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So… I was thinking very hard (seriously... massive and devastating inner struggle, for reals) how to organize my activities for the upcoming months, since it's about time I focus more attention on my doctorate project. To do that I have to cut off some things from my regular schedule, this also goes for hobby activities like fanarts. I've decided I will only leave Otho's story on my to-do-list, because this is the most rewarding and satysfying thing from all those 'fan related' stuff I do here. Will probably post comic updates a bit less frequently though (like twice a month, will see).

Also sorry for the current hiatus, I should start posting new pages again in about two weeks.

But: commissions and requests are now on hold (except for the ones that are on my waiting list already), and fully rendered illustrations will appear less frequently. However I will be doing a bit of speed paintings and sketches not to become too rusty and will post some of those as well every now and then.

So just a heads-up what to expect and that I will be a bit less active for a moment now :]

Cheers <3

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Ps. Z czego piszesz doktorat?
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dzięki :D

ze sztuki filmowej XD
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O, no to ciekawy temat! Czy robisz na uczelni, czy z wolnej stopy?
Próbuję wystartować ze swoim, ale ani nie ma studiów doktoranckich u mnie ani nie mam pieniędzy na otwarcie przewodu doktorskiego prywatnie =/
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zdecydowanie nie prywatnie, na mojej uczelni kilka lat temu na szczęście otworzyli normalne państwowe studia III stopnia. Trochę pitu pitu, ale za darmo. Inaczej bym się chyba nie szarpała... :]
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Powodzenia i dużo weny do doktoratu!
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Two weeks are nothing. You do your stuff!
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You know I ain't going anywhere :P You're stuck with me no matter how long you disappear for :evillaugh:
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:tighthug: glad to hear that :P
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I think everyone can understand and respect this. We've all been in similar situations at some point. 
I'll admit, I started to sweat a little at the thought of no more Otho comics. They've come SO far and it'd be a lie to say that I'm not wrapped up in his story. But, I'd understand if it had to be put on hold and I wouldn't stop watching you over it. 

Put your focus where it needs to be! We'll all be here after your hiatus. 
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I'd love to keep the comics going and will try to keep drawing it, even if there'll have to be bigger gaps between the updates. This whole thing is too important for me :]
Maybe will have to make a bigger pause when I'll be closer to the doctorate deadline... will see :]

Anyway, hopefully I'll manage to keep posting it more or less regularly. Just wanted to give You guys a heads-up, since I already see weekly updates might be too much for me at times XD

And since I feel bad when I'm not posting for three weeks (like now, for example), I didn't want to leave it without explanation :]

And thanks! :D
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Will be looking forward to whatever you draw, whenever you draw it!
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Very reasonable.  After all, life must come first and we'll still be here.
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I'll be frank.... I'm sad.... Was waiting for Otho... But you got a decent reason so... All the best... Wish you luck
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But Otho will probably be the only thing still appearing in the gallery, a bit less frequently, but still he will :D I'm too weak to cross him out of my life for so long XD
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That's totally cool. We only appreciate your art more if it's a little less frequent :)
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Glad to hear it, thanks! :tighthug:
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Certainly a respectable reason to step back a little from the art! It'll still be great seeing the comic, and I'll be interested to see your sketch work :D 
What sort of PhD if you don't mind my asking?
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Oh, lol, I just edited it into "doctorate", it's always confusing for me when I'm translating the academic degrees between languages. I think 'doctorate' is more accurate since it's in Art (will be, hopefully) XD
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Also, and of course, best of luck with your schooling! I'm sure you will do amazingly well :D
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