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Stories: The Path of Destinies Dock Icons Pack

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512x512 Pixels PNG Icon | Done in GIMP

As well as Undertale, I decided to create some other dock icons to games which are "dockless".

This time, we got Stories: The Path of Destinies, which already has a Metro Windows 8 Style Icon done by Clarence1996.
However, I decided to create some circular icons just for you. ;)
Despite being a "furry game" at first sight, it doesn't mean it can't please the Action-RPG crowd as well.  Let's be open minded, folks, at least once in a while. Foxy Love 

Pro tip: If you liked from games such as Radiant Historia and Devil Survivor 2 (both from Atlus AND for Nintendo DS), then you'll enjoy this game.

Prepare yourself and your manly tears. BB Manly Tears Icon 

The pack includes 3 dock icons, with two being with and without Reynardo's "sidekicks" and a "readme".

Stories The Path Of Destinies Gameplay
Stories: The Path of Destinies Gameplay (PC HD)

Where to Buy:
GOG (DRM Free)
G2A (Steam Global)
G2A (Steam RU/CIS)
Humble Bundle
Indie Gala

Official Website:
Stories: The Path of Destinies

~ Credits ~

Dock Template by OutlawNinja -

Artworks used in the docks:

Official Artwork:

IGN South Africa
Stories: The Path of Destinies - Gamespot
Lapino - Official "Stories" Wiki
Zenobia - Official "Stories" Wiki
1024x1024 official artwork image found on Google Images

Official logo from the game - Stories: The Path of Destinies Logo

Stories: The Path of Destinies © Spearhead Games, 2016.
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