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DA2 Have Confidence

Yes, I know it was a fireball. But I couldn't resist. Licentia poetica, ok?

At least I managed to do this picture without any sexual content. Though it was tempting... so tempting... but maybe I'm a little too much into "make love not war" so I will keep those dangerous ideas away from the internet. For now.

Characters belong to Dragon Age 2 Bioware.
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The one time I actually rooted for Orsino. Then he went- Shutting up before I spoil the ending for anyone.
This is wonderful. Very dynamic.
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Here qunari even demons alike. :)
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Ahh, poor qunari...
Btw, awesome art!
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I love your work. I love that you love Orsino to at least some degree. It's always great. Linked it here: [link]
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Thank You very much :]

i'm glad :]
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:iconwhyyounoplz: Orsino, y u no stay badass?

*still bitter about the blood magic*
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You're welcome :3
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Great piece of FanArt :) I really adored Orsino. He's such a great character and it had pained me a great deal when he sacrificed himself in the end and became an abomination.
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this picture is awesome. i always prefer the icespells ^^
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That's so gorgeous. His expression... wow.
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This is sooo snazzy! :D
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Wow, I love Orsino, and he looks so awesome here.
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U win 10 Internet cookies with your awsomness!
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That is just epic!
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