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I made tumblr to support this man.
Check it out, if you want :)

It's mainly reblogging other Haytham posts, actually :XD:

Have a nice day!
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Hey folks,

I just returned from my holiday in Italy (which was great fun, by the way)!
I definitely got some new inspiration there, especially according to the festival masks from Venice.
I went to Venice twice and bought my own mask :D

It's such a lovely city... I really want to return, maybe in a few years I'll go back!

Anyhow... I'm back :P

See ya!
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Comment on this journal and I will...

1) Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.

2) Tell you a color you remind me of.

3) Tell you what Element I think you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).

4) Tell you what comic, manga/anime, or video game character you remind me of.

5) Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6) Tell you something I like about you.

7) Give you a nickname.

8) Tell you the object that is to the left of me.

9) Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of

10) Tell you to do one in your journal too.
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  • Playing: AC/DarkSouls/RedDeadRedemption
  • Eating: Cake :D
  • Drinking: Coffee.
Hi folks,
I've decided to start an  Assassin's Creed Marathon!
I will play:
- Assassin's Creed (DONE! 4 days)
- Assassin's Creed II (Started on 02/03/12)
- Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
- Assassiin's Creed Revelations
and my goal is to be finished in a few weeks.

I'm completely into Assassin's Creed again, I also draw Ezio non-stop XD

Annnnddd, I'm going to Roma in May! AWWW YEAHHH!
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  • Reading: Game of Thrones - George Martin
  • Watching: House M.D.
  • Playing: All AC games!
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Hi there guys,

So... I've been trying a new coloring style with digital drawing and I used this tutorial:

I used it for Plague Doc 2 & 3 and Az... Hmmm.. I now notice that I've only used grey :XD:

See ya later,
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  • Reading: Company of Liars -- Karen Maitland
  • Watching: House M.D.
  • Playing: Nada
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  • Drinking: Nope
Well yeah, title is pretty much self explanatory (did I write that right?).
Today I've been dumping pretty much drawings on DA... I love to see progress ^^

See ya all,
  • Listening to: Dimmu Borgir, Finntroll
  • Reading: Company of Liars -- Karen Maitland
  • Watching: House M.D.
  • Playing: Fable III
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  • Drinking: Nope
To write another very interesting... yeah... journal entry :XD:
So, well, since Skyrim came out that's what I've been doing most, besides stuff for school...

I love it, Skyrim's so awesome, it's everything you need in a fantasy game, I can easily lose myself
there for a lot of hours (I'm almost at seventy hours ^^) and I really needed a game like that, lately.

Buuuut, because I bought the collector's edition, and the collector's edition from AC: Revelations (which rocks too! Except the Desmond sequences... WTF?)
I'm... kinda broke. Luckily, pay day is in 5 days so I'll be able to buy birthday presents for :iconlarietjhuu: and Christmas presents!

I've also started drawing again, I'm now doing a Skyrim meme, fully in color so it's going to take a while, but it's gonna be awesome ^^

  • Listening to: Sons of Skyrim - Jeremy Souls
  • Reading: Inheritance // AssCreed books ^^
  • Watching: FLORIS! FUCK YEAH!
  • Eating: Nada,
  • Drinking: COFFEE!
Hai thur, taim fur anuttur tjurnul entwie.
So, I've kinda changed both my styles, digital as well as traditional...
Digital is more, erm, I guess manga-like, simple hair, you know. I dunno whether I really like it or not.

I do like my change in traditional style though, I got much more serious and real-life-like (lol, say that ten times. You'll win a cookie)
and I'm kinda focussing on portraits, I love faces <3

Besides drawing, well, I CAN'T WAIT FOR SKYRIM D=
Whatever I try, my parents won't let me stay home from school on the 11th of November :(
I'm literally trying to bribe them, lol. But no :(

Derpies :D
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  • Reading: One flew over the Cuckoo's nest // The Owl Killers
  • Watching: Axel Nort, haha
  • Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles // Dark Souls
  • Eating: Just had some pancakes for lunch =3
  • Drinking: Derp.
What the hell 12:06 AM? It's 9:06 AM, and I don't know why the fuck I'm already awake on a sunday morning ._.
But oh well. I'm kinda bored, actually I know things that could keep me occupied, but that's tons and tons of homework.
Me don't like.

And I also don't like the fact that I don't know what to draw or which game I've gotta play (besides Xenoblade Chronicles).
I mean, I wanna finish Dragon Age II (third time), all of the Assassin's Creed games (second times, all of 'em), NIER(also already finished), Resonance of Fate, Tales of Vesperia, Monster Hunter....
All those before the 11th of November cause then SKYYYRRRIIIIMMMM!

Drawing, geez, it's always that I draw 1 thing for a couple of weeks (ANDERPS!), then I get in a slump (currently) and then I get a new obsession ._.
I'm having the feeling right now that my new obsession is gonna be Dunban from Xenoblade Chronicles (wow, I typed that over for like 10 times, stupid name, but awesome game)
Wow, that was a rhyme. I'm so awesome.

Just sharing this with you guys =3
Seeya, Nynke
  • Listening to: Finntroll, Opeth, CoB. Not cheering me up XD
  • Reading: One flew over the Cuckoo's nest // The Owl Killers
  • Watching: ZORRO!
  • Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles // ???
  • Eating: Pepernoten =3 Yeah, my breakfast, GTFO.
  • Drinking: Water
Hey there,
Just wanna let you know, I've created a tumblr. page:
It's so beautiful (oh.. wait.. not!) that I'm almost crying :D

I don't really know why I've made it, I'll probably forget about it, spam 1000 posts, then forget, repeat, repeat...
That was everything I wanted to share :)

See ya.
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  • Watching: Empty sheets with no awesome drawings
  • Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles // The First Templar
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  • Drinking: Nope
Good people, gather round.
I have a favour to ask of you.
If you have any requests...

No, it won't be beautiful artwork.
Yes, you'll hate and avoid me after that.
But I'm so bored.

(iron666maiden666F; Ik was Gimli vergeten, ga er zo aan beginnen =)) <-- ONDERKIN FTW!
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  • Reading: Dragon Age II complete strategy guide
  • Watching: Empty sheets with no awesome drawings
  • Playing: Dragon Age II... for the change (NOT!)
  • Eating: I swallowed one of my brace elastics. Counting?
  • Drinking: Water
Yeahh fuck yeah,
I finally have a drawing tablet and I fucking love it <3
  • Listening to: Fly - Blind Guardian
  • Reading: The dinner - Herman Koch
  • Watching: Jansen, Ander, Alistair &lt;3
  • Playing: Lost Odyssey
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
Wow, I'm feeling better than I did in ages. Only a few
small things bothering me, but I'm not really worried about them.
I'm doing what I like best now, I'm drawing, listening to some
rather peaceful music, chatting with some friends and watching the lightning outside.

One thing sucks tho, it's really, really hot... and the air is so dense.
I'd rather have -5 degrees Celsius than this stuff, bloody 30 degrees...
(IDK, bout 85 Fahrenheit or something?)

The lightning is pretty ^^
And I have summer break :D :D
You have no idea for how long I looked forward to that ^^

Huuuugs Nynke
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  • Reading: The dinner - Herman Koch
  • Watching: The lightning
  • Playing: Lost Odyssey
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Coffee
I'm trying -- TRYING -- to study sociology - I'm in my testweek.
I'm failing miserably.

Father walks in:
"Hey, how are you doing with studying?"
Cranky response:
OMFG, I don't care:
"Oh well good luck with that then."

Mother walks in:
"Hey, how are you doing?"
"Mehh, not so good, just saw some marks from my testweek. They weren't... that good.
OMFG, I don't care:
Oh that's a pity.
*cranky silence*
"You look bad"
"Well thanks... *bloody hell*, that's exactly how I feel.
"How's your studying going?"
OMFG, I don't care:
"Oh well good luck with that then."


5 minutes later, mother walks in:
"Hey, how are you doing with studying."
"I'm sorry. WELL BAIBAI =D =D"

  • Listening to: Throw me away - KoRn
  • Reading: J.R. Tolkien - The Silmarillion
  • Watching: Going to watch Inception soon
  • Playing: Dragon Age II, 3rd playthrough
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Cassis
Yarrr folks. (which is about... 2, 3 people? Well, nvm that)
Well.. I dunno what to write down here...
Hmm. OH!
Yeah! I'm allowed to start tehhh more difficult English classes next year!
NO I'M NOT LYING! I know all my journals here are the most crappy English thou can possibly hast.
But it's true!

Besides that...
Skyrim is coming on 11 November, and Assassin's Creed Revelations on 15 November!
What to doooo!!!??? And besides, I'm pretty sure my Xbox 360 will get a RROD when I come home with my
copy of Skyrim. Just like when I got home with Assassin's Creed 2, bloody hell!

Yeah.. And I'll be totally broke, cuz I want the Special Editions XD Which will be...
Animus Edition AC: Revelations = 100 euros (about 120 dollars)
Special Edition Skyrim = prob. also about 100 euros.

I just went to tehh orthodontist and I need to have freaking ELASTIC thingys... in my mouth for a month. All the time. Day and night.
I just have them for about 7 hours and it already hurts like shit!
Baibai folks.
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  • Reading: Some kind of fantasy book...
  • Watching: Mahh computer screen
  • Playing: Dragon Age II
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing... thirsty tho
Hello there folks. So. A new journal entry, with a bit more than swearing at my computer.
By the way, about computers, I took over the gaming PC from my brother so now I hopefully will never be flippin' and screaming about my computer.
Besides that, I also have a life.

Well, school is almost done (for this year, tho, unfortunately), I only have to do 2 more "regular" weeks of school,
and then I will have my test week, in which I will almost definitely (gosh I hate that word.. did I spell it right?) terribly fail,
but even if I get ALL my marks unsufficient, I will still pass this year I believe... Gosh I am so awesome.

Besides that, I also have a life.
That means, besides school and swearing A FUCKING lot...
That means, drawing, playing video games... uhm... yeah, give me a second...

I really need to download new music, cuz' I'm getting bored of what I listen over and over and over and over again now...

My current crush/obsession/preoccupation oughta be Dragon Age in general, and I'm currently playing Dragon Age II.
I also started with "The Witcher 2", which is definitely (takes dictionary... fufufufufufu YAARRRR I got it right! Yay!) interesting enough,
but it's hard and I actually need to focus on my school work, so I think I'll kinda leave it be until I get that bloody summer break. Which I need.
  • Listening to: Bonnie Pink - Ring a Bell
  • Reading: Not really anything
  • Watching: Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema for PotC 4! Yay!
  • Playing: Dragon Age II
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing... thirsty tho
FUCKING HELL! I just typed like A LOT!

  • Listening to: Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit
  • Reading: About a boy - N-something Hornby
  • Watching: Pirates o' the Caribbean
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins
  • Eating: Easter eggs
  • Drinking: Nothing
I don't care cuz nobody is like going to read this XD But I'm bored again, so...

Well, I am Nynke, I live in the Netherlands and I am 14 years old and I am a girl. MY TRADEMARK IS FREAKING SARCASM SO U KNOWSZZ IT. I was born in Ede, a freaking religious place or something (I don't have problems with it or something, but it's just that like EVERYBODY believes in God and I don't really do) in the middle of the "boerse Gelderland". So, amazing. I still live in Ede, with my parents and my brother. Who's 16 so atm I hate him xD

I love drawing, horse riding and listening to Metal m/. And the biggest love of my life are my consoles. I FREAKING LOOOOOOVE GAMING!!! I bought my Xbox 360 just to play Assassin's Creed, when I was 11 years old... Yeaahhh violence! I currently play a lot of Monster Hunter on the PSP, I also have a Nintendo DS and I bought a Nintendo Wii to play Monster Hunter Tri... Damn I am Moneyless! XD Nooo I'm not gay cuz I haz a Wii and I haz DS!! Im a girl for fucks sake and I play Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and Halo And RED DEAD REDEMPTION!! (John Marston is seeeexyyy!) so wanna challenge me? I'll BOOOOM headshot your ass of bitch, Imma gaming chick.

Further, I have crushes on people that I shouldn't have crushes on humhumhum (ROXUUULAAAAA *DROOOOLLLL*) and currently I have no relation. Physically..., you dunno want to know my (day)dreams muhorhor ;) Wow Im having fun typing this :)

What to tell next... All the people in my school think I am a facking weirdo, because I am kinda gothic and I do weird stuff.. Like.. Wearing Airborne caps. Which isn't all that weird!! but still everyone stares at me like WTF!! WHAT IS SHE WEARING!! And I also curse a hell lot so they also think I'm scary :P

At school I do quite well... My marks are almost always between C or B, or whatever it is in England/America, in weird Holland it is between 5.5 and 8 or, sometimes I get higher. Like between 55% and 80%. I take it you will understand. But no one is going to read this shit so whatever xD

My favorite.. vak... how the hell do you say that in English... uuhm. Damn. SUBJECT that's it. Biology is my favorite SUBJECT. AND I TOTALLY HAAAATE GYMNASTICS CUZ I FAIL LIKE FUCK. Damn.

Currently I'm feeling not very good, I am "grieperig" oh fack I hate Dutch. But well *takes dictionary* ............. I 've got a bit of a cold. Straight of the dictionary, bitch.

And I'm not happy because my horse passed away yesterday... RIP Whisper :(

Well with this sad message I take my leave of you... If you've read this all, you're lifeless. Freaking lifeless.
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  • Watching: Van Helsing, for the 20st time.
  • Playing: Monster Hunter Tri/Freedom Unite
  • Eating: Nuttin
  • Drinking: Water
Well, I started drawing again so I'm happy! ^^ I guess it's about time to sleep (In Holland it's midnight) but I ain't really tired yet..
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  • Reading: De Magi&euml;r Ontwaakt - Karen Miller
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Dante's Inferno, Viva Pi&ntilde;ata
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing