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Danny Phantom: OverHeatedDanny Phantom: OverheatedBy AaronIt was a typical evening in Amity Park. Most people had already returned home from the day’s activities. Along each street, lights could be seen shining from each window as families began settling in for the night. And to anyone who happened to be walking by, Fenton Works was no exception. Little did anyone know that from the armored depths of the Fenton Works lab, another light was shining…one that was an eerie spectral green.“How’s it looking guys?!” Jazz called from the other side of the lab, standing alongside a concerned Tucker and Sam, as the glow of the ghostly aura from Danny’s “True Ghost Form” filled the room.“So far, so good!” Jack shouted back as he and Maddie kept a close eye on the readouts from the measuring devices peppered all over Danny’s body. “Vitals holding steady!”“Danny, are you okay?!” Sam asked worriedly.“I’m fine!” Danny answered with a simple shrug, even as his flaming hair and flashing eyes brought Sam little comfort. “Kind of wondering how much longer this is going to take, though!”“Well, that’s going to depend on you, Sweetie!” Maddie replied, no taking her eyes off the monitors. “Now Danny, can you charge up for a Ghost Ray blast?! We want to get a measure of your energy output!”“I can do that!” Danny responded with a bit of a sigh before flaring up his fists and bathing the entire Fenton Works lab in blinding green light.… … … …Meanwhile, just on the outskirts of Amity Park’s Industrial District, other activities were underway. In an area where most places are closed and few are seen stirring in the evening, a flash of headlights from announced the arrival of a vehicle pulling up to a darkened and dilapidated salvage yard.“Alright guys, this is the place.” Dash whispered as he got out of the driver’s side of his car, with fellow jock Dale emerging from the passenger side and Kwan exiting from the back seat.“What are we doing here?” Dale asked, looking as perplexed as Kwan.“Just in the mood for a little old-fashioned payback,” Dash answered as he opened the trunk of the car, grabbing a sledgehammer and tossing a pair of baseball bats into Kwan and Dale’s hands. “You know the old crab who runs this place? He actually got in my face and ran me out of here a couple of weeks ago. Said I was trespassing. Huh…you should’ve seen the look on his face…acting all high and mighty, like he actually had stuff in this dump that was WORTH anything. Well, let’s see how valuable any of it is when WE get through with it.”“Wait a minute, wait a minute. Are we talking about the same guy?” Kwan objected. “Because I HAVE seen him. That guy may be old, but he’s bigger than me and he’s built like a TANK. You want to mess with HIM?”“That’s the best part,” Dash giggled. “The old guy kicked of a heart attack a week ago. There’s no one here to even stop us.”“So…let me get this straight,” Kwan responded. “You want to come here…and trash a trash dump…just to cheese off some guy who isn’t even around to get cheesed off anymore?”“Yeah…it’s gonna be great!” Dash replied excitedly, until the sound a bat clattering to the pavement caught his attention and he turned to see Kwan walking away in a huff. “Hey, where are YOU going!”“I’m out of here!” Kwan declared angrily, pausing only to toss a glare in Dash’s direction, “I can’t believe THIS is what you wasted my time for!”“Hey, Kwan…come on, man!” Dale called after him. “Seriously, look where you are! You’re gonna WALK from here?!”“Aw, let him go,” Dash answered dismissively. “He’s been no fun ever since he started dating that geek girl.”“Yeah?! Well, at least I’ll HAVE a date tonight! What’s YOUR excuse?!” Kwan argued before storming off again.Dash looked positively bewildered as he watched Kwan leave, as if he couldn’t comprehend what Kwan had just said. But a moment later, he reasserted himself to his task as his fingers clenched tightly around the handle of the sledgehammer.It took only one swing of the hammer for Dash to make short work of the old padlock that held chain of the rickety gate shut. With only the headlights of the car to light their way, he and Dale slowly crept into the yard, being careful not to trip over anything on the ground or run into a jagged piece of metal. But as he was looking around, a purple glow caught the corner of Dale’s eye.“What was that?” Dale whispered as he whirled around in a panic.“What’s going on?” Dash asked quietly as he and Dale surveyed the area, seeing only darkness.“Nothing,” Dale answered with a sigh of relief. “Must be seeing things.”With that, he and Dash pressed further into the salvage yard. What they didn’t see as they turned back around was a small violet ball of light emerge from behind a mountain of car parts and metal. Staying just out of their line of sight, the shimmering orb slowly followed them as they continued on, until they’d reached the center of the lot, where a little house stood.Parting ways from Dash and Dale, the tiny sphere passed through the wall and into the house. And as it proceeded through the dwelling, the ball of light began to change, taking the form of a male Doberman, wearing a studded collar with a tag that curiously read, “Desile”. Eventually, the dog entered a small living area and office, where an orange ball of light could be seen floating just off the floor.As Desile slowly crept forward, the other glowing orb began to change, taking the shape of a tall, muscular young man sitting curled up on the floor, with a photo album laying beside him. He had grey skin, red and yellow eyes, and flames for hair a goatee. He wore wielding goggles on his forehead and black overalls with flame designs on the cuffs of the sleeves and legs. And on the left breast pocket was stitched only a single word……Burner.At first, he paid the dog no heed and remained sitting on the floor with his head down, sighing mournfully. It wasn’t until Desile walked over and nudged Burner’s shoulder with his nose, whimpering softly, that Burner finally poked his head up.“Hey…what is it?” Burner asked solemnly, patting Desile on the head. But suddenly, a metallic crash from outside gave him all the answer he needed, along with Desile growling in anger.Outside, Dash was swinging his sledgehammer at the shaky piles of metal with wild abandon, laughing in sadistic glee. Dale, however, was too nervous to touch anything, for fear that anything he took a swing at at would collapse on top of him. So, he merely stood in place, clutching the bat in his hands. It wasn’t until a ferocious growl sounded off behind him that he whirled around to see Desile standing just outside the house, glaring at him.“Dash!” Dale called out, causing him to abandon his demolition and turn around.The sight of a full-grown Doberman snarling at the two of them with its teeth bared was frightening enough. But that all paled to the sight of Burner stepping out from a nearby salvage heap.“You picked the wrong place to wreck,” Burner grumbled through sharp, gritted teeth as his flaming hair and goatee flashed more violently.Dash and Dale needed no more encouragement to run for the gate, screaming in terror. Reaching the car, neither even bothered to buckle up. They just wanted to get away.“What was that?!” Dale shouted.“I don’t know!” Dash cried in fright, desperately trying to get the car to start.Just then, the two of them looked up to see Burner standing just outside the gate. Running towards the car, Burner dove through the air and phased through the hood. A moment later, the seatbelts came to life, strapping Dash and Dale firmly in place as the headlights and grill of the car warped into a scowling face. Flames exploded from the exhaust pipe as the engine roared like an unearthly beast. And with squealing tires, the vehicle rocketed off into the night, with the wailing pair trapped inside.… … … …Back at Fenton Works, Danny was still in the lab with the others, his True Ghost Form still being closely monitored by Jack and Maddie. After several minutes, things appeared to still be going well. But just a few short moments later…“Whoa! Red alert!” Jack shouted as alarms began blaring from the monitoring station.“Danny, the test is over! You need to change back!” Maddie called over, the readouts on the screens filling her with dread.“What’s the problem?!” Danny asked, shrugging casually. “I’m fine!”“No, you’re not!” Maddie shot back. “All your vital signs just shot up like a rocket. You’ll be red-lining any second! You’ve got to change back NOW!”“Alright, alright! I hear you!” Danny responded as he transformed, “I just don’t get what the…whoa…”Wobbling backward, Danny quickly found himself on spaghetti legs. He just barely managed to keep his footing long enough to sit down on a nearby bench before slipping out of his regular ghost form and becoming human again.“Danny?!” Jazz cried out as she, Tucker and Sam ran over to him.“It’s cool. I’m…I’m fine. Just got a little dizzy there, for a second,” Danny replied weakly before grabbing a bottle of water and guzzling it down. “Whew…Man, that stuff really DOES help.”“Danny…?” Sam uttered worriedly, getting his attention as she sat down next to him.“Hey,” Danny answered with a warm smile, reaching up to gently slide his hand down Sam’s cheek, “Trust me. I’m okay.”Unfortunately, there had been too many bad experiences with Danny’s True Ghost Form for Sam to take his assurances at face value. It wasn’t until Danny leaned in and fluttered a set of soft, lingering kisses across her lips that Sam began to feel any sense of comfort. Smiling in welcome relief, nothing more needed to be said between them as Sam placed her hand over Danny’s and snuggled up against it.“So…what’s the word?” Tucker asked.“See for yourself,” Maddie answered, handing a printout to Jazz. “We know our equipment can measure Ecto Energy up to triple Danny’s regular output. This new form of his buried the needle. Now obviously, we don’t have the facilities here to test it, but I would assume his physical strength and speed are increased by a roughly equal rate.”“But how long can he HOLD it?” Jazz asked, with Tucker peering over her shoulder. “Those spikes in his vitals completely came out of nowhere.”“Well, according to these readings, it didn’t become a problem until about…10 minutes and 15 seconds,” Jack answered, still examining the screen.“Ten minutes? We’re sitting here, worrying about 10 minutes?” Danny chimed in. “Do you have any idea how much I could DO with this transformation in that amount of time?”“I wouldn’t go swapping out that logo of yours for an ‘S’ just yet, if I were you,” Jazz cautioned. “Don’t forget, that was just you, standing around, doing nothing for 10 minutes. If you’re out there, using this in a fight…you know, your heart’s pounding, your adrenaline’s pumping, your stress levels are shooting up…”“Jazz has a point, Danny,” Maddie added. “If you’re going to use this transformation in the field AT ALL, I recommend using it for only two minutes…MAYBE two-and-a-half. And even then, I wouldn’t advise using it more than once, every 24 hours.”“In other words, ‘strictly for emergencies only’,” Sam noted, taking the watch off Danny’s wrist and fiddling with it.“Hey!” Danny protested, until Sam flashed the digital timer of the watch in front of his face.“Twenty-four hours,” she announced harshly, pressing the button to begin the countdown. “I’m holding you to that.”Danny quickly realized he had no argument to make at that moment. He simply took the watch from Sam’s hand and pressed his forehead to hers, the two of them sharing a contented grin. Unfortunately, they’d have no time to savor their closeness, for just at that moment, their Ghost Senses kicked in.“Uh oh,” they both uttered in unison.“What is it?” Jazz wondered.“I don’t know, but we’re not going to find out sitting down here,” Sam answered, while Danny threw back another bottle of water.“Wait a minute. Danny, are you sure you’re up for this?” Tucker asked worriedly.“Tucker, someone could be in trouble right now,” Danny objected, “What do you want me to tell them? That now’s not a good time and I need to wait for my blood pressure to come down?”“It’s okay. I’ve got him,” Sam chimed in.With that, Danny and Sam transformed, flying up through the ceiling and outside Fenton Works. As usual, they were never sure what to look for whenever something triggered their Ghost Senses. But they quickly found their first clue when Dash’s possessed car came tearing around the corner and rocketed past them down the street, with Dash and Dale still trapped inside.“Okay, I’ll admit I don’t know a lot about cars. But those don’t look like standard options to ME,” Danny remarked.Still possessing the car, Burner continued blasting up one street and down another, With Dash and Dale too frightened to do anything but scream. In fact, they were so terrified, they didn’t notice Danny and Sam flying on either side of the car. Even as Danny phased into the car and grabbed Dash and Dale by their jackets to phase them out, they were still unable to do anything afterwards but sit slumped on the curb in stunned horror.But Sam was too focused on the task at hand to worry about Dash and Dale’s well-being. Once Danny had phased them out of the car and pulled them clear, Sam focused on her own plan of attack, bursting ahead of the car. As soon as she was far enough up the block, she whipped around and threw out a set of Ghost Ray spike strips across the street, blowing out all four of the car’s tires as it passed. Skidding out of control, the car eventually lost all traction with the road and flipped over on itself, eventually rolling to a stop just at the end of the street. With the danger seemingly passed, Sam then went over to check on Danny and the others.“Is everyone alright?” she asked, just as Dale snapped out of his shock and grabbed her by the sleeve of her jacket.“I swear, it was all Dash’s idea!” he shrieked in panic. “I didn’t touch anything!”“Huh?” Sam wondered.“Heads up!” Danny called out as he and Sam looked over to see Burner emerging from the overturned car, slowly cracking his neck as Dash whimpered in fright.“You got a problem!” he shouted, glaring in Danny and Sam’s direction.“What do YOU think?!” Sam yelled back as she and Danny leapt forward to head him off.“You two, get out of here! Now!” Danny called over to Dash and Dale.Neither jock needed any encouragement to go running off as fast as their legs could carry them. With the threat of collateral damage gone, Danny and Sam didn’t have to worry about holding back. But that didn’t mean they could afford to be reckless, without knowing what this new ghost was capable of.Sam was first to make a move, bursting ahead to get behind him. But Burner simply pressed onward, seemingly unconcerned with any threat she might pose. That is, until Sam wrapped a Ghost Ray chain around his wrist, stopping him dead in his tracks.For the moment, Sam appeared to have Burner subdued, until he produced a blob of motor oil from his hand and threw it to the ground at Sam’s feet. With her traction lost, Sam’s feet flew out from under her. And Burner pressed the advantage, yanking hard on Sam’s chain and sending her hurtling back up the street from where she came.Danny was quick to come to Sam’s rescue. But even though he caught her, Sam’s body still struck him with enough force to send them both tumbling along the ground. Danny was the first to roll to his feet, pausing only long enough to make sure Sam was alright before blasting towards Burner and sending a fist screaming right at his head…!…Until Burner raised his hand and caught Danny’s punch with seemingly no effort at all. Danny was surprised but didn’t have time to react as Burner’s free hand grabbed him by his suit. And a second later, he heaved Danny over his head, slamming him into the trunk of a nearby parked car.With that, Burner continued his march down the street, presumably after Dash and Dale. But Danny and Sam weren’t about to concede defeat just yet. As Sam reformed a Ghost Ray Chain and tossed the other end to Danny, the pair flew in behind Burner and came in low, tripping him up and taking his feet out from under him. And as Burner fell backward, Danny and Sam whirled around, each sending an ecto-charged fist into Burner’s chest and bashing him into the street.“Where do you think you’re going?” Danny stated, both he and Sam preparing to go another round. But just then, the cries of Dash and Dale could be heard behind them, just a few blocks away.“Sounds like I’M not the one you need to be worried about,” Burner answered simply.Quickly realizing that neither one of them could fight Burner alone, Danny and Sam needed to make a choice. Together, they could probably prevail, but would it be in enough time? And whether they liked Dash or Dale wasn’t the question. It was about being true to their own consciences. So they had no choice but to fly in the direction of the screams, while Burner wasted no time phasing into the street.Up the block, Dash and Dale were backed against the side of a building, with a snarling Desile staring them down. Howling in fury, Desile lunged at them, only to have Danny and Sam streak in at the last second, snatching them out of harm’s way. Spinning around with fists blazing, Danny prepared to fend off their canine attacker, only to find an empty street, as Desile had vanished.“What the…?” Danny uttered, looking around in confusion as the Fenton RV pulled up, with Jazz behind the wheel.“Everyone okay?” Tucker called from the passenger side.“We’re fine, but I think these guys could use a lift home,” Sam answered.Quickly loading a disoriented Dash and Dale into the back of the RV, Danny and Sam quickly scanned the street for any sign of where Desile had gone. But finding nothing, they turned and shared a concerned look. Not only had they failed to capture Burner. But if there was one thing they knew, it was that a dog that size doesn’t just vanish into thin air.Not long after, Desile was trotting up the street, toward the entrance to the salvage yard, where Burner was waiting for him. Tossing the animal a slight grin, Burner gently patted him on the head before they both walked inside. And as Burner slammed the gates shut, he picked up the chain from off the ground and re-looped it through the links before taking both ends in his fist and clenching it tightly. And within seconds, both ends of the chain turned red hot and instantly wielded together.… … … …“So…we’ve got a new kid in town, huh?” Valerie remarked as she examined one of the photographs on Tucker’s desk, along with Danny and the others in the Mayor’s Office.“We got those off the traffic camera footage this morning,” Tucker noted.“So…this guy got a name?” Valerie asked.“He wasn’t exactly chatty,” Sam replied.“Huh…well, I guess there’s a first time for everything,” Valerie mused, as she studied Burner’s features more carefully. “Seriously though, what IS it with ghosts and flaming heads? I mean, if you include Danny’s new thing, that’s what…six now? That we KNOW of?”“Don’t look at me,” Danny answered with a shrug. “I know I didn’t ask for it.”“Well, judging by what he’s wearing and his M.O., it’s pretty safe to assume that this one seems to have a ‘car’ thing going on,” Jazz deduced.“Yeah, everyone’s gotta have a gimmick,” Sam grumbled. “But one thing Danny and I CAN tell you for a fact is that this guy is DEFINITELY as tough as he looks.”“That…and we’re pretty sure he’s got a pet,” Danny added.“Too bad Danielle was at that sleepover last night,” Tucker noted. “She might have been able to help.”“Yeah well, she wouldn’t have HAD to if I could’ve just…!” Danny suddenly snapped, getting everyone’s attention.“Danny? Are you okay?” Sam asked with concern.“I…Sorry guys,” Danny answered, calming himself down. “It’s just…when I think about how fast I could’ve taken him out if I hadn’t blown my second transformation already…”“In that case, maybe you should consider what happened, a valuable learning experience,” Jazz pointed out.“Excuse me?” Danny shot back.“Danny, we all know this,” Jazz went on, “This higher ghost form of yours may be convenient, but it’s not reliable. You can’t use it for EVERYTHING. You’re going to have to prioritize.”“Translation, Dude: You can’t use it to sleep in and then blast off to school at the last minute,” Tucker joked, getting a laugh from everyone in the room, except for Danny.“Hope I’m not interrupting,” Tanya announced as she walked in, with just enough time for Tucker to sweep the pictures of Burner into a file folder.“Hey Tanya,” Tucker greeted as he plopped the folder in his top desk drawer, “How goes the campaign trail?”“You tell me,” Tanya answered as she walked around Tucker’s desk and opened a browser window on his computer. “This is a clip from an interview Richard Townshend gave on the afternoon news, today.”“Look, don’t get me wrong. I love Danny Phantom. The whole world loves him. He’s earned it. But should the people of this town really have to rely on him anytime a new ghost threat pops up like the one last night?” Townsend remarked from an interview chair on the screen.“How did he find out about that so fast?” Danny whispered to Sam, getting only a confused shrug in reply.“I’m just wondering if our ‘young’ mayor is really up to the task of curbing the ghost threat in our fair city if he’s going to allow dens of inequity like Amity Park Salvage to remain standing…,” Townshend went on before Tanya paused the clip.“Hold on…’Dens of inequity’? Is he serious?” Sam mocked. “I don’t know what someone’s getting for writing his press releases, but if you ask me, they ought to get three to five years.”“Doesn’t anyone think it’s even a LITTLE bit curious that he mentioned a place like Amity Park Salvage specifically by name? Because I know it’s got ME curious,” Tanya inquired, looking around at everyone in the office before turning back to Tucker. “Are you going to be at home, tonight? I want someone to make some calls and look into this.”“Please do,” Tucker replied ominously.With that Tanya simply nodded and left the room. And Tucker could only give a worried look to Danny and the others before turning to Townshend’s face on the screen, with his tanned face, gelled back brown hair and cheesy white grin.… … … …“So…before…with that little crack Tucker made, back at the office,” Danny mentioned, walking from City Hall alongside Sam after everyone had already gone their separate ways, “You don’t think I would ACTUALLY use that transformation for something like…?”“Oh, I ABSOLUTELY know that’s what you would use it for. And so, did everyone else in that room,” Sam replied, a light giggle in her voice until she saw Danny’s sulking face.“Besides…there are SOME things you never want to spend life rushing through, anyway,” she added, gently draping her arms around Danny’s neck. “Do I REALLY need to remind you what they are?”Danny didn’t need any explanation to pick up on Sam’s hint, wrapping his arms around her waist. And with a pair of soft, lingering kisses passing between them, nothing else seemed to need saying as they merely pressed their foreheads together and savored their closeness.… … … …“And I say Amity Park needs a mayor who’ll take action!” Richard Townshend declared from the steps of his palatial mansion, surrounded by press microphones. “I have it on good authority that last night’s ghost attack originated from Amity Park Salvage. So tomorrow, I’ll be holding a public rally outside that ghost-infested eyesore and see it razed to the ground!”“That was the scene, earlier today, from Mayoral Candidate, Richard Townshend’s press conference. The Amity Park socialite has managed to quickly emerge in the polls as a front-runner threat to incumbent Mayor Foley’s administration,” Tiffany Snow reported from the Anchor’s desk as the press conference footage paused on the evening news. “City Councilman, Nathan McAlister, another candidate who’s managed to distance himself in the polls, released a public statement, overwhelmingly supporting Townshend’s decision to…”“Okay, I got the information back,” Tanya began as she muted the television, sitting with Tucker and his parents, Maurice and Angela, in their living room. “Apparently, Townshend tried to purchase Amity Park Salvage five years ago. It was part of a huge real estate deal he was pushing, to try and increase residential properties in the city. The owner, however, one Frank Hudson, refused to sell him the land. Eventually, the investors pulled out and the project fell apart. As it turns out, Frank Hudson died last week.”“So…what? We’re thinking this whole ‘rally’ thing is just a smokescreen to tear down the salvage yard, so Townshend can scoop up the land?” Tucker asked.“Maybe not entirely,” Tanya replied. “But then again, he’d hardly be the first man in history to try and pocket a few votes and a quick buck at the same time.”“Okay, but…why would Councilman McAlister get in on it?” Amanda wondered. “I don’t see how supporting Townshend’s agenda helps HIS campaign. Wouldn’t that just make him look like a follower?”“McAlister was going to look weak, no matter which side of this issue he landed on,” Tanya explained. “At least THIS way, he can make it look like he’s not afraid to stand up to the boss.”“And this is LEADERSHIP?” Maurice asked in bewilderment.“No, this is POLITICS,” Tanya answered plainly.“Terrific,” a flustered Tucker responded holding his head in his hands.“Forget McAlister. He’s an empty shirt. By the time we get to the debate in two weeks, he’ll be so burned out, he’ll be lucky if he’s talking in complete sentences,” Tanya advised, before pointing to the screen at Townshend’s leering grin. “THIS is the guy we need to be worried about. There is no one in this campaign who can even come CLOSE to matching the resources at his disposal. He is going to buy up every last bit of media he can get his hands on and he is going to use that as a bully pulpit to make it look to the voters like HE’S the only game in town.”“So how are we supposed to fight that?” Tucker asked.“With quality over quantity,” Tanya replied. “For every 10 dumb things HE says, we have to say one really SMART one. We have to say things that will actually make the voters THINK about you…about whether they want someone who will actually HELP them…or whether they want some snob who’s just looking to get his picture in the paper.”“So now, the question is,” Tanya added as Tucker gazed out thoughtfully, “How do you want to respond to this rally tomorrow?”… … … …“I’d sure like to know who this ‘good authority’ is that Townshend was talking about,” Jazz pointed out, as she stood with Danny, Sam, Tucker and Valerie on the roof of Fenton Works.“Assuming he wasn’t just making it up,” Danny chimed in.“Well…you guys said that one of the guys this mechanic ghost attacked was Dash, right?” Valerie wondered. “Who knows? Maybe he mentioned something to Paulina and it just grew from there. Trust me, the world of privilege is not a big one. Word travels fast.”“Unfortunately, she’s right,” Sam sighed, rolling her eyes. “When I got home before, my parents were already talking about it, too.”“Yeah, but what if there’s the off chance that Townshend’s actually right? And there IS something in that salvage yard?” Tucker asked. “Do we really just want to sit back and watch while he kicks a hornets’ nest around innocent people?”The silence from everyone else on the roof spoke volumes, as Tucker’s question had really cut to the heart of the matter. As they realized the prospect they could be faced with, everyone knew there was really one answer.“Well…I guess we’re going to a rally, tomorrow,” Danny replied.… … … …The rally had yet to begin when Danny and the others pulled up in the Fenton RV, but the event was already in full swing. A demolition crew stood ready alongside a bulldozer and a wrecking ball, ready to raze the entire property to the ground. Dozens of people had surrounded the gates of Amity Park Salvage, along with news vans from every local television station. Some members of the crow were carrying signs reading “Make Amity Park Ghost-Free” and the like. And they were all chanting Townshend’s name.“Uuuch…Why do I feel like I need a shower?” Sam groaned as she squirmed uncomfortably at the crowd.“Relax,” Danny responded, coming up behind her and putting his hands on her shoulders. “Remember what we’re here for.”“Yeah, and it looks like we’re not the only ones,” Valerie noted, pointing towards a familiar trio parked just up the block, with Tanya talking to them outside their armored van.“Wait a minute…Masters’ Blasters?” Sam exclaimed, turning around to Tucker. “You brought THEM here?”“I figured every little bit helps,” Tucker replied as Tanya walked up to them, “Are they good to go?”“Well, they SAY they’re ready for anything. I guess we’ll find out,” Tanya answered.“Tucker, are you sure about a public display like this?” Jazz asked. “You’re not worried that it’s going to look like Townshend’s just manipulating you into following his lead?”“I’m HOPING it’s going to look like ONE of us is actually being RESPONSIBLE. I mean, come on. If something DOES happen, does he LOOK like he’s ready to handle it?” Tucker replied before exiting the RV.“I hope he’s right,” Jazz remarked as Tucker walked over to get a clearer view of the proceedings.“So do I,” Tanya added.As the crowd grew louder, Richard Townshend at on the other side of the curtain behind his podium, preparing for his grand entrance. As a Makeup Artist finished touching up any potential blemishes and he applied a final whitening agent to his teeth, an ominous smirk crossed his lips.“I told that old fossil five years ago…I ALWAYS get what I want. Too bad he’s not around to see it,” Townshend remarked arrogantly after the Makeup Artist left, taking one last toothy smile to admire his reflection.“Alright…now let’s go heard some sheep,” he announced before emerging from the behind the curtain to begin his speech in front of the cheering throngs.“Ladies and gentlemen, I am SO happy you came out here today…!”Meanwhile, inside the salvage yard, the commotion from the streets was hardly going unnoticed. Emerging from the house, Desile sniffed the aired and snarled menacingly before Burner trudged out behind him.“Jeez, what’s going on out here? Are they having a parade or something?” Burner complained. “Come on, can’t a guy just be miserable in peace…?”Burner barely got the chance to finish his thought before raising his head to see what was really going on. Looming just outside the gate, before a throng of jeering onlookers, the massive bulldozer stood ready, threatening to mow down the front gate.“Oh…no, no, no,” he muttered angrily through his teeth, before racing to a small garage that connected to the house. Throwing up the garage door, he ran inside and pulled a large tarp off an old tow truck before glancing over his shoulder with blazing red eyes and a throaty growl.“Gentlemen, start your engines!” Townshend announced to the demolition crew. “Take it down!”At Townshend’s word, the massive bulldozer clanked forward and began to slowly, but surely, force its way through the front gate. As the powerful vehicle continued to make short work of the hollow metal rods and thin chain links, the people outside offered their cries of support. Danny and the others, however, could only look on worriedly.However, they soon had more important things to worry about as a deafening roar sounded from inside the salvage yard, drowning out even the bulldozer’s powerful engine. And the crowd’s cheers were instantly reduced to murmurs of concern amongst themselves, wondering what could have possibly made such a thunderous sound. Unfortunately, their answer came a second later as a tow truck with monster truck wheels and a face-shaped grill came charging out of the salvage yard, ramping over the bulldozer and slamming onto the street and roaring in front of the now-terrified crowd.“Sam, I know this is usually your line,” Tucker blurted out. “But sometimes I REALLY hate being right.”Richard Townshend leapt off the stage, the first to run for his life as the crowd quickly recovered from their shock and began clambering in all directions to escape. Danny and Sam, meanwhile, dove behind the Fenton RV and transformed before flying out to join Valerie and the Blasters, who were already moving in to face off Burner. However, Burner paid little mind to what else was going on around him, as his attention was focused on only one thing. Launching a massive, spiked tow hook from the rear, the possessed tow truck caught the front of bulldozer that was halfway through the gate. And the driver had just enough time to jump to safety as the truck reeled back on the hook with smoking hot speed, causing the bulldozer to flip backward and go hurtling through the air, just barely missing a fleeing throng of people before shattering the podium where Townshend was just standing and smashing through the corner of a nearby building, causing it to crumble.“Sam! Valerie!” Danny shouted, pointing at the collapsing structure.“On it!” Sam replied, as she and Valerie flew off to do what they could.But Sam and Valerie trying to prevent the building from collapsing, Danny and the Blasters only had four-to-one-odds. And that one just happened to be a three-and-a-half-ton monster truck.“Great. Just great,” Thrash complained. “Now how are we supposed to stop this guy from doing donuts all over the entire city?”“Wait a minute,” Danny thought before turning to the Blasters. “Any of you ever been to a monster truck rally?”“Yeah,” Thrash replied.“Yeah,” Download answered.“No,” Vid responded with a shrug.“Well, the thing about monster trucks is, they don’t keep their balance well,” Danny explained.“I get what you’re saying,” Download replied with wink.“How heavy is that armor on your van?” Danny asked.“Heavy enough,” Thrash answered simply.“Then get it! I’ll grab his attention!” Danny instructed.As the Blasters took off, Danny peppered the tow truck with a volley of Ghost Rays, getting Burner’s attention. That was all the provocation Burner needed to surge forward to run Danny down. But he was so tunnel-visioned on Danny, he failed to notice the Blasters’ van barreling toward the truck at top speed, with Download behind the wheel.“I am not washing the van after this!” Vid cried out, bracing herself against the dashboard as Download and Thrash laughed excitedly.Waiting until the last possible second, Danny phased through Burner’s attack, just as the Blasters’ van drove under the truck’s left wheels. The truck only made it halfway over the van before it lost balance and toppled over, rolling upside down. Unable to move, Burner was forced to relinquish the tow truck, allowing it to revert to its normal state as the panicked mob continued running in all directions.“This again?” Burner muttered menacingly as he cracked his neck, glaring in Danny’s direction.Jumping out of the van, the Blasters were quick to join Danny, all of them preparing to fire. But Burner was quicker on the draw as streams of motor oil gushed from his hands, creating a slick trail on the street that he could slide along, out of the line of fire.“Hold it! We’ve got civilians in play!” Vid called out as Burner slid around them on his oil slick, leaving them without a clear shot as he surrounded them with a ring of oil.Sliding clear before leaping into the air, Burner’s palm turned red hot. Then, as he whirled around and slammed his palm into the street, Burner ignited the oil trail, trapping Danny and the Blasters in a ring of flames.But while the Blasters were initially panicked, Danny knew exactly how to respond as his eyes turned blue as his Freezing Ghost Aura emerged. And as he spun around, he unleashed a stream of frozen air from his hands which instantly extinguished the fire, much to Burner’s surprise.“Sorry, Hot-Head. But you’re gonna need more firepower than that,” Danny declared as he and the Blasters prepared to advance again.“Oh, really?” Burner replied, surprising Danny and the Blasters with a puzzling smirk…until he glanced over, and they realized he was standing right next to the Blasters’ van.“NO!!!” they shouted, unable to stop Burner from phasing into the van. And as the front end morphed into a face, every weapon the vehicle had suddenly burst from its compartment, ready to fire.“And now we’re running,” Vid remarked in annoyance.Acting fast, Danny and the Blasters dove behind the overturned tow truck as Burner opened fire in all directions. But as Burner was shooting wildly, Danny noticed that there were still some stragglers from the crowd that hadn’t made their escape, and every single one of them was in the line of fire. But they were too spread out along the sidewalk for him to possibly rescue them all at once…at least, in his current form.“Only one way to deal with this!” Danny announced as he burst from cover, placing himself between the crowd and Burner’s onslaught and pressing a timer on his watch. “I’m going FULL GHOST!!”A second later, Danny was enveloped by his green rings of transformation, converting him into his True Ghost Form. And with a yell, he threw his hands out, throwing up a massive wall of Ghost Ray energy that extended along the entire block, protecting the remaining throng from Burner’s attack. But everyone was so astonished by Danny’s new transformation, that they remained rooted to the spot, unable to move.“What are you waiting for?! Get out of here!” Danny shouted at the onlookers, finally snapping them out of their shock enough to run away, as Tucker and Jazz seized the opportunity and guided them to safety.“We’re sitting ducks like this! Anyone got any ideas?!” Thrash yelled over the commotion as the Blasters continued to huddle behind the tow truck, which just barely protected them from Burner’s relentless assault.“Maybe!” Vid answered as she turned to Download. “Hey! Remember those Shock Disks we were working on?!”“Nice!” Download replied, flashing a “thumbs up” in Vid’s direction.Glancing around the corner of the tow truck to pick his spot, Download finally emerged with his wrist-mounted launcher, firing a silver disk which clamped against the side of their van. A moment later, a surge of electricity ripped through the vehicle, sending Burner flying and bouncing along the street. Crying out in pain, Burner seemed helpless as he lay writhing on the ground and the Blasters emerged from hiding.“We’ve got him! Take him down!” Vid ordered as the Blasters prepared to open fire.Somehow managing to make it to his feet, Burner just barely managed to avoid the Blasters’ initial volley of shots. Spotting a nearby motorcycle, he phased inside it, roaring off down the street in a desperate bid to escape.“Come on! We can’t lose him!” Vid shouted as the Blasters jumped into the Van with Thrash behind the wheel, racing right after Burner.“Oh, where do you think YOU’RE going?” Danny mused angrily, preparing to give chase as well.“DANNY!!!” Sam’s cry immediately got Danny’s attention as he whirled around see her and Valerie desperately still trying to hold up the collapsing building that Burner had initially damaged.“We can’t hold it anymore!” Sam shouted as the building continued to crumble, despite a web of her Ghost Ray strands and Valerie’s rocket sled desperately trying to keep it in place.If that wasn’t enough, more of the outer wall had fallen away to reveal there were still people trapped in the upper floors, unable to escape. Without a thought, Danny shot over in a blink, taking Sam and Valerie’s place to hold up the building.“Get them out of there!” Danny shouted, the increased strength of his True Ghost Form proving more than up to the task of holding the structure in place.Sam and Valerie didn’t need to be told twice as they flew to the rescue. Using her Ghost Ray energy, Sam constructed an Evacuation Slide for people to get away, while Valerie rocketed others to safety. Between the two of them, the building was emptied in a matter of moments.“Everyone get clear!” Danny yelled.Moving faster than anyone could think, Danny landed on the ground, whirling around as his eyes and ghostly aura turned from green to blue. And before the building even had a chance to shift, Danny threw out his arm. And with a wave of freezing Ghost Ray energy, he conjured up a colossal glacier, holding the structure in place.Sam, Tucker, Jazz and Valerie couldn’t help but be impressed by the raw power Danny’s True Ghost Form continued to display as a thin dusting of snow from the glacier blanketed the air. But Danny’s focus was on the cause of the entire catastrophe as he glanced over to just barely see Masters’ Blasters pursuing Burner down the street. With the danger now passed, Danny was preparing to give chase as well, until a shrill series of beeps from his watch indicated that he’d already used up the amount of time he could remain in his True Ghost Form.“Oh no…not now,” Danny muttered under his breath as his watch continued to sound.For a moment, he considered ignoring the alarm and giving chase anyway. After all, Danny knew he could easily finish the job in another minute or two. What could it hurt? But his temptation was immediately silenced as he looked over to see Sam standing right in front of him, halting him with her outstretched hand.“I see you thinking it,” she warned, with a stern frown crossing her face. “Don’t even try.”With a heavy sigh, Danny relented and transformed back into his normal ghost form. And sure enough, no sooner did he change back, than a wave of dizziness washed over him, forcing him to one knee. Recognizing the signs, Jazz ran to the Fenton RV to get some water, while the others saw to Danny’s well-being. Danny, however, could only pound his fist on the sidewalk with a yell of frustration.… … … …Meanwhile, Burner was still racing through the streets of Amity Park in his possessed motorcycle, followed closely behind by Masters’ Blasters. With Burner still dazed and weakened, the Blasters were coming up fast, ready to take him off the road. But just as they were closing in, what appeared to be a stray Doberman came darting out of a nearby alley, right in front of the Blasters’ van.“Whoa!” Thrash hollered as he swerved to avoid the animal, barely managing to grind the van to a halt.Instinctively, the Blasters looked behind them to make sure the dog hadn’t been injured but saw only an empty street. But just then, a metallic crash up the block caught their attention. Assuming the dog had simply run away, the Blasters drove onward, only to find the motorcycle Burner had taken possession of, lying abandoned at the end of the street.“Let’s set up a scanning net,” Vid instructed. “He can’t have gone far.”And indeed, Burner hadn’t gone far. Peering from an alley, half a block behind the Blasters, Burner hid himself away, trying to rest and regain his energy. Just at that moment, Desile walked up beside him, nuzzling up against his arm with a whimper of concern.“Thanks boy,” Burner whispered as he gratefully patted Desile’s head.… … … …Back at the salvage yard, Amity Park police and emergency personnel were cordoning off the area, assessing any damage done and making sure that no one was hurt in the aftermath of Burner’s attack. Danny, Sam and Valerie had already flown off to assist in the search for Burner, while Tucker and Jazz stayed behind. But as Jazz was in the Fenton RV, helping Tucker coordinate relief efforts, the rumble of a motorcycle engine caught her attention. Turning around, her eyes were greeted to the sight of the mysterious “G”, pulling up to the scene.“You again,” Jazz blurted out, initially surprised.“Looks to me like you’ve had a busy day,” G observed.“You would know, wouldn’t you?” Jazz remarked suspiciously.“Is there a problem?” G asked innocently.“Why don’t you tell me?” Jazz replied. “I’ve talked to Danny and Danielle. The last time we ran into each other, apparently, it wasn’t the first time you’ve shown your face. And it always seemed to be when there was a problem.”“I’d like to think I’ve been helpful,” G noted.“Yeah, but not as helpful as you COULD be, I think,” Jazz debated. “I’ve heard what you’re capable of. If you’d been here, you could have helped prevent most of this before it even happened. But you only ever seem to show up and leave at extremely specific moments. And when you ARE here, you only ever seem to do just enough. Feels awfully deliberate to me. I guess what I’m really wondering is…what’s your agenda?”“Hmm…The owner of this salvage yard,” G mentioned, pointing at the property, “Did you know someone called Paramedics from his home, the night he died?”“What does that have to do with anything?” Jazz argued, to which G simply shrugged.“I just thought it was curious. I mean, from what I’ve been able to gather, he’d outlived his wife and most of their friends. Apparently, his daughter is married and living upstate,” G explained, as Jazz found herself growing more and more thoughtful with every word. “So, I can’t help wondering…who could have been there to try and save his life? Especially since, when the Paramedics arrived, there was no one else in the house.”“Aaah, but then, maybe I’m overthinking it,” G added dismissively. “I usually do. Well, maybe I’d better see if there’s any way I can be more helpful.”With that, G rode off, leaving Jazz alone with her thoughts. At that moment, Tucker trotted up to the Fenton RV, just in time to catch a glimpse of G disappearing around the corner.“Hey, wasn’t that…?” Tucker began to ask, pointing down the street before turning to see Jazz sitting frozen in the RV, her mind racing. “Jazz…are you alright?”“We need to get into that salvage yard,” Jazz replied. “Now.”… … … …Meanwhile, the search for Burner was in full swing, while Danny and Sam hovered in the skies above Amity Park. Still trying to regain his energy from his transformation, Danny had two more bottles of water in his hands, frantically guzzling them down.“Well, on the plus side, at least you’re keeping well-irrigated,” Sam commented, as Danny wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his suit.“I still can’t believe it,” Danny grumbled in frustration. “Just another 30 seconds and I could’ve HAD him. If only I hadn’t…”“If only you hadn’t, WHAT? STAYED?” Sam replied. “Come on, Danny. You’re better than that. A lot of people would’ve gotten hurt if you hadn’t been there. You played it right.”“I know!” Danny sputtered, clenching his fists before pausing to take a breath. “I know… ‘Prioritize’, right?”“Yeah,” Sam answered softly, reaching over and gliding her hand across Danny’s cheek, turning his head to meet her gaze.Again, nothing else needed to be said, as Sam fluttered a tender, lingering kiss across Danny’s lips. Even when they parted, Sam didn’t need to ask how Danny was feeling. After all, she was fully aware that she wasn’t the only one whose spirits could be lifted whenever they kissed.“Come on. Let’s get back to it,” Sam invited, sharing a smile with Danny before the two of them flew off to continue the search.… … … …Dark clouds were beginning to roll in on the horizon as some emergency personnel had already begun to disperse from the salvage yard. But there plenty of police around, keeping the area closed off. So even though Jazz had the special capability of one of Maddie’s Haz-Mat suits to blend in, she still made sure to move cautiously as she slipped through the blockade and into the salvage yard through the forced-in gate.“Tell me again why your mom’s the only one with a camouflage function built into her suits,” Tucker radioed in as he monitored Jazz’s progress from the Fenton RV.“Because my dad’s not exactly built for stealth,” Jazz answered quietly as she made her way up to the house. “But you know, you could have always worn one of hers if you wanted to come along. I wouldn’t have told anybody…”“Pass,” Tucker cut her off, his annoyed tone of voice drawing a giggle from Jazz as she picked the lock on the front door.“Okay, I’m in,” she reported, pulling back her hood and walking into the house.“So, what EXACTLY are we looking for?” Tucker had to ask as Jazz slowly made her way through the darkened rooms of the unassuming structure.“I wish I knew,” Jazz answered, finding nothing out of the ordinary, until she entered an office area at the back of the house. “Huh…well, now THAT’S odd.”“You find something?” Tucker asked.“Maybe,” Jazz replied as she walked into the room and knelt down, “Everything else in this place is so organized. So, what would a book be doing on the floor?”“A book?” Tucker wondered.“Looks like a photo album. There are a few others in here, too. But this one looks newer,” Jazz noted before opening the album and flipping through it. “I wonder what…oh, no.”“Jazz? What is it?” Tucker asked, growing concerned.“We need to call Danny, Sam and Valerie back,” Jazz answered, clutching the album tightly. “I think I just found out what makes this place so special.”… … … …The rain was pouring down in sheets as Masters’ Blasters slowly drove up and down the streets, scanning for any signs of Burner. Huddled in an alley, behind a dumpster, with no shelter from the storm, Burner simply petted a whimpering Desile on the head in a bid for any kind of comfort.“Well, here we are, out in the cold,” Burner commented as his mind began to drift. “But then…it wouldn’t be the first time for either of us, would it, boy?”… … … …“Hey…Hey…!”Feeling a series of gentle nudges in his leg, a young man with sandy spiked hair and a goatee, trying to sleep by a beat-up motorcycle, with only a worn backpack for a pillow, was roused awake by a grizzled voice. Gradually stirring and opening his eyes, he found himself startled by the massive frame of Frank Hudson looming over him.“What do you think you’re doing here, son?” Frank asked as the kid staggered to his feet.“Yeah, yeah, alright…” the kid announced wearily as he picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder.“I mean, I’m not exactly running a bed & breakfast here…,” Frank continued on.“I said ‘Alright’! I get it.” the young man shot back, cutting Frank off as he slowly trudged out of the salvage yard with his motorcycle.“Hey…where do you think YOU’RE going?” Frank called after him, just as he reached the gates.“What are you talking about?!” the boy shouted angrily. “You just said…!”“I know what I said!” Frank argued. “Which means, if I’m gonna put a roof over your head, you’d better believe you’re gonna pull your own weight!”“Huh?” the young man blurted out in confusion, drawing an exasperated sigh from Frank.“Read the sign, boy!” Frank answered, rolling his eyes as he walked back to the house. “Don’t you know where you are?!”Still perplexed, the kid looked up towards the rickety, barely lit sign, high above the salvage yard. But as he saw the words before him, the answer was just as shocking to him as it was profound…AMITY PARK SALVAGEWHERE EVERYTHING GETS A SECOND CHANCE… … … …“Alright, turn it over. I think we’ve got it this time.”From inside the garage next to the house, the young man was looking in on the engine of the beaten tow truck, while Frank was in the driver’s seat, turning the ignition. For a moment, the motor revved and sputtered in futility. But a second later, the truck rumbled to life, maintaining a steady rhythm as Frank pushed on the gas pedal a few times.“Not bad, kid,” Frank complimented as he got out of the truck, nudging the boy in the arm with his fist. “You’re getting pretty good at this.”The kid could only smile at Frank’s words. He never imagined such simple praise would mean so much to him. But a moment later, a series of high-pitched yelps from outside caught his attention. Following the cries, he eventually saw a small Doberman puppy, no more than six weeks old, come limping out from behind one of the piles of scrap.“Hey, you…where did you come from?” the young man coaxed, scooping up the shivering animal as it excitedly licked at his face, just as Frank walked up. “Would you look what I found?”“I suppose you’re gonna ask to keep him now?” Frank asked.“Well, if you’re worried about him pulling his weight, you could always do with a guard dog around here. Then those warnings on the gate wouldn’t just be for show anymore. Besides…do I need to point at the sign?” the boy replied as he nudged his head upward, drawing a slight chuckle out of Frank.“Well, I guess you’d better get him something to eat then, huh?” Frank responded, walking back to the garage as the puppy continued lapping at the young man’s face.… … … …“Hey, look at this. It took ‘em forever, but they finally sent us that dog license,” The young man replied as he walked into the garage with the mail, tearing open the envelope to look at the tag. “Oh, for the love of…you’ve gotta be KIDDING me!”“What’s the problem?” Frank called out as he was changing a tire on a client’s car.“Can you believe they spelled his name wrong?! Seriously, how har is it to get the word, ‘Diesel’ right?!” the boy complained, the pup pawing at his leg as Frank merely laughed in response…… … … …Just then, Burner was pulled out of his wandering mind as scanning drones from the Blasters’ van could be heard buzzing toward them. Jumping to their feet, he and Desile beat a hasty retreat as the drones flew around the corner, flooding the alley with blinding light.… … … …“Look familiar?” Jazz asked as Danny and the others looked through the photo album, in the living room at Fenton works.“Well, he’s not rocking a set of shark teeth and his head’s not on fire,” Sam remarked, looking at the young man in the photos, standing alongside Frank Hudson. “But…same clothes, same build. Yeah…it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s him.”“So, do we know what happened to him?” Valerie wondered.“Unfortunately,” Jazz answered solemnly as she turned to a newspaper clipping, which was the last posting in the album…TRAGIC ACCIDENT FORCES CITY COUNCIL CRACKDOWN“This was from five years ago,” Jazz explained. “You know those winding hillside roads just on the edge of town. The city adopted harsher traffic laws for that whole area after this happened. Apparently, he was riding with his dog.”“So, you think his ghost has just been floating around this salvage yard ever since?” Danny wondered.“So how do we want to come at this now?” Tucker asked.“Now, wait a minute,” Valerie objected. “You’re not actually suggesting this CHANGES anything.”“Do you need to look at those photos again?” Jazz replied. “This guy was like a father to him.”“And that gives him an excuse to go on a rampage?” Valerie argued.“Well, wait a second. HAS he gone on a rampage?” Sam pointed out. “Danny, remember when he went after Dash and Dale? Dale said, ‘It was all Dash’s idea’. Could Dash have done something to set him off?”“And let’s remember, he didn’t actually DO anything until Townshend tried to tear the place down,” Tucker added.“Guys come on. Perspective,” Valerie contended. “You’re just going to ignore the fact that he put a lot of people in danger over a JUNKYARD?”“How hard would YOU fight for something, if it was the only thing you had left?” Jazz debated. “Danny, you just got Desiree off your back. Do you REALLY want to make another enemy if you don’t have to?”“To be honest…no,” Danny sighed. “But that doesn’t make Valerie wrong, either. We may have to keep our options open on this one.”“Yeah well, none of this is going to mean ANYTHING if we don’t FIND him first,” Sam noted.“Actually, that’ll be the EASY part. If Jazz is right, we don’t NEED to know where he IS,” Danny replied, pointing at the salvage yard sign in the photo album. “We know where he’ll BE.”“It’s probably the only place he’s ever felt safe,” Jazz mused, looking at Frank Hudson’s face in the photos. “I can’t say I’d blame him. I mean, just looking at a guy like this, he seems like the kind of grandfather you’d…”“Jazz? Are you okay?” Sam asked, as the others noticed Jazz was suddenly staring off into space.“…He said he had a daughter who’s married…,” Jazz murmured under her breath before finally looking over. “Tucker, you need to make some phone calls.”Tucker wasn’t sure how to respond. He could only stare at the others and shrug his shoulders.… … … …“Guys, we’ve been here all morning,” Valerie yawned over the radio the next day, while she, Danny and Sam monitored the salvage yard from nearby rooftops. “Are we sure we didn’t call this wrong?”“Let’s not assume,” Tucker responded as he and Jazz scanned the area from the Fenton RV. “The Blasters were out all night and couldn’t find him. Think how you’d feel if you were on the run that long. Even ghosts get tired.”“Maybe that’s a good thing,” Sam noted. “It might give us the best chance to settle this peacefully.”“With HIM, maybe,” Danny replied worriedly, “But what if Townshend comes back to wreck up the place and starts the whole thing over again?”“Gee, that’s only what I’ve been saying this whole time,” Valerie chimed in sarcastically.“First thing’s first. If everything goes according to plan, Townshend might not be an issue,” Jazz cautioned, before turning off the radio and turning to Tucker with a look of concern. “I hope I didn’t just lie to them.”“Tanya put some feelers out last night, but we haven’t heard back yet. And honestly, I don’t know how much time we have.” Tucker answered, just as a series of beeps sounded on the RV’s equipment.“Guys, heads up. We just got a blip,” Jazz announced. “I think he just came home to roost.”Now on alert, Danny and the others waited patiently, hoping for a more definitive reading to move in on. But just then, the drone of a heavy-duty engine suddenly roared from nearby.“Uh, guys?” Sam asked worriedly. “What was that?”… … … …Phasing through the rear of the garage, Burner and Desile finally trudged back home. They were so exhausted they didn’t even have the strength to go into the house. Desile simply curled up in the far corner while Burner crumpled to the floor in a heap, his arm flopped over his eyes.“…Leave me alone…just leave me alone…” he droned weakly, hoping for any kind of relief.Just then, a deafening crash exploded from overhead, followed by an avalanche of debris flying into the garage. A blinding light followed a moment later, as if the roof had opened up. Digging himself out of the pile of rubble, Burner could only look up in horror at the hole in the roof and half of the side wall missing. And if that wasn’t enough, the outer wall of the salvage yard had also been smashed in.And on the other side of the outer wall, the abandoned wrecking ball from the day before was roaring to life. And inside the cockpit was none other than Richard Townshend, himself. He’d spent all morning, trying to convince the demolition crew to return, in the wake of Burner’s attack, the day before. But no matter how much money he tried to throw at them, they were too terrified to accept it. Infuriated beyond reason at his plans slipping through his fingers so easily, Townshend elected to take matters into his own hands.“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again!” he snarled angrily as he pulled the wrecking ball back for another swing. “I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT!!”Burner, meanwhile, could only tremble in shock at the devastation around him. For one shuddering moment, he appeared almost on the verge of tears. But that sorrow instantly turned to white-hot rage as his eyes blazed in fury.“EEEEYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”Burner’s bellow of hatred could be heard echoing for blocks in every direction. But that mere sound paled in comparison to the spectacle that followed, as Burner’s ghostly aura spread through the entire salvage yard, bringing every pile of scrap to life. Swirling around Burner’s body as he floated off the ground, it seemed, at first, like a huge sphere of jagged metal. But just then, what appeared to be a giant foot smashed into the ground, followed by another, as the entire mass took on the form of a giant metal lizard. Looming over buildings with a giant exhaust stack belching out black smoke from the back of its neck, the creature turned in the direction of the wrecking ball, with a roar that sounded like half that of an ancient beast and half that of a titanic engine.“And now we have a problem,” Danny noted, looking every bit as awestruck as Sam and Valerie.Screaming in terror, Townshend let fly with the wrecking ball once more, only to have it caught by Burner’s constructed monster as easily as a golf ball. Snapping the crane of the wrecking ball off at the base, the creature lifted its massive foot to crush the cockpit, with Townshend inside. But just at that moment, Danny Sam and Valerie flew in, with Sam phasing through the cockpit just in time to fly Townshend clear to safety as the vehicle was destroyed.“You idiot!” Sam shouted, grabbing Townshend by the lapels of his jacket. “Do you realize what you’ve done?!”“Sam, we don’t have time for this!” Danny yelled as the metal beast turned its attention towards them. “Valerie, get him out of here!”“Can do!” Valerie replied, loading Townshend onto her rocket sled and taking off.Instinctively, the monster reached up to grab Valerie and Townshend, only to have its arm bashed away by a massive, spiked ball and chain, courtesy of Sam’s Ghost Ray energy. Roaring back towards Danny and Sam, the creature’s massive tail swung down towards them. Danny and Sam were only just barely able to avoid the beast’s tail, flying to safety as it slammed into the street. And with a deafening screech, it stomped after them, leaving Tucker and Jazz to wonder what to do next.“Just when you think things can’t get worse,” Tucker noted, as he and Jazz could only watch Burner’s monster chase Danny and Sam up the street.“Tucker?” Tanya called behind them as she arrived on the scene, alongside a young woman with short, sandy-colored hair and a brown leather jacket. “What happened?”“Tanya?” Tucker exclaimed before turning to the woman next to her. “Who are you?”“She’s one of the people you’ve been looking for,” Tanya answered, while the other woman could only look on in disbelief.“Someone want to tell me what’s going on here?!” the girl blurted out, looking to Tucker and Jazz for answers.… … … …While Danny and Sam were keeping Burner distracted, Valerie was rocketing through the Amity Park skyline, with a panicked Townshend in tow. Once she was convinced that they’d reached a safe distance, she landed onto a rooftop and dumped Townshend off in a rather inconsiderate manner.“Stay here until this is over. Don’t think I won’t cuff you to something,” Valerie warned before flying off to rejoin the fight.Meanwhile, Burner’s push through the streets, in the belly of his metal beast, was already throwing all of Amity Park into an uproar. Media helicopters were already buzzing the skies, making sure not to miss a second of the unbelievable footage. While Danny and Sam could do little more than evade Burner’s attacks, Valerie came charging in with barrage of laser bolts. But her attack amounted to little more than the beating of a fly’s wings against the creature’s massive frame.“Well, that worked like a charm!” Valerie called out over the monster’s deafening uproar as she was also forced into retreat. “I’m open to suggestions!”“Well, we have GOT to think of something!” Sam shouted. “Our best shots aren’t even putting a dent in this thing!”“Hey, Danny! What if you froze the street?!” Valerie suggested. “You know, make an ice patch?! Slip him up?! We could get him off his feet, at least!”“Even if it worked, we’d have no way of controlling where he’d fall! People could get hurt!” Danny yelled back before turning to his wristwatch, seeing the 24-hour timer counting down all-too slowly. “Come on…come on…”Rampaging on, Burner’s monster continued to howl in fury as Danny and the girls could do nothing but keep evading it. But as Sam glanced upward to the endless plumes of smoke still rushing from the creature’s exhaust stack, she suddenly found herself with a surge of inspiration.“Guys, I think we’re doing this wrong!” she called. “We need to attack this thing from the INSIDE!”“And you’re planning to do that, how?!” Valerie asked.“You ever seen what happens when the tailpipe on a car gets plugged up?!” Sam replied.Dodging a strike by the creature, Sam managed to fly around, getting behind it as Burner pressed on. Raising her hands high above her head, she focused all of her Ghost Ray energy, which she formed into the shape of a giant potato. And with a yell, she slammed it into the exhaust stack of Burner’s monster, wedging it in deep.For a few moments, it didn’t look like Sam’s strategy was working, as she struggled to hold her construct together. But soon, the beast would slow and sputter to a stop, as it began to shudder and shake. Within moments, its left leg began to crumble and fall away, dropping the creature to one knee. The second leg would soon follow, followed by its arms. And eventually, the entire construct fell away in a landslide of scrap metal.“Nice move, Sam,” Danny commented as he and the girls landed by the pile of rubble. “A potato in the exhaust pipe…What made you think of that?”“Hey, you never know when you might get called in on a fossil fuel protest,” Sam answered with a shrug.“Uh, guys?” Valerie chimed in. “Do we want to actually FIND this guy, or do we want to let him get away again?”Conceding Valerie’s point, Danny and Sam went rummaging through the debris, searching for any signs of Burner’s presence. But with mountains of scrap as far as the eye could see, the three of them alone didn’t seem nearly enough to track him down before he escaped…assuming he hadn’t, already. Danny wasn’t even sure where to start searching, until a tall pile of metal suddenly trembled beside him. Before Danny could react, however, Burner’s foot burst from the rubble, kicking him hard in the chest.“DANNY!” Sam and Valerie blurted out as Danny’s body flew across the street, smashing into a building wall. But as they shifted their gaze, they caught sight of Burner emerging from the pile of scrap, glaring at them through a suit of armor made up entirely of auto parts.Valerie was the first to react, jumping on her rocket sled and bursting towards Burner at top speed. But as Valerie closed in, Burner reached out and snatched the sled right out from under her feet, sending her flying into a pile of debris, much to Danny’s shock.Danny struggled to his feet, looking to jump back into the fight…until a series of shrill beeps caught his attention. Realizing the sound was coming from his wristwatch, Danny’s eyes blazed with energy as a smirk drew across his lips.Sam, meanwhile, had her attention focused solely on Burner, lashing out at him with her fist encased in a Ghost Ray Anvil. But Burner was quick to counter, using Valerie’s rocket sled as a shield from Sam’s punch, before whirling around and swinging it into Sam’s side. The force of the blow sent Sam bouncing along the ground before rolling to a stop. And a moment later, Burner was looming over her, seething with rage.“I…HAVE HAD…ENOUGH!!!” He bellowed in fury.“What a coincidence…,” Danny’s voice sounded from behind, causing Burner to whirl around with a yell and sending a fist screaming right at his head…Until Danny raised his hand and caught Burner’s punch with seemingly no effort at all. Finally snapping out of his frenzy, Burner suddenly found himself coming face-to-face with the unleashed power of Danny’s True Ghost Form.“…So have I.”Before Burner could even react, Danny’s free hand balled up and flashed right into Burner’s face, shearing the helmet right off his head. Releasing Burner’s fist, Danny slammed his open palm square into Burner’s chest, sending him flying backward, like a shot. But Danny was even faster, rocketing past Burner before stopping short and whirling around, striking his elbow right at the base of Burner’s neck and sending him crashing to the ground.But it wouldn’t stop there. Lifting Burner up with one hand, Danny heaved him over his head and threw him back down, bouncing Burner off the street before a hard straight kick sent him flying through a pile of scrap and into the wall of a building across the street. With the battle firmly in hand, Danny stepped forward, only to be intercepted by Desile, who blocked his path to Burner, growling angrily.Danny, however, wouldn’t be deterred as he simply let out a beastly roar into Desile’s face, causing the poor animal to tuck tail and whimper in fright. Taking a moment to show that he meant no harm, Danny simply reached down and softly patted Desile on the head as he changed back into his regular ghost form. A moment later, Sam and Valerie were on their feet and the three of them were standing over a defeated Burner.“Sam,” Danny instructed, holding out his hand as Sam took the Fenton Thermos out of her coat and handed it to him.“…my home…it’s my home…” Burner groaned in a daze, too weak to even lift his head as Desile whimpered right next to him.“I know,” Danny answered solemnly as he pointed the opening of the Thermos at them. “But this is our home, too.”With that, Burner and Desile were sucked up and sealed away. But while Danny, Sam and Valerie breathed a sigh of relief that the battle was over, throngs of people burst from their homes, surrounding their heroes and cheering excitedly. Even news vans had pulled up, hoping to get some on-the-ground footage of Team Phantom’s great victory. However, not everyone was feeling quite as jubilant.“What…are…you…cheering for?!” an exhausted Richard Townshend called out as he forced his way through the mob, trying to take advantage of the spotlight. “Don’t you see? All this…right here…it just proves I was right! It doesn’t matter if they won today! Mark my words…Amity Park will NEVER be safe…as long as that EYESORE called Amity Park Salvage remains standing! And I promise you…I will do everything in my power to rid us of this BLIGHT!”“I think I might have something to say about that!” a stern voice called from the crowd as the young woman Tanya had brought to the salvage yard emerged from the crowd, with Tucker and Jazz right behind her.“And who are you supposed to be?” Townshend replied with a dismissive sneer.“My name is Jessi Blackwell!” the young woman replied angrily. “Frank Hudson, the former owner of Amity Park Salvage…he was my GRANDFATHER!”“Is that TRUE?” Jazz exclaimed with a phony gasp as she and Tucker shared a false expression of shock.“How embarrassing, Richard,” Tucker chimed in, mockingly. “I mean, SURELY, you bothered to check and see if the owner had any next of kin before you decided to start this whole thing.”“Oh, I’m a little more than that,” Jessi announced, pulling a set of papers out of her jacket and holding it up for all to see. “This is a copy of my grandfather’s Last Will and Testament. As of two days ago, Amity Park Salvage OFFICIALLY belongs to ME!”“Huh…Which means, that would make you not only guilty of Trespassing, but also…Destruction of Private Property,” Tucker added. “Now obviously, I can’t pretend to speak for EVERY voter here, but I just can’t help wondering…What do you have to SAY about that?”For the first time, Townshend found himself completely speechless. As the news cameras and microphones closed in, he could only stand, shuddering, in the middle of the crowd, his face breaking out into a cold sweat.… … … …“Man, you want to talk about a deer in the headlights,” Tucker commented, as he enjoyed Townshend’s stunned expression on the local news feed from behind the desk in his office. “Well, THAT ought to leave him with some healthy bite marks in the seat of his pants, don’t you think?”“I wouldn’t write him off just yet, if I were you,” Tanya cautioned, leaning over his shoulder. “I figure, by the end of the week, he’ll have written her a check to make this all go away…probably pay for the repairs…maybe even some structural improvements. He’s got enough time for it to blow over. Trust me…we haven’t seen the last of this guy.”“Then I guess we’d better get our campaign meeting underway,” Tucker replied, as Tanya walked around the desk and took a seat.… … … …“Well, it’s been a couple of hours, now,” Danny noted, just a block away from the salvage yard with the Fenton Thermos in hand. “Think he’s cooled down yet?”“Only one way to find out, I guess,” Sam replied with a shrug, standing beside Jazz.“Yeah well, I just got a call from my dad, so I have to take off,” Valerie added, as she jumped onto her rocket sled. “Whatever happens, just make sure we don’t have to babysit him.”With that, Valerie flew off, Leaving Danny and the others to deal with Burner. Taking a deep breath, Danny popped the lid off the Fenton Thermos, causing Burner and Desile to materialize out into the street.“Wait…what…what the…eh…WHOA!” Burner blurted out, looking around in confusion until he saw Danny and Sam and instantly prepared for another fight, with Desile growling right beside him.“Calm down…It’s alright,” Jazz interrupted, stepping in front of Danny and Sam. “Guys, can you let me handle this, just for a minute?”“Who are you supposed to be?” Burner asked, still in a panic.“Just someone who wants to talk,” Jazz answered, holding out the photo album she’d taken from the salvage yard.“That’s…You STOLE it?!” Burner roared, looming over Jazz until she shoved the book firmly into his chest.“If I stole it, why would I be giving it to you? Now take a breath, okay?!” she argued before glancing over at the name sewed onto his breast pocket. “So… ‘Burner’, huh? I’m guessing that’s not your ACTUAL name.”“As good as any, I guess,” Burner answered dismissively, still eyeing Jazz with suspicion as he clutched the album in his hands.“Fine… ‘Burner’, it is,” Jazz concluded. “Like I said, I’m just here to talk. And something tells me you could really use it.”“Yeah? For what?” Burner scoffed.“How about a little peace?” Jazz suggested. “Right now, everyone in this city thinks you’re gone for good. You could keep it that way if you want. But it’s going to require keeping your head down and staying out of trouble. Unfortunately, you’ve shown to have a bit of an impulse control problem. And while that MAY not make you a bad GUY, it HAS led you to making some VERY bad DECISIONS.”“I don’t need to hear this,” muttered dismissively as he turned to walk off.“Thank you for making my point,” Jazz argued, getting Burner’s attention again, before nudging her head in Danny and Sam’s direction. “Look, if you just want to brood and mope and lash out at everyone…if that’s REALLY good enough for you…then fine. They’ll be more than happy to shove you back into that Thermos and we can go around in circles all you want. Believe me, we’ve seen it all before.”“But the man in those photos,” Jazz continued, pointing at Burner’s album, “I got the sense he wanted something more for you than that.”Spurred by Jazz’s words, Burner couldn’t help but open the album for one more look. But as he flipped through the pages, whatever happy memories that drowned out his anger, quickly turned to grief.“He’s the only one who ever…” Burner shuddered sorrowfully. “I just wanted to do right by him.”“Don’t sell yourself short. Does that look like the face of someone who was disappointed in you?” Jazz noted reassuringly, as Danny and Sam began to look more hopeful. “But if it really means that much to you, there is ONE thing you might be able to do.”“Huh?” Burner wondered.“Did you KNOW he had a granddaughter?” Jazz asked.“He…mentioned her a couple of times,” Burner replied with a shrug. “I may have seen a few photos from when she was a kid. But I never actually MET any of his family.”“Would you LIKE to?” Jazz offered, motioning her hand over to the salvage yard gate.Glancing over, Burner caught sight of Jessi, already hard at work clearing debris out of the damaged garage. Already overheating in the afternoon sun, she had the top of her coveralls rolled down around her waist. As she took a moment to wipe her forehead, the beads of sweat flying off her fingertips glistened in the air. As did the ones rolling down the plunging neckline of her tank-top, which just barely concealed her buxom figure. And while Jessi breathed a sigh of relief and paused for a drink of water, Burner’s eyes went wide in astonishment.“Uuuuuuuuhhhh,” Burner uttered, mesmerized by the sight before him.“Her name’s Jessi. She’ll be running this place from now on. Granted, it may not need anyone to PROTECT it anymore. But she could probably benefit from someone willing to keep an eye on things. Know anyone who might be good for the job?” Jazz suggested before turning to see Burner’s entranced face. “Burner? Hey…are you listening?”“Uuuuuuuuhhhh,” Burner droned on as he continued to stare, seemingly oblivious to everything…even Jazz’s snapping fingers.“Uh, Jazz? Trust me,” Sam remarked as she and Danny tossed each other an amused glance. “I think you got his UNDIVIDED attention.”Almost in a trance, Burner trudged forward into the salvage yard, just barely having enough presence of mind to turn invisible. Pausing only for a confused whimper, Desile trotted in close behind him.“Well…I think she’ll keep them in line, don’t you?” Sam noted with a confident smirk.“We’ll keep an eye on him for a little while, just to be safe,” Danny replied. “But I don’t think I’d worry too much about it. Looks like you really DID get through to him, Jazz.”“O-kaayyyy…” Jazz answered, shrugging as looked over at Jessi. “Maybe not the way I intended.”With that, Danny and Sam flew off, while Jazz headed for the Fenton RV. As they took their leave, G peeked out from around the corner, seeming quite pleased with the outcome before riding off, himself.Meanwhile, Burner remained standing in the salvage yard, captivated by the mere sight of Jessi as Desile glanced back and forth between them, almost perplexed. It wasn’t until Jessi walked into the house to take a break that Burner’s daze was broken, causing him to look down at the photo album in his hand.But just then, a slight metallic creak caught his attention. Looking up, he caught sight of the rickety sign, high above the salvage yard, which, even in its state of disrepair, had actually managed to remain standing, despite all the destruction that had occurred. And as Burner read the words on the sign once again, a contented smile finally crossed his lips…AMITY PARK SALVAGEWHERE EVERYTHING GETS A SECOND CHANCEThe End
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