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DA2 No Compromise


I didn’t want to paint this scene, I was painting Danarius and Fenris (which is not entirely true... I was painting Gregor Samsa with my right hand and a weasel dressed up as Sherlock Holmes with my left hand, but I was making breaks for Danarius and Fenris). But then I accidentally pressed Ctrl+N and somehow it’s dead Anders...

Well, I'm trying to paint some other characters, You see...

(and there's something funny going on with perspective, but hey, I tried... :()

Anders and Hawke (c) Bioware
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why i have to kill him 
i did'nt want but i had to do it  sorry Andres 

awesome art Love 
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It was Anders who paid it in blood
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This breaks my heart in how gorgeous it is
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Much crying :(  Powerful scene!
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damn it anders...
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Ich hab ihn am Leben gelassen, er soll sehen was er angerichtet hat.
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>i couldn't kill Anders

me too... He is one of the favorite companion for me.

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I just broke down on my desk sobbing.
That was a nice kick in the feels, you. But I appreciate it.
Especially how Hawke kinda looks like 'I hated to do it but probably it was better that way'
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excuse me while i go cry in the corner:iconcryforeverplz:
of all the times i've played the game,i couldn't kill Anders.i just love him to much xP
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Never played DA2. Prolly should, but I have yet to beat DAO. So there's that. ^-^'
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Nice work, very atmospheric.

Good on you, by the way. Anders was annoying. *hides*
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Thank you :] And yes, he was :XD:
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*sad face*
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You did a wonderful job! Everything looks very nice, and I think the perspective is fine. :D
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"Gregor Samsa"... Dammit, the description made me smile despite the picture. :cry:
Amazing btw.
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lol, thanks a lot :]
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KJNSBDVCJHDSJ this is so amazing! Your perspective is better then you think :meow:
coupleofkooks's avatar
Thx :D I'm glad :] i'm still stuggling with it XD
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you're very welcome!! :la:
struggling? you call this fine example of perfection 'struggling'? I think you need to get your eyes checked my dear :P
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