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Chronicles of Amber: Bleys

So here's what I do: I ask for an opinion and then go for the least popular answer :D Story of my life to be honest.... but the truth is I've started a little talk about Chronicles of Amber here on dA, and suddenly all my feelings for this universe emerged and I was lost.

Anyway, if you're not familiar with Roger Zelazny's "Chronicles of Amber" I honestly recommend checking it out. I loved this universe (books and RPG) so much like... ummm... very very long time ago :D but never really tried to paint anything for it.

So here's a Trump card of one of the Nine Princes of Amber - Bleys, my favorite character from the serie.

Other Trumps:

Cheers :]
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Are you still painting Trumps ?
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I don't know, in all the games I've been in he's described being more Burger King-like.  I guess that's how I imagine him, more mustache, bigger smile.
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I'm not really sure if the image is accurate according to books, beacuse my vision of Bleys is totally biased by how i imagine him after years of playing Amber RPG :D So there can totally be differences :]
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Ah, you play ADRPG! Do you ever attend ACNW? I'm there every year so if I run across you I'll buy you a libation of your choice. Love the artwork!
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Never been, the only conventions I've been were in Poland years ago, there was group of Amber fans too (me included) and we used to rp regularly. Otherwise unfortunately no :[

And thank You! :D
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Oh yeah definately!
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Uwielbiam Kroniki Amberu, a Twój Bleys jest obłędny! :)
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    The Devil plays in his yes, like was in Zelazny's textDevilish 
         Great gallery, and Bleys is my favor chracter too.  Will be verry interesting to see your Gerard and Random 
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Late reply is late, lol...

Hello and thank You! Gerard and Random are coming too for sure in some time :) 
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  Late is better than never ;) (Wink) 
     Great Bleys, one more
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honestly, i had never heard of Chronicles of Amber, so i googled it, and was "attracted to" what i saw...of course, my eye went right to an art piece of Bleys...glad to learn about "new worlds" through your artwork and series (i'm old school, and also don't like to read)

... your artwork is rockin Guitar Player revamp Guitar Practice Nem Guitar red Guitar Player revamp 

checkout this one (FYI: i like yours better because he looks like Hugh Jackman Heart )
Bleys: very good detailing on the clothes and color choices
371 × 500Recherche par image
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This is exactly how I pictured Bleys. :nod:

Any chance of seeing other characters of Amber from you? (Totally not thinking of Eric :paranoid:)
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thanks! :D
I'm constantly thinking of painting other cards, but something is distracting me all the time (something like Dragon Age, hyh >.>), but Eric, Julian, Dworkin, Mandor, Random... oh damn, they're all on the list XD
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I am very glad to hear they are somewhere on a to-do list, because I'd love to see them. :XD: I just re-read the bit about Eric... you know, that part. And I had forgotten how much I stopped hating him at that point and actually respected him. So actually I would love to see a card of Eric too. Julian would be awesome too. And oddly enough I have never seen one of Random before, for all that... he's pretty important in the end.

Do you think you'll be doing one of... *cough* Ganelon someday?
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You know, my dream would be to paint the complete Trump deck... >.> And I'll probably be crawling slowly towards that dream, because it keeps coming back to me all the time, so heh, Ganelon is possible as well :]

Eric and Random were both characters I grew to like very much through RPG sessions. I've spent three years roleplaying Amber, so some of my memories of that world may be mixed with what we imagined there... and I eventually learned to like all the characters from the book XD
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This is perfect.
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Have you thought about doing the rest of the Trumps? Eric, Jullian, Caine, Random, Gerard...

Hell, the Princesses and Oberon and Dworkin if one wishes to be imaginative...
astonishing! You even captured his cockiness...
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These series are my favourite for years already.
I like your perception of the characters, maybe because it's pretty close to my own. 
And your Bleys is very interesting, handsome with that hard male beauty, elegant like a real royal family member, confident and determined.
Maybe I imagine him more light-hearted and careless in appearance, but still, your work is beautiful and full of emotions. Please, continues :) 
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Thank You very much for this comment :D I will continue for sure :nod:
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BLEYS! :iconkermityayplz: Beautiful work, I love the detail and use of colour.
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Oh my! I could stare at this all day... I hope you're planning to draw some more like this!
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