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TES: The Old One

This is my entry for this contest: Check it out - it's pretty cool and there's still a lot of time to enter :]

Possible spoilers ahead.

The Old One and Dovahkiin. Meditating. Or talking. Anyway - taking a break :]

One of my favorite characters from Skyrim (a really awesome dragon he is) and a player's character in Nightingale Armor.

Paarthurnax and Dovahkiin belong to Bethesda.

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Cheers! :]

EDIT: Oh, and since some people were asking me for wips, I submitted one for this piece to scraps .__.

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'There he sat in silence and stillness, as if he was one with the Earth. Listening to a sound more concealed than his own heartbeat -- A Whisper that called out to him from within. The Old One watched over him as he had done for the world but the Old One known, even in meditation, the world was still protected.'
I used this drawing for a fanfic I am writing, I also gave credit to you for making this amazing piece. Hope you don't mind
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Sure, no prob, thanks for letting me know :]
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Beautiful atmosphere! :love:
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You're welcome~
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This is amazing!
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Good lord, this makes me want to open up Skyrim again...

I really love your take on TES. The grittiness and intensity (especially in your faces) is palpable. I wish the games looked like your stuff!
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awwww, nice to hear something like this :D thanks :D
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It proves after everything that the Dragonborn has been through, there was still a wise, old Dragon that he/she can return to for guidance on the Way of the Voice.
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Wait, is Nightingale Armor a thing?  And if it is, HOW DO I OBTAIN IT?!
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Thieves Guild Main Questline, wait until you are level 32 or higher for the strongest enchantments and unfortunately wait until you are level 46 and higher for the strongest enchantments on the Nightingale weapons

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That looks amazing!
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This is THE COOLEST drawing I have EVER seen in my entire life!
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hehe, thanks, nice to hear it :]
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Paarthurnax is my favorite and Nightengale armor is my favorite! <3 Love this! 
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This is so beautiful~ I adore your style.
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I love all your art, but this one is even more wonderful!
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