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Arcane Horror

I wanted to paint Arcane Horror. The rest around somehow happened. So here, Ser August and Odo fighting the guy. In the Fade. With special effects.

texture used: [link]

Arcane Horror and all other Dragon Age stuff belong to Bioware
Ser August Hilaire belongs to *BucklesInTheSun
Odo is mine.

OCs for #TheBlackNag RPG.

More Black Nag stuff here:
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Finding your gallery was like finding a treasure for me. You have such a good art style. It fits your subjects especially well.
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The Fade- mandatory field trip destination for a all students in the Mage's Tower.
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Awesome work! :clap:
coupleofkooks's avatar
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Acrane Horror was the coolest bad ass in the whole story! Got to love the way you made him and the whole power-scene.
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Thank You :]

and yes, a really cool badass, i knew i need to paint him the moment i saw him in the game :]
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Since i know almost nothing about this story... all i can say is, blood mage... and a templar.. WHAT?!
Odo is bloody handsome by the way, (pun intended) i hardly ever say that or even think that, but still.. He is.
Trying to translate patterns, colors and images into words is awfully hard, so i'll keep it simple for my own sake, this is just fantastic. I'm not sure if you're just getting better in general with each picture, or if it's you getting used to photoshop, either way the images are getting better and better.
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there is a story behind them fighting together, maybe not with an Arcane Horror exactly, cos he appeared a little out of nowhere after i saw him in a game and went "omg i need to paint him" but behind those two working as a team... i hope this story will appear on dA one day cos it's a really good one :]

And thank You! Recently i do little besides painting (for work or for relax) so i hope there is some progress noticable :] i'm very glad to hear that :D and yes, i think i'm getting more and more comfortable with PS, at least it doesn't scare me anymore :]
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why not write the story yourself? add it to your journal if you feel uncomfortable as adding it as a deviation. Or write it down in the artist comment with the image of characters.
coupleofkooks's avatar
I am no writer, especially in English. I tried to write few things about Odo, but nah, I think I'll better keep painting :]
But the story is being written by a friend of mine and I'm thinking about making a comic :]
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You don't have to write a story, just a summary. But i wouldn't mind seeing a comic =3
coupleofkooks's avatar
i am... thinking about it XD mostly thinking :] but one day....
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Wow. This is awesome! Granted the arcane horror looks a little too static in the picture. I feel like he'd be moving more - but they are pretty nonchalant and stuff, so....

Great job! :meow:
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Kooks ... I'm just speechless. Honestly. I've been looking at this for more than a day, trying to figure out how to leave you an appropriate and coherent comment. And I can't. It's like seeing an old master drawing but as digital art. So, instead of mindlessly jabbering on and on about this piece, I'm just going to say that your growth as an artist is truly stunning, you are a master at your craft. It's always wonderful to see the art that you post :love:
coupleofkooks's avatar
oh... my... O.O
now i have spend at least few hours thinking what to reply to such a comment. Wow, that's one of the nicest things i've heard :heart: This makes me want to paint more 8D And so I will!

Thank You very much :tighthug:
gwpe's avatar
You are very very welcome, dear :glomp: I'm just being honest :heart:

Yay!! More painting! :la:
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Nigdy za wiele Odo! Kurde, ten facet wymiata!
coupleofkooks's avatar
A to dobrze, bo będzie wincyj >.>

Dzięki! :]
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Świetnie! Kcem więcej!
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Oh wow. The details and everything are just so awesome.
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Holy wow, this is breathtaking :O
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