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TES: Neloth of House Telvanni

This is a picture I've started... ummm... like four months ago? Time to finish it I think XD :] My favorite character from Dragonborn add-on. Badass crazy old mage - what a surprise... ._.

Neloth belongs to Bethesda.

More Elder Scrolls fanarts here:…

Cheers :]
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This is amazing! Beautiful work.
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My, my, it seems, according to that bright yellow glowing button, I DID find you here before. lol ^^;
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Well hello again in that case XD :D
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I love Nelly! haha! Long live house Telvanni!
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Amazing illustration! You captured Neloth perfectly. I love that sassy wizard, he is also my favorite character from the dlc (pretty much my second favorite tes character).
Good thing you didn't forget the cube ;)
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thank You! Loved that crazy old bastard XD and yeah, here too, right after uncle Sheo :]
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Neloth is hilarious! I had to much fun doing quests for his crazy ass. lol
OMG!! I love the Telvannis ;) This Pic...just the best.
Could you do an Dyvayth Fyr artwork? hes even more badass (strongest npc in Morrowind (lv65)) far crayzier (he domesticates an epidemic Sickness in his Basement and has for genetic Experiments, called his "Daughters") and the oldest living mortal in all of tamriel (4000 years).
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Hello there :D I know Your comment is like a million years old, but I was just going through my inbox (and I don't check it too often, as You probably know by now...) and I found Your suggestion about Dyvayth Fyr. Just wanted to let You know that it's an awesome one and I put it on my never ending to do list XD The character is freaking great and I surely want to paint him one day though it could mean years from now XD

Anyway - thanks! :D
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hehe, nice hearing it XD thanks!
I'd like to use this as a "Be right back." screen for when I stream, but would like your permission to use it before I do. Would you be okay with that if I give you credit?
Beautiful work!
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sure, go ahead :] thanks for asking and glad You like it :D
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So gorgeous!

I'm glad Neloth got off the island. I miss all my Telvanni backstabbing thinly-veiled, I mean, friends...from Morrowind!
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cool!!i really like this~~
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Outstanding. I'm in love with your work.
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this is probably one of my favorite tes-fanarts *.* .... neloth is such a badass xD
and I love the colours of this picture, and the fact that it looks kind of like a water colour painting, although it isn't one^.^
may I ask which program you were using to draw this? (probably you are asked this question alot, I'm sorry >.<)
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I like You style so much... Awesome work with colors. :)
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Absolutely fantastic! :D
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