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DAO Archdemon

Commission for *Shaleene1
Her Warden Alim Surana and Cullen fighting Archdemon.

Alim belongs to Shal.
Dragon Age things belong to Bioware.

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Wow that looks good love the work with the dragon
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You have captured the majesty of the Archdemon well. For that I applaud you. 

If this is what a corrupted adult Old God looks like; I am curious to know what its offspring would look like if it were to suffer the darkspawn taint, as it is still forming, it would no doubt end up mutated beyond any recognition as a dragon but still bear certain features of its adult counterpart. 
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Really like the composition and the palette.  Thanks!
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Better than the in game model this actually looks like an arch demon! (Not that I've ever seen one in person just the way it was described in a DA novel I read) awesome work
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Awesome and gorgeous!
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THIS IS LEGEN... WAIT FOR IT ...DARY (you have big talents!)
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Your design is...much better than bioware's when it comes to the archdemon!! XD
I like your version!!

This is so wonderful. I can't even get over it!
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That is so cool. I love the colors and the details.
Awesome picture. Weak boss
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I can hear Protectors of the Earth playing in the background for this one. The dragon's tale rocks!
toupele's avatar
^^^Fuck yes!
I love that song!
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The elf may be boned but if that Templar is a Warden the Archdemon is the one that is boned. Anyway a great picture overall.
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the archdemon looks better than in the game. i like this style ^^
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Whoo! Get'm Alim! ELF MAGES REPRESENT! *fist pumps*
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