso launched out and my body resembled a "C" stuck to the wall.

My body snapped my back in every direction, forcing my body to move with it as it curved and pushed out. I screamed as I was forced to face left, then jerked back to face the right.

It snapped oddly backwards for a bit and each vertebrae slowly grew out and poked my skin. When my back finished its twisting and was happy with its new position, I lay back, and my extended back felt hard against the wall.

Since my body was done the basics of the transformation, I got a little rest before the moon's light would trigger the next part of it. I lay still, panting from all of the pain that I was facing. I took deep breaths to try and calm my whole body down so the next phase wouldn't hurt as much.

My face started to itch, and I stretched out my tongue to try and lick it off. Even though I've just shaved this morning, hair was slowly starting to sprout out in a nice goatee. The nice goatee didn't last long as hair started to sprout out in other places like my neck.

My body suddenly burned inside and I screamed. I felt like I've just been thrown into a blazing fire.

I looked down and clenched my teeth to try and ignore the pain about to happen. But sadly, down wasn't the right place to look as my chest which had little muscle definition in it was slowly, and painfully, contracting and hardening. The muscles tightened and slowly grew, pushing my chest outwards and defining into well-built pecs.

After my pecs grew out, my biceps and triceps decided to follow. I screamed as my arms started to throb as the muscles in them were twisting around as they were being forced to mutate into an odd size. They slowly expanded and the cuffs on my forearms were starting to feel really tight.

My legs cracked again as they were starting to change their form, too. I looked down and my thighs wer growing and defining from normal, average person, muscles into ones that could take me around the world without breaking a sweat. They extended out and the edges of my underwear felt really tight and ripped a bit.

I let out a few coughs as I felt myself get elbowed in the gut. But instead of the elbowing, I got something worse. I looked down to see what was happening, and my flat stomach started to bubble in four small clumps. Now six. Now eight. They blew up, and then deflated randomly, and each time, I felt like I was gonna barf.

They pushed out of my skin and slowly started to define into a large and strong eight pack.

My hands started to feel numb, so I turned to look at my right hand. It was growing, too. My palms slowly started to bulk up as muscles in my hand started to strengthen, too. After that, my fingers grew to look more like sausages than fingers.

I screamed even louder than before as my body was forced into this extreme pain, parts of my body still cracking or bubbling up.

I rose my head up and looked straight into the moon. It was taunting me. Laughing at me as I suffer. I couldn't take it anymore and I yelled at it. But as I yelled, something in my throat moved around, and what came out wasn't my normal human scream. It was the roar of a wolf.

I tried it again and the roar felt amazing. I felt like I was one step closer to something – but I couldn't decide what that something was.

My body continued to change as hair started to form a thin layer around my body. I looked and my arms and legs were covered in a coat of grey fur. I looked down and silver fur also started to appear on my torso. The sides of my body already had a thick layer, and a mane of fur lined my neck and fell down to the middle of my chest.

I roared again as my tongue stretched out even longer, and I licked my face. My mouth was now surrounded in a thick beard.

I roared in pain as my jaw snapped and dropped down. My nose stretched outwards and grew, starting to merge with my mouth to form a muzzle. My jaw slowly and painfully snapped around and stretched outwards as my face was growing more wolf-like. I closed my eyes shut as my teeth were pushing around in my stretching gums, and blood was dripping onto my great grey fur.

When my muzzle finished morphing, I let out a howl as my nose finished upgrading. I could smell everything in the distance, but the stronger smells nearby, like my sweat and blood, didn't make it feel that great.

I roared again as my skull slowly shifted into a more wolf-like shape, and the ridge of my eyebrows dropped down so I looked more monstrous.

I opened my palms and the skin thickened into strong paws, and the skin on my feet did the same.

I pulled my arms outwards and broke the chains that were holding me back. Hair continued to sprout from my skin until none of it was visible, only my majestic grey fur. My roared as my ears crept up my skull to the top of my head, and I pulled my legs out of the chains, too.

I fell down onto all fours and howled as my body finished its growing and my muscles stretched one last time, ripping my underwear and letting it fall to the ground.
I got up, knees locked into the normal crouching position, and shoulders pulled back to make my body look mightier. I closed my eyes as my tailbone stretched out and softened into a new, swishing tail, and when I opened them I knew my eyes were now a golden yellow.

I leaped outside my window onto the roof of my garage and howled to the night sky.

I heard a howl back.

I must find my breathen. I thought, I jumped down and then blanked out as I lost control over my body to the wolf inside me.
Just another werewolf transformation.
This time, he's chained to the wall!

I think this is the worst of the 3 I've done.

Like my work? Request! :)
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this is freaking epic you did WONDERFUL 
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I let out a few coughs as I felt myself get elbowed in the gut. But instead of the elbowing, I got something worse. I looked down to see what was happening, and my flat stomach started to bubble in four small clumps. Now six. Now eight. They blew up, and then deflated randomly, and each time, I felt like I was gonna barf.

They pushed out of my skin and slowly started to define into a large and strong eight pack. ( O_O)
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You do an amazing description of the werewolf transformation. This is extremely well written and this is exactly how I imagine them to be. Keep up the good work, and I'll be keeping an eye out for more of your works.
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Thanks :D
Is this one your favourite?
But I'm sorry to say, I'm kinda on Hiatus now :(
I'm just planning on getting another transformation or two in the next two or three weeks, then focus on reading more.

But I promise I'll get back to it! :D
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series...need it...now so good to read
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Yes it is one of my favorites of your series. Your use of detail is what many other stories of this nature lack, and your's are definitely worth reading.
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