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You and I in Eternal Life

The Crooked Fork --> [link]

BEHOLD! This is... a failed experiment! :heart:
Oh man, this experiment backfired. I wanted to see what would happen if I did a hybrid of pencil work and the power of bloody inks n' markers.
In the finale, I got me this smorgasbord of dislikable humina, yo. That's not going to stop me from continuing till I find out a way to make the mixed media work.

More Godavari and the protagonist of his story Macy Lou, people! I wanted to play with Godavari's grand coat and I wanted to put someone raggedy like Macy in a dress (that most likely one of Godavari's clowns forced her into). It kinda looks like his dramatic way of saying "Bitch, she's mine."


Follow me on tumblr to ask questions or have a bit o' fun! C: --> [link]

The Crooked Fork (c) Andi

PS: Best effect is having this music play while viewing this. It helped me out. --> [link]
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Fantastic job yet again! Oh wow I am loving the compositional flow in this. I especially love the clothing folds and everything. Keep doing awesome! :) 
jakrocker17's avatar
Simply stunning, dear!
XxcookievampxX's avatar
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I don´t know what you failed on it, but that dark fabrik looks so lifeful!!
Coffee-Fae's avatar
The marker overlay on the pencil almost gives this a 3D quality to it. so... not failed just some interesting texture play
LittleLuxray's avatar
I think this is absolutely amazing, what with how you've incorporated pen and ink into something with pencil. You have some serious talent. :D
SecretlyFading's avatar
Message loud and clear lol
Magdahr's avatar
I just love everything about this!
His fabulous robe really draws you inside the picture :la:
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To the contrary, I think this worked out quite well. : ) I really like the different levels of depth that are created here (especially with the folds of Godavari's attire -- the flecks are my favorite part because they look effortless) I think the ink adds a crispness to the pencil; it makes it look clean but still maintains a lot of texture and detail, although the background was a little bit confusing for me. ^^; Godavari's cloak swoops up at an odd angle for me, too, on the right, but I believe that is minor in comparison to the good points of this piece. All in all, one of my favorites from you. ;)
DrMandy's avatar
I love the clothes and how it seems to move across the page :D
Arkeresia's avatar
This is beautiful! The texturing in that cloak is just wow :omg:
Alsarnia's avatar
XD It's just like you said. He looks like he's saying that and she looks absolutely terrified XD
Halloweennut's avatar
- screeeeeeeeeeech-

Gurl hush it's awesome. Freaking coats, man. And hair. dayum.
iEnviDevi's avatar
It's not failed, it's magnificent! Also, if you really feel that badly, just look at it as a step in the process.
AlienSkull's avatar
Lovely, as expected, dear.
mayeshanonymous's avatar
:iconallthethingsplz: Off on my "Andi's DA binge v7000.3"!!

This is gorgeous~~!!!
Patient-31's avatar
Pencil and ink is kinda what I do...or did back when I was in traditional media :XD: I can tell you one trick is contrast in textures. Use your pencils in smooth tones [blending sticks are your friends] and save the hatching for only your inks; I found this gives a real feeling of atmosphere. Working in a broad range of pencils helps too, 4H to 6B. Making the transition between smooth graphite into solid inks smooth or rough makes all the difference when it comes to gradients too, each can be used effectively to get a different result...and that's all I got. Good luck :D (and I don't think this is bad btw, you're too hard on your art ;P)
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I think this turned out pretty awesome! I love the contrast between the light pencil and the dark ink and marker part.

Seriously, I think I'm falling in love with every story in your gallery! They're all so interesting!

And on a totally random note, I love Godavari's hat.
alicerider92's avatar
is not failed is a mix of textures in one draw for my looks awesome
mcbattykat's avatar
I can sorta see why you don't like it but I dont at the same time. The textures are beautiful!!!
VampireLover911's avatar
This is so amazing! I love how it transitions from soft pencil gray to deep black (marker? idk) And this couple has got to be my top favorites! They're really cute & amazing together!
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