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TES: Sheogorath

Sheogorath, chatting (and drinking something) with a chicken. Don't ask, I don't know .__.

I started this yesterday, it was pretty fun to paint :]

Sheo belongs to Bethesda.
They can have the chicken too :] It's probably one of those Wabbajacked chickens anyway.

Also, to the person who took my artwork and tried to use it as their own: don't. Just. Don't. It's stealing, it's lame, and it has very short legs.


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Honestly, the chickenis the best.

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I've never played oblivion.
Only skyrim and honestly, out of all the degric quests, sheogorath was my favorite. I know where some c focused solely on him in oblivion but that's going to take a bit to get.
anyway, perfect representation of the mad god and his eccentricities
im kinda missing some cheese
coupleofkooks's avatar
imagine the landscape is made of cheese :]
thats some mighty rotten cheese then ;-)
coupleofkooks's avatar
the smellier the better :D
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Now this, THIS is what the Shivering Isles should look like! :D (Big Grin)

THIS IS AWESOME! Its like a Salvador Dali painting. This is a masterpiece!

I wish the designers of the Elder Scrolls games were as creative as the artist who made this amazing artwork. This artist should be hired by Bethesda to design the realms of Oblivion in the next Elder Scrolls games. :) (Smile)  
coupleofkooks's avatar
Hello there :]

The artist thanks You and would definitely die of happiness if ever could design even the smallest piece of Sheogorath's realm.

TES mod community made me a fantastic present though, and used this artwork as a doorway to Shivering Isles in this mod:…?

and it does look awesome :]…

Thank you for letting me use it! Sorry it took so long to write on here.
You are very talented and depict Sheo very well. I only wish I could have done more with your work. Or that you did Vaermina too. ;)
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I'm definitely getting that mod! :D (Big Grin)  Thanks for giving me a link to it!
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A chicken...    Why not a mudcrab?
Okay, they are losy conversationalists, but at least they have table manners.
ChaosRoid's avatar
Bet you a million septims, that chicken is Nazeem.
CuddleyCat1's avatar
Awe, poor lonely Sheo :( This picture is hilarious though, and man, I can't help but notice that is one SEXY Sheogorath! You have captured him perfectly. <3
LamiaSage's avatar
This is amazing <3
Thank you again. You have captured our lord with perfection :)
Moralai's avatar
Oh my god, this is so perfect lol!
Cold-Neko-Angel's avatar
A chat with a chicken is just the best in the world except a chat with sheogorath! :) I love this pic!!! <3
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This looks so expressive :O *
chris-the-sword's avatar
WOAH! sheogorath looks so badass in this one!
the shading/lighting, and the bright red colour of the liquid inside the glass(the one glass that sheogorath holds, and that is connected with the one the chicken has as well...)

i have only ONE complaint:
sheogorath has epic humour, so if this was his chamber/room, he would have done some funny stuff as well!
he could maybe even use the wabbajack!

good work man, excellent drawing of the mad-sheogorath, king of insanity!
coupleofkooks's avatar
thanks for the comment and sorry for a late reply XD

Sense of humour - yes indeed. Though I always remember that his realm is only half Mania. The other half is Dementia and I imagine that Sheo himself has to have this side as well, though well hidden and rarely visible.

Cheers! <3
chris-the-sword's avatar
no problem, your art rocks, and you have great skills!

also, yes, he is half-mania, (creative insanity), and half dementia (half-evil-madness), but it still makes him an interesting and unique character.
i also like shagallath, the god of order in TES: oblivion...
he is cool.

thank you for your nice reply, keep making awesome art!
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I cant help but laugh. Wheres the dragonborn and wabbajack when you need them?
coupleofkooks's avatar
if You ask about my Dragonborn he is probably stealing the sh*t out of everything or trying to light the fire in the snowy wilds XD thanks :]
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