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Fond of scary things? And beautiful concept art?

Journal Entry: Sat May 10, 2014, 8:16 AM

If so (for the first part "scary things"), then please check out my animatic right here in my journal, yo! Right below! C: 
Story behind it: we had to choose a random scene from a story we made for our Visual Development course at Ringling, and so my story "The Mimic" is about an explorer coming back from a long expedition in Antarctica to visit his little sister and her fiance. But there is something pretty uncool about him that they can't put a finger on.
Till it's too late, of course. c:

Speaking of this animatic...
Do you guys love concept art? Do you guys love beautiful art in general? Animation and cartoons and exaggerated styles of varying kinds? Do you guys love the inspiration it fills you with, all the way to the very top o' your artloving soul? 


Every $1 counts! If you wish not to pledge much, just $1 will help us out! If not, then please spread the word!

link -->…
link -->…
link -->…


Dang straight! We visual development artists (well over 25 of us!) are putting together a book TEEMING with concept art and general gorgeousness! (My work included as well, in case you're curious; and it's stuff I never showed you guys before)! :D


We are so close to our goal, too! WE ONLY HAVE 6 DAYS TO //AT LEAST// REACH THE STRETCH GOAL.

Help us make this a reality, guys. It'd mean a lot to me. c: We only have a few days left.


Andi, over n' out!

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 27, 2014, 12:50 PM

Howdy folks!
Well, if you are heading to the convention Supercon in Miami Beach, be sure to swing by my table 'cause I'm gonna be there selling prints and whatnot for the first time!
Am I nervous?
YES, VERY MUCH SO. But really excited at the same time. I never had an artist's table before, so this is bound for AWESOMENESS! C:

Which prints do you guys think I should sell? You folks know my art the best, so I look forward to reading your suggestions on what I should sell over there or show. :heart: Gonna make a poll about it too.

To those of you going: I WOULD LOVE to meet you.

So calloo-callay, see ya that day!


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YOU tell ME, folks!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 1, 2014, 11:08 AM

I know I have been busier than a billion bees durin' springtime, but I am eager to capture your interests again; especially with the summer coming up and the possibility of me holding an art panel at Florida's Supercon.
Thrill me!
Tell me what kind of stuff you would like to see from me and I will take your thoughts into consideration when I am drawing, yo. Just suggestions of any kind. c:



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I wish you all a most enchanting greetings and heaping sack of holiday gloriousness! :heart:

Ohhhh boy. Once upon a time I used to be a very active mistress here but alas - college and work loads having kept me low on the food chain - I have been straying from here and focusing more on elsewheres. But GOOD elsewheres! I o' so promise!

I will provide news later on, but commissions have me tied up in knots. SO YO, I ASK:
how are y'all? 
And I do hope things are going well for you guys. Each and every single bloody lovely one of you. C:

Till later on,


EDIT: Made a second new e-mail at long last and I managed to swindle my way back in through the spam folder. What are the odds, loves, what are the odds.


Anybody else on here got that entire "verification e-mail" thing from this website? 

Sad news, o' brethren and breadmakers: it's been a little more than a week and I still have not gotten it, meaniiiing: I can't check my notes nor submit new artwork till all that is done, y'all. :sad:


So if any of y'all wanna be kept up to date with art and news from moi, please just follow me on tumblr, yo. Believe me, I am far more alive on there than here anyhoo, I bloody promise ya. One has my art-only stuff, ya know. C:


:heart: ART BLOG -->


:heart: SOCIAL/ART BLOG -->


I just a-hope this thing gets sorted out. Been on this website far too long and gained too many eyes to simply just manke another account. But please just follow me on tumblr if you are interested, yo. I'd truly appreciate it. C:



In the opinion of each of you readers here, what do you suppose it takes to be a professional in order to be accepted in the world of job opportunities and working for the big name companies (in the art department)? It has been a thought that has been recycling over and over in my brain for the past week or two about what it comes to when recruitment comes into play; I have been told and listened in on professors in the field that it is about confidence, other times about hints of pride to hand over to the recruiters, though there is no talk of grades. I suppose that, in the end, grades are letters that signify how good you have been at specific subjects but not at what you plan to achieve in or be given acceptance into.
Neil Gaiman told us that whatever we wanted to do that there was no plan, but to just do it.
Honestly, that is fine. Very well. With hard work, with determination, with opening our minds to new things and learning from those things we can accomplish our greatest ambitions or at least hop on the road to achieving them; most times, there are changes in the road that take us to our true happy place which turns out to be far more different than our goal before. And that is normal, that is fine, and that is marvelous because it's all about finding achievement in ourselves and our work.
But something that always tends to confuse me or get me so anxious is wondering what kind of background are they looking for in terms of your work. Surely they look for confidence in attitude, but you could not be king of the universe. Be humble without putting yourself down. Be someone they trust, yes? But what of all seriousness?
I must admit, I lack maturity. I lack a lot of maturity as in I curse like a sailor, every post before here has been filled with such jelly-filled words of a whimsical nature that I refuse to ever regret yet realize that the world of seriousness could roll their eyes upon seeing a post filled with such Carol-esque quirk. It is good to be lighthearted and humorous, but not in the midst of those who are looking to hire you in the professional field.
I suppose my fear is of my possible lack of responsibility, though that all sounds most normal; but no privileges nor mercy is given to those that have a hard time speaking or looking in the eye.
What does it take to behave or come off as a "professional"?
What are your thoughts about it all?

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Alright, alright, pretend I got all the smiley-face emoticons and bloody hearts outta the way already because I am being EXCRUCIATINGLY SERIOUS RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.
Surely you guys are familiar with Laura (MadRoseKai). Perhaps not you new watchers n' all but most of you who have been watching my art these past years.
Do forgive me but at this point I have every right to say that her ever-so-bastardly father has THREATENED her now. See, the past year he has been cheating on Laura's mother, taking her money, putting her in debt, hurting her mother, and just breaking his family.
This morning he (and I quote) threatened Laura that he was going to "knock your teeth out", "shoot your dog!", and he had a belt laid out to hit her with.
Obviously, our beautiful police system doesn't believe in domestic/family/what-the-fuck-ever violence and they did not believe her when she CALLED THE COPS ABOUT IT. She had to lock herself in her room to be safe from her own father.

And that was just this morning.

She, her mother, and dear little sisters have been meaning to move out but alas: AMERICA IS A SHITHOLE.

So I ask and get on my knees and BEG you guys:




Even $1 helps, guys! Please, the more money in her account then the more it helps.
What if things get worse? Even more violent? This is beyond serious.

She has been holding commissions for a while but that reception is bust and I am sick and tired of seeing her slave away CONSTANTLY to try and stay lighthearted and help her family when she is constantly getting screwed by her father.




Again, her paypal is - MADROSEKAI@HOTMAIL.COM

Thank you kindly. I'll be forever in your debt and gratitude.

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:heart: Aloha, parasites n' spongers!
I know, I know, I know I am supposed to be dead (according to the prophecy explaining my absence-replaced-with-artistic-demise scenario and the fact I had a surgery that has my gums spewing turrets of nasty every three bloody milliseconds) but I MUST hand over something important in terms of news.
Do you guys love gorgeous, quirky, toony artwork?
Eccentric stylization?
Helping talent during times of need?

:iconfuchi-conejo: is an incredible artist and GRAND art student who REALLY AND VERILY needs some mula in her pocket, especially with college eating away at the students of today and all; she is just really tight and lacks people taking commissions from her.
I know features tend to be glossed over on this website and I know from experience the past years I have been slip n' sliding around here but Diana is a beloved friend who is going through tough times and her art is tremendous. BEHOLD A PREVIEW OF HER GALLERY!
MATRYOSHKA by Fuchi-Conejo Like a Stranger in Moscow... by Fuchi-Conejo Storybook Series : Skye by Fuchi-Conejo The Best of Friends by Fuchi-Conejo The Fallen Rabbit by Fuchi-Conejo

Why she does not have many commissions slots filled ASTONISHES me!
She is taking "Chibi Commissions" such as:
AT: Calme-Belladonna by Riku-X-Gaara Commish 7 by Fuchi-Conejo Commish 8 by Fuchi-Conejo in here; miniature colored characters.

AND THEY ARE CHEEEEAP, MAN. VERY. Seven bloody bucks~

:heart::heart:… :heart::heart:

It is just always important to help fellow artists going through college money probs because art colleges especially tend to drain your wallets first before taking your soul and will to live. It's pretty unholy.
Very not kosher.

So yeah, brilliant, wonderful, sensational.

Ummmmm... well, still recovering from my mouth being ripped open, so I will toss raw amazingness at y'all when my noodle ain't agonizing along with my gashed-up gums.

Keep being incredible, folks.


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MGGYEEHHHH. That. That is the sound of me dying; I am typing as I lie on the ground, brethren, with a rather contagious cold. But you know what? Bring on the alligator-throat textures because I haveth me some EPIC goings-ons to hand on over! C:
Alrighty, this entry is teeming with topics, but let me start by asking: Who here is fond of being an art student or WANTS to become an art student? I am talking college-wise, loves. And I am also rather much referring to the animation/entertainment industry that includes screenwriting, concept design, character-making, all that jazz. :heart:

I mention that not only because so many buddies o' mine have been asking about applying to the Ringling College of Art and Design, but I REALLY wish to show you all the work of a student here.
Ringling sophomore Victor Maury is a computer animation major here switching on over to the illustration major (so he's got the best o' both worlds going on) whose work has been leaving proffessors' jaws on the floor and has popped out my fake teeth quite a few times due to the riveting what-the-bloody-hecklery that his pieces hold.
Here is but a DRIZZLE of :iconmoulinbleu:'s works:
the Beast by MoulinBleu

GOOD HOLY KRAZZLES, right? Victor could use a bucketful more eyes viewing his works online since he is kinda underground on here, so hop on over and prance around his gallery. He is a wizard in the art of character concepts and he knows how to sew together loads and wagons of ideas.
Not only that, but he's a really witty and understanding guy; so don't any of you be afraid of talking to him or asking questions.

In a thinner string o' goings-ons and spongers in the wheat, I dare say that computer animation is NOT for the weak of heart, ladies n' gents. It's driving the newcomers of the Maya software up a wall, but here is the thingy: NOBODY is going to get jack shizzlery on the first few weeks or even MONTHS of such a new program, so it's always pleasant to hang in there and just learn a few things.
S'no such thing as getting good at something on the first few tries, my friends.
Not even Macaroni and let's-spew-boiling-hot-water-and-make-drops-hit-Andi's-bare-flesh Cheese.
Gotta fail to succeed. A few times, actually. Trick is hangin' in there. :D

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA WAS BLOODY UNBELIEVABLE AND DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS. Folks seem to have some trouble with it, calling it "too childish" (while calling Paranorman "too adult", so in a nutshell NOTHING can make these folks happy); but Hotel Transylvania was a very precious film and some folks I know that dislike it tend to miss something. You are allowed to dislike the movie, but when I ask about the animation all I hear is "... What about it?"
Tartakovsky incorporated such gorgeous traditional-like animation feeling into the style of the film that it rips me to shreds seeing that some people missed it. There was a grand load of motion blur having to do with the power of noodle arms and SO MUCH LINE OF ACTION. The characters are animated in a style that I like to refer to as my favorite - very snappy, bouncy, teeming with subtle movements such as a character standing still while their mouth bounces around all over the place right before snapping into a new pose or a zippy effect.
Sure there is no antagonist, but not every film needs one in order to work; sure some jokes are stale, but literally all the comedy is in the animation and the expressions the characters make.
Go and behold, y'fools!

Gonna watch the HELL out of "Rise of the Guardians" coming out.

Using pencils a whole lot, so I beg not for a massacre if I upload pencil works with style experimentation, my friends. C:

And that is all I very well got, loves.

Anybody have questions about applying to Ringling, by the way? If so, place your questions in the comment area and I will address them in the next journal.

Stay cool, yo!

And a huge welcome to newcomers!


PS: Remember the failure chimney sweep that got so many of y'all to flock here earlier? Heeeere he is. Animated. -->… :heart:
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Watchers, I have myself a question for you all.
Is there anyhoo or anyone out here in the world o' the arts that have a rather powerful fear having to do with letting others down? Now I don't mean the world because - let's face it - the world is too massive for us to give one bloody damn about what it thinks. I mean beloved friends and allies in general, specifically the ones over the internetty universe here.
I assume that a few of your hands are popping on up right now.
I admit to an atrocity that this is a tiny summary of me asking for forgiveness here; because, most guiltily, I have not been replying to notes and comments that I have been getting, including the messages on my active tumblr account. ;w;
It just always makes me feel so rotten knowing that soooo many of you say such beautiful and hilarious and epic things but I lack me proper time to answer back or start the puniest of conversations.
Busy with animation and college and whatnot, loves. Yet it still very much gets to me because hey, I dare to gloat saying that I have THE most amazing watchers and internet buddies on the face of the web. :heart:
Yet, you know, I rarely express it.

But yeah, everyone. I am drawing personal stuffies little by little, risking spoilers even, and working day-in and day-out on research and homework. College has got me in a bind so I hope you all could forgive me for not getting to you. This year is merciless to the very core, I lie you not.

But really, yo! You guys are TEEMING with such pep and merriment, it makes me sizzle with warmth here! Thank you soooooooo wonderfully much for the incredible reception you guys are blessing me with! Your sweet comments, even a bunch of new readers beholding the story of Decembersville, your inspirational words, your incredible gifts, I owe you all.
Just thank you SOOOO MUCH for sticking around and, to some of you new here, for hopping along for the ride. I promise that things will get more colorful from here on out on this ark of spiral madness but at the moment I am waaaaay too busy with schoolwork and concept designs for class that the most I could spew are tiny little mentions and sketchens and answers to askens.

So yeah, that's mah sack o' rancid jelly to spew out o' my system, y'all. You are all the GREATEST and I honestly and seriously appreciate each and every single one of you. Even those I have lost much contact with over time, it is always so incredible seeing you still around.
I'm surrounded by perfectly marvelous people. :heart:

TTFN, ta-ta for now!
If you could, please tell me how the new school year is treating y'all so far! C:

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Beloved friends, beloved new dudes!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 30, 2012, 1:33 PM
Alohamora, epic deviant buddies from before n' after, and hellooooo new watchers! I was so totally surprised by how many new curious frizzle-franks hopped on the boat known as my deviant gallery. Good gracious, I appreciate y'all and your wonderings sooooo very much and thank you awesomely for being around here as well as on my tumblr! Hope to not disappoint, allies. :heart:

Well, I have some thingies I wanna ask you. XD

Ahh, so the Summer is ending. For many it is a sad thing, but for some it is a grand relief. Which part of 'em are you? 'Cause I am the latter. There is never anything more horrid than the summer starting for moi because then I am less inclined to making grand masterpieces due to the humid-infested lack of motivation and the lust for trying to pretty-fy even the slightest sketches with the hopes that my swiggy has not left by bucket o' motivation.
Truth is, guys: the less you draw, the harder it becomes to draw again. So draw, draw, DRAW. Even if they are just doodles on napkins just draw every single day. Don't wanna lose anything. Then trust me on this. O___O
Anyone here fearful or thankful for the drawing o' summer's curtains? ^^

And speaking of that, anyone here excited for the incoming films "The Hobbit" and "Rise of the Guardians"!? OH FUZZBUCKETS OF KRAZZLES, RISE OF THE GUARDIANS IS GOING TO BE GREAT. Just... ANYONE SEEN THE TRAILERS!? Go watch the trailers! Go watch the trailers and tell me what you think! :heart:

Rewriting some specificDecembersville chapters, so be aware of that (to the readers). C:

NOOOOWWWW... guys, I have a serious favor to ask you.
Do this for me and I'll be forever grateful and you'll make me the happiest twit on the face of the internet realm.
For realsies:
A dear and beloved friend of mine, Laura (MadRoseKai), who has been my friend for so long and through thick and thin, is going through some extremely tough times right now and both she as well as her little sister are holding reasonably-priced commissions~<3
The thing is that they are not too connected on this site and have trouble having folks spread the word, so here I am asking that even though you might not be able to afford them, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.
HERE are :iconmadrosekai:'s commission prices and examples! :D -->…
Examples - There is a heart underneath... by MadRoseKai MAKE 'EM LAUGH~ MAKE 'EM LAUGH~! by MadRoseKai In the Underground Shadows by MadRoseKai
HERE are her sister :iconazeeratheninja:'s commisions prices and info -->…
Examples - Humanity's Nightmare by AzeeraTheNinja Commission: Leonardox10 by AzeeraTheNinja Commission: Jokeress by AzeeraTheNinja

Please spread the word, folks. I'll deeply appreciate it and I thank you if you do. <33
If you can't afford, please just spread the word. :D So sorry for the constant reminder. Folks tend to ignore that part of the journal. -_-;;

Thanks for being great, everyone.
Tell me how you're doing, what's going on, forgive me for slow responses, but know you are badass to the extreme. <3
Till later,


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Okay, where the QUAZIKWIZZLE should I begin, yo?

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 13, 2012, 3:03 PM
Okay, first thingy is first: WOW. And I mean WOW. Just when my day was all muggy, grimy, gray, drizzling in rain, teeming with early morning to afternoon summer school, I come home and all is boring but the second I enter the kingdom on the internet I was greeted with such kind and sweetilicious birthday wishes from so many of you darlings, on the internet, through the power of chatting, and even through texts. Good golly and banana fanna burgers on molten watermelon ding-dings, why must you all be so kind to me? ;w;

In all honesty, you guys MADE my birthday fun. Not gonna be a skeedle and lie maliciously, but I shall say that I was extremely depressed that day; got scared of time, felt like the soul was sucked right out of my system, it was less than a merry day. But coming here and all of y'all showing yourselves, both here and on tumblr, talking to specific Susaniciously awesome folks on the phone, chatting with mad rosy loves of epicness that night, I was just about corrupted by the power of tears, everyone.
Thank you so very much for such a wonderful day. You are all the greatest. I have the greatest watchers/interweb buddies on the face of the planet Earth and the realms of Narnia.
I am so sorry that I could not reply to all of your comments nor comment on each and every one of the pieces, but don't doubt how much I appreciate all of this. Thank you, thank you, and thank you a bajillion times more. :D

:heart:Gifties from y'all~! :heart:
Happy Birthday Count by KimRenYa:thumb314200456::thumb314091448: Of Vampires and Organ Monsters by RingoNakishima Zero by ahtnamaseed A Peck on the Cheek by FelineAficionada Smok dla Andi by JudytaDragon:thumb314118612:… by Krissalina… by Riku-X-Gaara… by… by by… by suzzannnn… by Leluvely
and a premmie from the ever so sweet and delightful theshazerin

In other news, the next chapter of Decembersville has been completely written, but there's the doubt of it's posting because it's the type of chapter that requires the rereading of the entire story. So unless you already have the entire scheme thought out in your conclusions, my guess is that the first half would be crazy if you do not remember much of what you read beforehand. XD But hey, at least the conclusion will be pretty gruesome and sweet.

And so sorry that I am not so social on here, but Tumblr has stolen away my soul never mind original art ain't much appreciated there~<3 If you have any questions for me regarding whatever, nevah be shy.

Thank you for everything, guys.
You are the coolest.


tumblr --> :heart:

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Dare I toss another journal in your direction? Dare I do such a thing? Well, I know I should be feeling quite guilty yet I just suck on this chocolate straw and accept the fact that I could not stop myself from this little update: this could come off as rather hollow in words, but GOOD FRIJOLES Y ENCHILADAS, I did NOT expect so many of you delicious thingies to respond to that last journal!
Jeez... I mean, it was beyond wonderful seeing that all of y'all were still here but I admit that it was rather much a shock for I thought half the universe here had vanished. But on the contrary: EVERYONE - actually even more than you epic folks in general that I literally have not seen in a really dramatically long time - along with new watchers and stuff, have all greeted and told me tremendous stories of what is going on for y'all this ever so boiling summer.
Seriously touched my heart seeing that so many of you have not given up here. ;w; :heart:
Made me guilty for I had no idea to respond to so many comments at once because if there's one thing I dislike it is having folks think I am picking favorites or something, but seriously: you guys are amazing.
I have to do something for you.

And I have read so many of your stories, both the good, the neutral, and the rather sad (wait... that ain't a "both". I could just backspace all this, but heyall naw.) Yet I've got many asking me how I am doing this summer. Well, let me sum some stuff up-- pfffft. "Sum some". Oh wow. Yay. Hi. Where am I. Okay. Anyways:
I have summer school due to my want to get some classes out of the way of college,
I rarely have time to draw spectacular stuffies,
I love the universe,
SO MUCH BLOODY DECEMBERSVILLE INSPIRATION IS KILLING MOI yet I still dunno if I should continue the story here,
Legend of Korra and the Avengers stole my soul,
my mommy says I'm a good girl,
Madagascar 3 was the best animated film I have seen this year,
and Brave is not as fantastic as the advertisements build it up to be.

AND BLOODY HELL, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? THERE'S ONLY SO MANY BIRTHDAYS THIS MONTH I COULD JUGGLE AND HAVE TROUBLE PRESENTING INNER FEELINGS TO! :icondeathfaceplz: Like a diptwat of flim-flam what-the-frickery, I am a-gonna feature them. Most wonderfully.

:party: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUYS! :party:
:iconmexican-jo-cool: Fave 9 People by mexican-jo-cool GO TIN GO by mexican-jo-cool Mime Love by mexican-jo-cool

Mature Content

Pink by WinterSorceress Fiery Heavens by WinterSorceress
:iconpoplerpig: :thumb295747978: :thumb304795461::thumb254995758:
:iconriku-x-gaara: I'M BAD. I'M REALLY REALLY BAD. by Riku-X-Gaara
:iconoldkeys: :thumb158775165: :thumb166027751: :thumb166027070:
:iconateenagewitchling: :thumb300872633: :thumb193177363: :thumb305298811:

Okaaaaaaaay, so now I am off to do busy stuffies like online exams and losing summer weight and being holololo-- I can't write anymoreeee.

Love you folks and keep being wonderful.


tumblr -->
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As I crawl out of my bomb shelter, I look around at this ruined desert called deviantART. The air is humid. I could faintly hear voices of folks. I swear I could see a few of you poking your heads out and around out there. And now, o' brethren, I hoist my hands up and cup 'em nice and easy then shout: YOOOOO! ANYONE STILL ALIVE OUT THERE FOR REALSIES?

Just wanting to say aloha, dahlings, and also wanting to hear about how your summers are treating y'all; seems lots of folks are missing from here, shame on that. I could also tell by how my DevWatch is a bit lower in quantity as times passes, but I would just like to know WHOOOOOO is still out there, alive and delicious? C: :heart:
Come on over and greet, vent, spew your ideas, your wonderings, your novels teeming with thoughts, your depressions, your excitement, how your summers are treating ya.

Before anyone asks: Summer is epic, but I have summer SCHOOOOOL. So therefore my time is limited everywhere. ;w;

But how's about you? C:

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Before ya read: Glitched journal was glitched. Here it is again after a leetle compy-related inconvenience.

Alloweth me to become quite sappy, dear deviants and beloved watchers, for I have to admit something I've been feeling about y'all. I escaped dA to be on Tumblr and I'll tell you - it's fun, it's addicting, it's just awesometastic - but I could not help but keep on checking back here. And you know when they say stuff like "They are not actual friends," or "Once ya leave, they'll leave too and go on to check out other things like you were never there"?
I believed that, I accepted it, it sounds more than realistic and I've seen a grand many cases in which an artist leaves this site/any site and everyone kinda vanishes on 'em. Makes sense.
But dudes. I come back on after a whole month and eight days to throw very simple sketches and whatever from Tumblr at you guys and then the biggest surprise hit me that you all are still there. Although I've been gone for such a while and have become less than social on this site, I am met with the smorgasbord of delicious buddies and watchers that have stuck with me since the beginning.
That is just.... dang, I can't even. You guys are awesome. Each and every single one of you, dudes. I am seriously the luckiest person on the face of the bloody universe, in both worlds of art and reality (pfffffft-- can't believe I said that) to have such an incredible interwebby family such as y'all. Thanks for everything and not giving up on my airheaded lack-of-uploading stuffery.

Oh, speaking of "airheaded", I just wanna say casually that I was in another bicycle accident two days ago and winded up breaking my head open and bleeding from it horribly. Got staples in my scalp, so all is well. :la:

And anyhoo: I never draw fanart, but that's all I've been tossing on Tumblr because original works are never paid attention to on there, true story, and because THE AVENGERS WAS JUST BLOODY INCREDIBLLLLLE! JUST.... AUGH! Making an audio review and everything! The emotion, the action, the explosions straight form the flickle zwitting realistic fraudery of the grand Hollywood media though done right, it was all just FANTASTIC. BLOODY AND KRAZZLINGLY FANTASTIC. AND OVERBLOWN WITH LOKIESQUE YUMMERY AND THORILICIOUS MM-MM-MM'S.

How are your summers so far!? Hand over the gossip, guys!

Gimme stories.

Tell me how y'all are doing.

Get up.

Fight me.

Give me a HUG. :icondeathfaceplz:

Love y'guy's no matter what,

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Time to start anew... in a way. c:

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 7, 2012, 9:55 PM

Well, daaahlings, it's been lots of happy tonky-yonk fun here on dA the past 3 years buuuuut... I dunno. I guess I am a tad too nostalgic for my own scrumptious good, whatever amount of scrumptious good I got going on in this scrawny meat-infested system of mine. Stuffoodles on here have changed a bit too drastically and... I don't know, it's hard to explain, but things on here are not as... adventurous as it used to be. Lots of close folks have disappeared/tremendously changed, groups have been split, I have a lack of connection going on in this site. :C
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, in other woooooooords, if y'all wanna find me then I will be on Tumblr. --> :heart:

I'll be tossing my artwork and stuffoodles on there most of the time but that does not mean that I'm vanishing off dA because there are too many badass artists on here whose works I follow and I actually still mean to continue D-ville, though that in itself might get a Tumbr of it's own. XD :D

So just saying. If I ain't here, I am there. If I ain't there, I'm working my arse off for the sake o' my collegework. xD

I have the feeling I'll post stuff on here every now and then for sharing; especially if I have a love for the piece that I want to share with y'all still around here and pieces I work my arse off on, but mostly on Tumblr is where I'll roam. Like a glittery faun on an interwebby meadow.

It's highly necessary in art college to have a blog anyway, so I might as well begin fresh. C: :heart:

Love y'all.
I'm the luckiest semi-ex-deviant on the face of the universe to have watchers like you guys. That's a no brainer. C:


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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 19, 2012, 6:56 AM

EDIT: .... Okey-dokey, I'm usually not like this, but here goes: would y'all MIND if you spread the word about Dieter-Dieter's commissions? At least ONE of y'all? A favor to a deviant in need? No, it's too hard? Really traumatizing work? So traumatizing that the boogie men under your bed look at the situation and go "DAYUM!:fear:"?

Okey dokey artichoky, first thing is first on here, my crumpets and twiddle funnels: as tip top priorities come firstilicious, then I would like to announce that lo and behold, I highly require your kindest favors here. See, a dear devious buddy of mine, :icondieter-dieter:, is seriously short on commission bucks for something extremely important; he needs to make about $120 nearly by the end of March and if he does not then... yeah, I really don't wanna think about it. But I would be ETERNALLY grateful if y'all checked out his commissions and gave him some awesome breakage in ordering some.
If not, then PLEASE spread the word. This is serious business-a.
Commission details -->…
Believe me when I say he makes the most epic little sculptures EVER. <3

And so, in other news, I am trapped in my finals for college so don't expect much from me again, but all the same-- HOOOOOOLY FLAPPING BURGER FAT, Burton is gonna be releasing Dark Shadows this year! :heart:.:heart:
BEHOLD! -->…
Ya know, I have high hopes for this movie. I am not as big a Burton fan as my 16-year-old mimic-whatever-your-eyes-capture self was, but I saw this trailer here and notice that it is not so overblown like Alice in Wonderland and it is not as overly-grim like Sweeney Todd. It is grim but quirky, dark entering a world of color, it is like he's heading back to his roots that had Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and Mars Attacks. :D
I look forward to this baby. It looks incredibly interesting and even inspires me to redraw some fantasticalness I had before but took a hiatus on.

Anyways, I am drowning in nostalgia here all while trying to work on a bunch of projects; a most deadly and unscrupulous load of mind numbing affairs to be fought with internally. Buuuut that leads me to just spew this random little message here:
Folks, keep your minds open.
All my life - about 16 years to be exact - I have been so totally focused on obtaining one dream and one ambition to fulfill: to be an animator, as y'all know for I am here in this school for it now. And that is awesome. I adore animation. It is fantastic and fun and murderously enchanting. But of course doubts are human and there are times that I think "... Am I meant for animation? I think I wish to illustrate. Concept art, make ideas, sketch out worlds, propose innovations for the world of fiction, direct those innovations..." you get my gist. I am not in doubt of loving and even succeeding in animation, but what I wonder about it whether it is what I truly want, even after all these years of saying that I would be on top, one to completely rule this here.
I just want to keep creating. I do not wish to limit myself to being just an animator. Heck, I might not even be an animator! I might be a graphic novelist. Or a concept designer. Someone to go to in the entertainment industry. A set creator. A writer. An animator one moment, an illustrator the next for the media.
So, in a nutshell: don't keep your minds settled solely on one specific thing, guys, because it will limit the hell out of you and your abilities.
If you wish to forever aim for the stars in the name of art, go for it! That's awesome! Go for the art world and do something creative and art related! By all means!
But don't set your sights on only one sole star in the solar system of art. There's a cornucopia of stars up there, but you must leave your mind open to the possibilities of bagging many. You do not want to jump in your rocket ship and sail to a specific star only to miss it and notice you can't go back to capture another.
Just keep creating and keep working hard; always do what you love, but never set limitations for yourself nor already settle your place in the art world. You are still sailing, so don't you drop anchor just yet until you know for certain what makes you happy. C:

Anyhoo, thank you for everything, folks~

I've been hanging out on my tumblr too much. :XD: (
So I'll be on there if I'm not on here. Or killing myself to finish up stuffies in time. :3

THE EEEEEND!! :iconandiwtfplz:


PS: REMEMBER! --> :icondieter-dieter:
Nahhh, y'all ain't gonna forget. :>

EDIT: Here's an animation I worked on for a final. -->…

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Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2012, 6:46 AM

First thingy is first (and PLEEEEASE a-follow me on this here because some of y'all might not know this person here but I am a-serious~): please hand over a most wonderfuliciously incredible happy birthday to :iconmadrosekai:! :heart: We've been friends since I started getting used to this site and we have spoken and connected tighter ever since, on and off here; she's like another sister to moi, folks, and she is just about the sweetest dahling puffcake you could ever know. Do wish her an epic happy birthday and flood her inbox with grand wishes (for she is not too active on here nowadays and the dA system does not announce her birthday because she is too badass for it's birthdayssery). <33

Folksalicious definitious, you make the boys go loco I've got some epic news we could all relate to: SPRING BREAK IS COMING TO LIFT US UP ON IT'S ANGELIC DRAGON WINGS! Finally, right!? Spring is coming, Bambi is prepped to get out there and experience a sweet April Shower.
You guys doing anything fantastic for Spring Break?
Anything fantastic for Spring in general?
Just… SPRRRING? :la:

And guys: I am INFESTED with work to do, so don't expect much action coming from me and my page, alrighty? I have metropolitan cities in perspective to draw, clay model sculptures to do by a deadline, two huge animations due by Wednesday, essays, just a smorgasbord of things. So pretty please do not take offense if I do not respond quick, if there's just nothing going on in here, if just—yeah, you get the drill.
So now you know.

Commissions are coming soon, just after all of these walls of college work are tumbles over. So just saying.

Now thrilleth me with questions or new or gossip or whatever, mates! Whatever is on your mind, just spew it. Even if you wish to say something embarrassing or odd or awkward, just go for it. CONNECT, man. CONNECT.
Like an old Supernintendo. Just connect every bloody piece of shiznizzle wire to a nonexistent plugging outlet.
Even if you need to vent or get something off your chest then don't be afraid to go ahead and just do so.
Gotta speak things out, yo.
Actually, before or if you comment, first thing you should write as your very first sentence is the thing going on in your mind, whether it be unicorns humping laptops or angels crawling out of trashcans or a vegetable or just one word like "fish". Very first phrase. No need to follow up on the phrase, just do not worry about telling me stuffies. I don't bite-- PAPERCUTS ON FIELDS OF PUMPERNICKLE!

And PS: I know I have not been too energetic on this site lately, but I am honest when I say this: You guys are the most incredible buddies, watchers, familia on the face of this planet. I'm born under a lucky star to have hands that attract such eccentric and awesome folks like you.
… That sounded so dirty.



PPS: DON'T FORGET, wish a happy birthday to this love here, pretty please. :heart: --> MadRoseKai
A Shy Kiss For You by MadRoseKai Insane is her Game by MadRoseKai Nevertell: I
Nevertell: I - Warm Welcome
"Did you hear? There are some newcomers to the city!"
"My, that hasn't happened in ages!"
"I know! I heard they came in a couple of days ago…"
"Do you know who these newcomers are?"
"I'm not quite sure. I heard that there are two of them…"
"Two of them? A married couple perhaps?"
"Who knows?"
The two middle-aged women continued to gossip. Nevertell City was a rather small community. Not to mention peaceful. Hardly any crimes or crisis occurred. And with peace came boredom, so the smallest of scandals shot across the city in a matter of days. Any sort of news –no matter how small- would be spread to everyone by the end of the week.
There were many other gossipers where the two women were: a mansion of some politician. A party was being held and many other well-to-do figures of Nevertell City were there. It was a very luxurious place with grand chandeliers, an expensive feast, and porcelain knickknacks. All who were invited to the party were in
The Dolling Angel by MadRoseKai In the 19th century..... by MadRoseKai Andrea Foster REVAMP by MadRoseKai

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Oh my FLARG, nostalgia attacks vigorously!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2012, 6:27 PM

AUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH, you beautiful bastards, I am feeling so... flippin'... sinfully... DELIGHTFUL. I am just dripping in so much lightheartedness and happyteering, I should be arrested for emitting such a pinkish aura of expressionistic life enjoyment. I have the most sour face on right now, but I swear to Santa Claus that deep down I am blissful. :heart:
JUST... ugh. Life is epic. I finished all my homework, I'm sketching a lot, and although the workload is still huge and overbearing this semester, I am actually lacking in trepidation of it because I survived this far so surely I just have to keep on kicking as much arse as I could, no matter if I fail something. If I fail then I fail and I am giddy just knowing that I gave it as much kick-arse as I could. C:
I feel prancier than Bambi.

bambi whale Pictures, Images and Photos

.... ANYHOOOOOO, crumpet cakes, alloweth moi to ask: who here grew up with Harry Potter, Supernintendo, Donkey Kong Country, and the Playstation?
I MEAN REALLY! Has my curiosity been trolling me so hard for so long that it has always been right there in the bloody soundtrack?! That's a load of bollocks, in'nt it!? What an idiot I am! D<

That track along with a few others is aiding me in this brand new story I am doing concept work on, but I would like to get to that a bit later.

HEEEEERE are some video game awesomenesseseseseses that could propel some of y'all back into the glory days of pure greatness and sheer incredible wonders having to do with SPYRO and SUPER MARIO and DONKEY KONG QUEST and JAK AND DAXTERRRRR. Oh, and CHICKEN RUN. Oh god, yes, Chicken Run:……………

I would like to submit deviations based on new tales I have come up with, hope y'all do not mind. :la:

AND DUDES... if you were a superhero or a freak, what kind of superhero/freak would ya be? Thrill me. :heart:

And who is still reading Decembersville? Curiosity is a-plaguing me and I am fighting over whether I should submit the next chapter or nay.

*laughs like a madman lady* Oh man, let's get out of here. Let's just go. Let's all just get off the computer and meet somewhere. DUDE, let's all meet at Disney World in Orlando. Just.... just pack your bag and let's all go. Freak the poor bastard ticket-taker behind the counter like "We're here! :la:"

.... I wanna be a vulture when I grow up.


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Questions n' Favors n' Toasters, oh $h*t! 8D

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 4, 2012, 8:17 PM

.... Are the toasters gone, or are they still staring at me from outside? .... Don't look at me like that, darnzangit, I'm peeing my trousers here. Haven't turned around for the last 5 hours knowing that my window is right behind me plus a MAFIA of krazzling TOASTERS aching to COOK ME DUE TO MY BEING YEAST, THE ROOT OF BREADMAKING.
Yes? No? Shaddup, I'm not crazy, you're crazy
-- WHOAWHEREAMI?-- Hiiiii, guys. :3 :heart:

Well-i-o, I am indulging in another rare internet moment brimming with funky wiring and the criminal act of stealing wireless from some sap out there (and don't ya judge me as a monster, I am an advantage-taker; really, if any of my stuff leaks into his/her internet then they'd lack a knowing due to my.... English.... ness). :icondoitfaggotplz:
NOW ALLOW ME TO INFEST THE ENTRY WITH THREE (or four) QUESTIONS/QUESTIONY-STUFFS! Starting right now, good accomplice of the art universe known as deviantBlart:

Do any of you delicious compatriots think that I should take up commissions or should I wait till my art improves handsomely? Just a few commissions, perhaps about 5 or 7, because I just got my material list for the incoming semester of art college and, apparently, the school thinks that we ramen-eating, coin-scraping students have the $100 to get textbooks and paints.
I mean, I do not wish to bite off more than I could chew, so only 5 or 7 could start off nicely or a few more or SOMETHING, but I am just curious as to whether I should go for it or not, ya get me? I wanna start off small considering I don't know how this stuff goes so well and I have a lot of art assignments on my plate, so.... I dunno, we'll see, I just wanna figure it out first. XD

Next, beloved bagatelles, I propose a wringer: WHAT ARE YOUR NEW YEAR'S REZOLUTIONSESESESESESESESES? :icondurrhurrplz: *shot in the patella*
Alriiiight, so it might be a stolid telltale, but I am honestly DRIPPING in pure raw officiousness as to what y'all have mentally planned to do or say or dance to this year before we experience another Doomsday that we'll survive. What promises have you guys made that you will remain faithful to this year? Any wishes or prayers you would like to answer? SPILL IT.
Honestly, my sole wish is that folks close to me will be smiley and dandy this year. Everything else is going fine. XD

And lastly: badass artists :iconkumosama: & :iconhomicidal-hecate: have their birthdays in a few days, so get a load of their awesomeness and watch the hell outta those two!
Sip-Sipping hot coco by KumoSama Sjuk by KumoSama Maid of Time by KumoSama

..... Oh yeah. *looks at title of journal* I wanted to ask a favor, but one that needs no concurring and all that jazz if y'all wish not to hear me out. ^^
I've been wishing to hold a contest for a LONG while, but have been unable to do so because the last contest went so well, but my busy-ness and almost-dyingness in February broke my promise in two and I handed over the prized features I promised, not the requests and all; the guilt ain't ever going to leave. -___- I have been kind of scared of holding another contest thinking that I would bail out on prizes, so for the next one I plan on only handing over points, features, and full-sized colored detailed chibis as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, but nothing else.
That ain't so cute.
So I was hoping if any of y'all would like to contribute to the prize-donating pool for this future contest I have in mind, anything from journal features to points to requests to-- WOTEVAH will be appreciated. :heart:
So.... yeah, alrighty, I got THAT outta my system. XD

.... I feel so rancid. 90% of this entry was about me, me, me, and me. I ain't fond of that. :iconandiwtfplz:


Love yew.


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