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A giant project over 50 hours in the making (looking at another 100 hours) featuring rarity coming soon!
Stay tuned!
Rarity © Hasbro Inc.
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I think about this drawing quite often. I suppose I have been teased the most. She's such a cutie.
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Hey. I hope you're not giving up working on this beauty.
I'm looking at what is going to be the most wonderful drawing of Rarity. So.. how far are you in the making, if I may ask?
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Not giving up at all, just had t take a break for work related urgencies :P
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Tsk tsk, Rarity! It's not nice to tease the cloppers!

Not ladylike at all! ;D
schneelocke's avatar
"Teaser" is about right. :)
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I can't quite tell whether that's a positive or a negative reaction.
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Wait wait WAIT! You mean this piece is NOT done?! *brain explodes
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Drop dead gorgeous! Such wonderful attention to detail, especially in the tail and mane. Bravo to you, good job!
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Guh... This is amazing. I just love all the details!
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Also, cool sky reflections in the eyes.
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wow beautiful i may say
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I really like her mane.

This is very well made, I like it. Now gotta keep going.
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It looks amazing!
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