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Chronicles of Amber: Corwin

Corwin, main character from Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber.

I've always had a problem with imagining this character, but I think I got pretty close to what I'd like him to look like in the books. Originally he was portraited with one of his artifacts - silver scaled gloves - but those looked horrid in my head, so I've changed that :]

Other Trumps:

Cheers :]
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Corwin remains my second-favorite narrator in all of fiction. He deserves more fanart.

I'm intrigued. Who's your most favorite?

Sylvester, from Wildbow's third web serial, Twig. He's... unlike any other character I've read. His thought patterns are unusual, and they only get moreso as the story goes on. It may well be Wildbow's best work, and Worm set a pretty high bar. Here's the link if you're interested.

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The whole series is very much in character - very good job!

The Silver Rose is otherworldly. As is the rest of this deck.
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Oh, my...I can see the mark left by centuries of soldiering.
these are the best Amber trump portraits I've ever seen and I would love to see more of em!
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Aww, he looks like the weight of the world is literally on his shoulders (which technically it was :lol:) - he could do with a hug. ;__;
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This freaking rules.  Love the silver rose pattern and all of the leathery...gghhh...SUCH CLOTHES!  Failing to express myself but I love this
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I agree that this is stunning work! Very close to the image I had in my head and your attention to detail and realism (while still making it look like a painted trump card) is superb! Really very excellent! I'm equally impressed with your other interpretations as well. Having said that I'm truly hoping and would be very interested in seeing your rendition of Julian. He's always been my favorite after Corwin. Hope he's on your list soon. Thanks for sharing your work.
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I don't know, some darker paints, made the silver glove dingy with slight shine. Make them seem like oils in metal, straight from the stranger parts of Shadow, you never know. Could have worked...
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Genialnie go oddałaś O_o Chyba najlepszy portret Corwina, jaki widziałam do tej pory. Świetna praca.
If you can find them, I recommend listening to the audiobooks read by Zelazny himself; great stuff to make art while listening to, and he brings a whole new level of wry noir tone to Corwin and Merlin.
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oh yes, I heard about those audiobooks, will surely look them up when I'll have time :] thanks :]
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I love this series, one of my all time favorites. I was so sad when Zelazny died, I believe he had been about to start a new Amber series dealing with the return of Corwin as I had read a short story by Zelazny dealing with Corwin's return to Amber written right before his death.
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Damn... that would be so wonderfull to have more of amber serie to read ... :(
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Great series of paintings to go with the marvelous saga.  They just don't write stuff like that anymore. :no: Will you paint Dara at some point, Random, Eric or Dworkin?
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Thanks :]

I want to start with the nine Princes (including Random and Eric), then go for their four sisters, probably painting Oberon and Dworkin meanwhile. Dworkin is such a colorfull character it will be a pleasure to paint him! And if I'll manage that I'll continue with minor characters and those from Merlin books, but well, that's in a while XD
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If this was a book, I'd read it lol.
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And THEN I read the image description...
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lol XD weel, you now know you can read it :]
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Teach me to read before I type LOL.Yay
...Probably not...
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