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TES: Ancestor's Wrath

I needed to paint another picture of shirtless Dunmer >.>

My character, Av, and Dark Elves' racial ability in action.

More pictures of him:

Also You can see WIPs on my tumblr:…

The Elder Scrolls belong to Bethesda.

Cheers :]
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He is beautiful. Can you draw this same pic, only with a little more package in the front. I want to see what he's working with. I'm talking about the one where he's just standing there with the mountains in the background.
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Another gorgeous piece of work. Loving your style!
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Come at me bro.....
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Super great!! I love what's going on!
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I like how you continued the warpaint on his body!
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Hullo. Awesome artwork ! I hope you don't mind me using this as an avatar. I love Dunmer and my Skyrim character looks a lot like your Av, except he is a pure mage. 

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This is just... Hnnnnng~
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:iconicantbelieveitplz: awesomazingness! 
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BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
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Now if this isn't an awesome picture! I love your interpretation of Ancestor's Wrath!
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Beautiful. Love the colour scheme here. :D
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Legit question. Does his clothes burn off?
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no, this power doesn't affect the caster. But it turns on the moment the character is pushed to the limits in battle (at least with SkyRe mod) hence the distroyed outfit.
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Cause I've always wondered that. I mean, I know it's magic fire but c'mon.
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just omg ! awesome jod !
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This is absolutely fantastic.  There can't possibly be enough shirtless Dunmer for me.  Beautiful fire effect.
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