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TES: Dunmer of Skyrim

Hey there, long time no see :]

I haven't painted in a while (like... in months...) and this is a warm up picture of a character from Skyrim I'm currently playing, Avis Stultifera (and yes, I find the name super funny) and his companion, Barbas, the talking dog. Yes, Barbas is smiling :]

More pictures of Avis:

Hope You like it. Cheers! :]

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After all this time, I just noticed that his elven armor has a giant, fluffy fur cloak draped on the back. No that is not only genius, but great attention to detail! I wonder why that wasn't incorporated into the game. Sure, there's the fur armor and then the fur on some of the fine clothing, but this just makes sense too.
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I m using tons of immersion mods for Skyrim, including Frostfall, wet and cold, cloaks of skyrim and so on. some of them (among other effects) add cloaks and furs to rise cold resistance. i got so used to them i almost forgot they are not included in vanilla game XD
No worries. I love it! I might have to check some of those mods out. :)
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Snow! Snow! Snow!
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Fantastic art! :D
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you have an amazing Dunmer character there! Love the scene the artwork tells and smiling barbars makes me smile, too haha. great work!
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Ur art is so cool I love ur dovahkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
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I rolled with Barbas for soooo long. He was great help. And I'm also a Dark Elf. Dark Elf pride, dude! Ever since Morrowind!
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This is very well done. I love the little touches and the DOG!
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I, too, have missed your work. Glad this is a warm up, means more will follow. (though that such an awesome pic is a "warm-up" puts me and many others in shame)
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thank You :D I'm working on more :]
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Forgive my brain, but it misinterpreted Avis Stultifera as Avis Slutty-fella.. :rofl:

But apart from that, holy poopy :jawdrop:, that's some awesome art. Really cold-looking, really skyrim-y...( skyrim-ish, skyrim-esque) ... Skyrim!

Dunmers ARE the superior race, the Altmers can either accept it or go chase some kites
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lol, no worries, my brain does this kind of thing all the time XD

And thanks! :D
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Man I've missed your work! Nice entry back!
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I like it, a lot.
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Cudna praca! :)
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