The Huntress
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My whole body aquiver,
The bow is subtle in my strong hands.
I yearn to use my deadly shot,
To watch the life leave the body.

The restrained energy coils up inside,
Like an elastic band about to snap.
I keep the calm exterior, yet the strength,
Of a thousand years runs through my veins.

The bow rests gently in my lap,
The quiver of arrows caressing my back.
The only things in my life I could trust,
But they were as deadly as they were gentle.
Like me.

Pulling back on the smooth bow,
My hands lose their nervousness.
My heart leaps as I feel the power flowing,
Releasing the shot, I sigh contented.

The being I have become is despised,
The human I was is loved.
I leap on light feet out of the window,
Landing deftly on the ground I run.

I don't run away from,
I run towards, towards life,
Towards love, towards myself,
But I can't leave it behind,
I can't leave those who were there for me.

My bow grasped tightly in my hand,
The quiver bound tightly across my back.
I could never leave them,
And I know I will use them again.

The power that courses through me,
Every time they are near.
It's not describable, it's unique,
I know I will kill again.
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Wonderfully written ... Speechless <333
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Countess-JellybeanHobbyist Writer
Thanks :D
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nightshade-keybladeHobbyist Writer
Wasn't sure where to put this, as poetry or a prose, but I settled for Stories.

Anywho, this is superbly written. I really like the multiple layers to the speaker/narrator. We see her as not just an entity that can take away life but as a human with emotion as well.
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Countess-JellybeanHobbyist Writer
Thanks :D

That's the kind of angle that I was going for, just because something/someone has bad in them, does not mean that they have to be all bad, there is always good hidden away inside somewhere.
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nightshade-keybladeHobbyist Writer
Oh, good. You've done well in communicating that :)