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Shades of Red: Fallout

A commission for *BucklesInTheSun
Our original characters from the Shades Universe - Odo and J - in a world of Fallout :] Not an RP AU but we had quite a fun talking about it.

Odo and J belong to us.
Fallout belongs to whoever owns it.

Cheers :heart:
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He looks like Geralt from Witcher and woman looks like Boss from MG Snake Eater.
LegendaryNomad's avatar
He does look like Gerald
JohnTheR's avatar
Maybe he's Geralt's descendent!
Khaiy's avatar
Amazing work.
sandersdrain's avatar
Geralt you are drunk get back to Witcher. what are you doing in Fallout?
MerlinTheHappyPig's avatar
I really like the look of that character; he looks similar to my character…?
savagetilley's avatar
I did a Fan Fic short story or deal back in the day My character was a OLD OLD and Semi-Retired Ranger. He started with the Desert Rangers and then the NCR stuck their nose in it pissed him off and he retired until his help was deeply needed again. 
ESSFTON's avatar
I hate autocorrect, just ruined my post, man or MAM*
ESSFTON's avatar
Hole-E-fuck... Beautiful man or may, just beautiful.
coupleofkooks's avatar
thank you very much :D
Dentedhelm's avatar
I love seeing old people in fallout. They must have been badasses to get that far in life, you know?
coupleofkooks's avatar
yes. We've actually written a short story with a friend for this character in Fallout universe and it simply wouldn't go any other way - lots of badassery and hard decissions in order to survive. 
CascadesRanger's avatar
Fantastic Work!!!  Love Great Post Apoc Art!!!  Very Well Done!!!
BucklesInTheSun's avatar
Odo is a gorgeous bastard as always <3. J looks a lot like young Nichelle Nichols, I approve. This came out awesomely. I'm sorry I was gone for the big reveal. It looks like you had a lot of fun painting the wasteland. XD I will be downloading this, oh yes. Thank you, hun.
yuhime's avatar
Odo w Falloucie! Mój mózg doznaje pozytywnego przeciążenia! Ten facet rządzi w każdym wydaniu! :D
coupleofkooks's avatar

jak znajdę czas to będzie więcej Falloutowego Oda :] 

kitiaramajere's avatar

You know we'll take Odo however (or wherever) you draw him  ;-)


Now I want to hear more...

coupleofkooks's avatar
Good to hear that, cos soon he'll show up in yet another universe :3
PsykoHilly's avatar
:onfire: ... excellent!
Falloutturkey's avatar
Details are good, but rifle should be longer.
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