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Chronicles of Amber: Brand

"And you, Brand... with bitterness do I regard your memory, mad brother. You almost destroyed us. [...] I wish that you had never been born and, failing that, that you had died sooner. Enough! It diminishes me to reflect so. Be dead and trouble my thinking no more."

Well... clearly not Corwin's favorite person, this Brand. Can't blame him though...

Anyway, when I was a Game Master in Amber RPG ages ago I loved using Brand in my stories. At some point there was so much of him I've asked a friend to role play him to make the experience more believable. And I'm telling you this because I gave Brand that friend's face, which is kinda funny cause it "just happened" :]

Other Trumps:

Cheers :]
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I have this inexplicable affection for Brand, even taking into account the horrible things he's done. I love this version of Brand=) It's an amazing portrait
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Thank You once again :tighthug:
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I should be thanking you. This is beyond awesome
This is probably the best portrait of Brand I ever seen. Amazing work. Liked the other borthers' portraits, too. 
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beautiful depiction. your friend's face fits him perfectly :)
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That megalomaniac bastard.

I liked this son though.
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Dayum! That looks cool!
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So that's what you meant when you said you have a very vivid picture of him in your head. :D

Fantastic work, as usual.
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If you're going to make all of these, I'm seriously going to see if some place can make a card set ....
coupleofkooks's avatar
i'm actually thinking about printing them too, lol >.>

and yes, all of them :3 well, major arcana at least, but also some characters from Merlin's Books, Mandor for example :nod:
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OOH yes, want to see Mandor! I do believe Merlin had a card for him. And Ghostwheel would be interesting...
coupleofkooks's avatar
oh yus, Mandor is a visual :nod: especially with those artifacts of his, I think it would make a nice picture :] And Ghostwheel, a bit later, why not :]
Being able to draw so good is a great ace in the hole for an ADRPG GM...
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i guess so, i wasn't too good at drawing when I was a GM, and now when i feel more comfortable with it i don't have time for rping ._.
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Aww, I Knew it!) I recognized Brand, when I see this picture - it's really he, wonderful work! Though I see him more "crazy" in some point, but I like Brand's view in your version :)
coupleofkooks's avatar
in first draft i went for the "more crazy" version, but in my head i still saw him as a person who makes rather calm impression. I remember Corwin mentions a lot of duality in Brand's character, so i like to see him as a guy who at first seems to be stable, maybe even trustful, but then surprises You with how crazy and damaged he really is. So i went for this type of portrait. but at some point i plan to make some illustrations for chronicles, including scenes with Brand of course, and there I'll definitely go for showing more of who he really is.

And thank You, I', glad You recognized and liked him :D
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He's my favorite character in the series and you captured him very well *_* !
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Thanks :D I haven't read the books in a while, so I'm not sure if what I remember of him is from the chronicles or from our rpg, but he's one of my favorites too :] Gonna paint Brand Ghost at some point as well.
Eldarianne's avatar
Yes, please do so XD ! I can't wait, your paintings are really great.
He sure is a great plot device for the RPG ^^
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