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Celestial inquery

"Tell me butterfly, where have my little ponies gone? I can't possibly be the last one"

Son't worry Celestia, It's only hiatus, bloody Discovery family. TV channels these days have no respect :C *grumbles*
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She wants that mushroom!
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Oooh, beautiful work on this. Wonderful use of value and cold and hue. Epic!
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This is amazing. Do you have a tumblr where I can share this?
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oooooo love the idea! they just put that on netflix and I was streaming it the other day, super awesome movie!
background and the whole thing in entirety is quite lovely!
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:iconbutterflyplz::iconsaysplz:Well, you banished your sister to the moon. Rethinking the wisdom of that?
:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsaysplz:No unicorn was ever born who can regret.
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Awesome work.

Yeah. The best proof you can get is the amount of ads on TV now. Now wonder people go on the web for entertaining content.
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Wow, this picture is beautiful!
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Very impressive piece.
Love the detailing you put into it, in both the foreground and the background. And very nice job getting a depth of field effect on the piece.
Dammmnnnnn it's good.
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Oh my, this is positively beautiful, very smooth and the background excels. The see through tail is an amazing little feature rarely taken by many artists. Her expression and movement tell her wonder and surprise. This piece is just lovely. Heart Heart Heart 
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Ah I loved the Last Unicorn book as a kid.

Nice cross reference.
CountCarbon's avatar
I loved it too, and still go, fantastic book, animation and a comic. It seems to do well in all forms it has been told.
I approve of this pony-ing.
CountCarbon's avatar
I pony this approval.
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Beautiful piece! c:
CountCarbon's avatar
Thank you. Looked over your gallery too, MS paint huh?  Last time I even opened that software the computer was running Windows 95 brand new. XD
LoneWisp's avatar
Eyyup!! ^^
MS paint is quite a bit better than it's given credit for.
The lack of layers is quite a pest though >o<
CountCarbon's avatar
I am sure it is nice and approachable software with no learning curve! bit if you feel like trying something more professional, Mangastudio 5, my personal favorite is now in huge sale and just 15 dollars will get you a professional art creating software. ;)
LoneWisp's avatar
Ahhh, I'll look into it! :3
I just linked your twilight picture to Estories in a stream >w<
He said it destroyed him - in a good way - because it's so amazing :3
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