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How to Make Critique Work For You

How to Make Critique Work For You by courage-and-feith, journal


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Artist // Student // Literature
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My Bio
Cheshire Cat

What I can say about me ? Hmm... I guess I'm a human being just like you, with qualities and flaws.

I am perfectly imperfect.


This page is mostly dedicated to the dock icons and SFM posters I create and edit on GIMP and Source Filmmaker. Feel free to browser it and leave your comments and favorites on them.

You can support me through my Ko-Fi page and leaving a donation to me there.

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Brasileiros: Também aceito doações pelo Pix! É so me mandar uma mensagem que eu mando os detalhes pra você!

While I don't take requests I can take suggestions and ideas from you however I can decline them if I don't agree with them or they're too controversial to be made.

Soon I'll be doing monthly raffles where the winner can request ONE SFM poster from me to be made which can be freely submitted to their page (and hopefully credit me back) since I won't post them here or my other art pages.

These raffles will have strict rules, though, so pay attention to them before participating!

And yes, "feith" was a unintentional typo a.k.a. "brain fart"! Because of it just refer to me as Cheshire Guy since this is the nickname I adopted to myself. Unfortunately I can't change my old username since I don't have money for Core.

Trolls, "edgelords", far right/left militants, religious nutjobs and zealots, rude and "brutally honest" people, annoying fanboys/fangirls from fandoms, spammers, haters, holier-than-thou moralists and jerks, bullies, white knights, backseat moderators and trigger happy blockers will be blocked instantly. No exceptions!

I won't give them any of my time and energy to deal with them so they can have the satisfaction of ruining my day let alone my life. I've had enough of trying to please everyone and everything!


The Cheshire Guy can be:

- A True Companion for my friends, admirers, followers and people I like from;

- A Good is Not Soft for certain people;

- A Mysterious Stranger to other people due to my shyness and introvertion;

- A Jerk With a Heart of Gold for some other people;

- A Noble Demon for a minority of people;

- A Complete Monster for the neurotic control freak jerks out there, "enemies", perfectionists, holier-than-thou moralists, people who judge me by my mistakes and flaws, people I wrong and argue with and people who I think deserve no respect from me.

Favourite Visual Artist
Bruce Willis
Favourite Movies
"The Matrix" Trilogy.
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A bunch of them.
Favourite Books
O Alienista(Machado de Assis); A Batalha do Apocalipse(Eduardo Spohr), O Diário de Um Mago (Paulo Coelho) and others
Favourite Games
Borderlands 2, Hades, Grim Dawn, Gunfire Reborn, DOOM 2 and many others.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade

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Commissions are OPEN (5 slots) by courage-and-feith, journal

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Feel free to donate if you enjoy my works or are feeling generous.

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I've opened 5 Slots for both Furaffinity and deviantART. First come first serve.Please check my commission list for more info: Furaffinity List - deviantART List - SLOTS: X. :icongameboy121: (Simple Background + 3D Avatar) PAID | FINISHED X. :icongameboy121: (Two Complex Backgrounds) PAID | FINISHED X. MMDmacrolover (Complex Background + Two Extra Characters + Fetish Poster) PAID | FINISHED X. MMDmacrolover (Complex Background + + Fetish Poster) PAID | FINISHED Christian123 (18 Pages NSFW Comic) NOT PAID | FINISHED 2. 3. 4. 5.
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So today I emptied my wardrobe and the things inside the drawer of the table where my PC is, putting everything on bags and naming them accordingly and now what's left is my PC and the stuff attached to it, the printer and other few things.One of our two fridges were taken away by my brother, which has left a good mess around the house. Despite this everything went fine.Now it's wait for the next days and see what happens. As usual I'll keep you updated about it.Have a good week and stay safe.😉
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IRL news and other stuff.- So on last Friday I've went to the house we're going to move to and it looks a pretty good place to me. We won't need to move many things like the wardrobes and the beds since almost everything we need is already there waiting for us.Yesterday and today I already put some of my stuff from the wardrobe of my bedroom inside a box together with some other boxes related to my PC. I think that we'll be moving soon, I'm not sure. I'll let you know when this happens.My written stories are all also store in a box.- Well, looks like Furaffinity has changed, and I think it looks nice. I'll give it a 7.5/10 for the effort, and as you can see I alredy put a banner up there, heh. I've also made another two for Halloween and Christmas, all featuring petruz's handsome bat guy. A pity you can't upload high res pictures anymore above 2K resolution but for me nothing changes since I always upload the 1080p versions of my posters to all my public galleries while my posters with higher resolutions are exclusive to patrons as one of the reward for supporting me.- Of course, I've also made an account on Itaku because screw Twitter, that's why. The link is below:The Cheshire Guy @ ItakuIt's still barebones however mostly of the page is set up. And unlike my other galleries I won't be posting previews or other non-art stuff there. I confess I've liked from the site so expect me to submit my posters there as well.- I've been watching mostly matches from the World Cup and I'm liking from it so far. However I think the pandemic affected mostly teams which's why some of them are demonstrating a lackluster performance. Just my two cents.Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read this, and have a good week! 😁
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Thank you for the watch! Look forward to more cool artwork in the future! B-)

You're welcome. You've got a nice gallery! ;)

Hi do you requests for free

Only for patrons and raffle winners, sorry.