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Chronicles of Amber: Benedict

I don't really remember if Benedict lost just his hand or the entire arm, but again You have to forgive me slight changes - I went for what I remember from the RPG sessions more than from what really happened in the books. But I'm planning to paint one more version of this character with the mechanical arm as well.

Benedict is the eldest of the Nine Princes and as far as I'm concern - the wisest. He's a warrior, a strategist and a tactician, probably one of the best that ever walked among Shadows. Man of few words but deadly effective in action. In our RP storyline Benedict was also a master of games; chess, cards, anything that involves strategic thinking. On Earth he was posing as Robert James Fischer and we were taking our time to play a game of chess every now and then, which was quite a challenge for a Game Master, since well, Benedict HAD to win, otherwise he'd stop being believable.... Let's just say I cheated a lot back then :]

Well, hope you like. Other Trumps here:

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I set all your Amber pics to Favorites
I'm a GM in ADRPG, running a 10 player game right now on Facebook, past 8 months now, looking to be another couple years probably.
But I wanted to say, from one Amber fanatic to another, excellent art, on ALL your Trumps.

I have colored some of the Trumps from the game book, on my page 
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Oh damn, I used to GM ADRPG for years, these were very very fun years, love that system :D and the world obviously :] And thanks! glad You like :D
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you bet.
I have done up a map of Chaos & Amber on Inkarnate if you wanna see them, on my page :)
It was his arm, but not quite that high up.  Above the elbow certainly.  Until Corwin brought a replacement from the dream city Tir-na Nog'th.
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Yup, I remember now and will repaint this card with corrected appearance :]
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great work! loved the rpg as well!
wow, this is amazing! It reminds me of how Corwin described him in Nine Princes in Amber as reminiscent of scarecrows and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow... I always imagined him little bit younger but I lack talent to draw him.
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thanks :]

in fact i even imagine him a little bit older than here... well, maybe "older" is not a good word. a little bit more um... weared XD
Well, he is 'just' a bit over 3000 years old... Practically a babe in comparison with Dworkin or Suhuy :-)
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Still, even with all Amberite regeneration and stuff, I can't imagine that spending several hundreds of years on battlefield doesn't leave a trace on ones face :]

Lol, and yes, that is true, compared to them - still a babe XD
Yes, there is definitely something to it. In Nine Princes Corwin says he looks aroung 30 and when he escaped to Cabra he looked like an older man but he recovered to his old self by the time he reached Avalon...
I have been rereading it. He lost his right arm, just below the elbow.
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This is spookily like I've thought of Benedict (though I'd forgotten about the arm) ever since I first read the books in the '70s. Yes, I know the family is essentially immortal, *and* don't age (not the same thing--consider Aphrodite and Endymion), but stress will take its toll. At the end of _Courts of Chaos_, Corwin remarks on the new lines in Random's face (after fighting the Shadow Storm) that remain even when he sleeps, and muses on the effect of a new role (here, kingship) on a person.

And for Benedict, we aren't even talking new role; he's been defending Amber (and various places in Shadow) for millenia. And as a general, he has to make decisions that will decide whether his soldiers live or die. He's not one to waste his resources today, for he may need them tomorrow. And any battle takes some of your army. That's going to show.

I am looking forward to your Trump of Benedict with the mechanical arm.
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Hey, thanks for this comment, I like the way You interpret "the aging" of Amberites and Benedict himself :nod: My thoughts exactly :]
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Very well done! Only, I believe it specifically says in the book that he is missing his arm from a point just below the elbow, not just below the shoulder. Other than that, excellent!
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i know now :nod:. Though I still can't stop seeing him with his whole ar cut off. Damn, the images from rpg sessions are damn strong XD 
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Ha! a ja myslalam ze znalazlam kogos poza Polska kto zna Zelaznego... masz ci los ;) Ale sie i tak ciesze z twoich Atutow, rewelacja! :happybounce:

Nota bene, Benedykt na karcie mial oba ramiona. Stracil ramie w "Karabinach Avalonu", i jak juz ~Tergiversatory-Proxy wspomnial, nieco ponizej lokcia. Nie mam przelozonego tekstu, ale mam to z Dziwieciu Ksiazat Amberu:

"Then there was Benedict, tall and dour, thin, thin of body, thin of face, wide of mind. He wore orange and yellow and brown and reminded me of haystacks and pumpkins and scarecrows and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He had a long strong jaw and hazel eyes and brown hair that never curled. He stood beside a tan horse and leaned upon a lance about which was twined a rope of flowers. He seldom laughed. I liked him."

I to z Karabinow Avalonu:

"At first, I could not tell whether it was just a play of light and shadow . . . But no! He moved again and I had a clear view for a moment. He was missing his right arm, from a point just below the elbow. It was so heavily bandaged that I guessed the loss to have been quite recent."
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A tak, to że oryginalnie na Atucie miał obie ręce to pamiętałam, ale i tak założyłam, że raczej luźno będę bazowac na książkowych opisach. Z linią cięcia faktycznie nie pamiętałam, ale mam wrażenie, że myśmy mu po prostu dziabnęli łapę nieco wyżej w trakcie gry i stąd moja pomyłka XD Zresztą i tak gdzieś tam sobie kombinuję jakieś backstory uwzględniające nowa postać kto to faktycznie te Atuty malował, ale to takie tam bajanie :]

Dzięki :]
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As was stated, if Benedict had wanted the crown, not a one would have gone against him. Not just because they all respected him, but they knew they wouldn't win. ;-)


So you're going to do one with the arm he got from Tir-na Nóg'th? Woo!!  (I can't remember either but I think it was taken off just below the shoulder or just above the elbow...)

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yup. I want to paint second Trump cards for some characters, including Benedict, Brand in his Ghost form or Oberon both as himself or in diguise. But that as an extras to the main deck.
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Love to see some Amber on here!

I always imagined it being cut at or a bit above the elbow. I don't remember if the books specifically said anything about that, but I am fairly sure it was more than just his hand.
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