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February 26, 2009
It's extremely inspiring when an artist has a innate way to tell stories through photographs. This artist's work is so detailed and controlled, and to truly appreciate it you have to spend plenty of time browsing their dA gallery. I chose this to feature because I plain just love it. Reminds me of late nights in Shinjuku working on prints while looking out the window anticipating a great night out. Inspiration comes from all places, please have a look! Beyond Working Hours by =couleur
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Suggested by Rom3o
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Beyond Working Hours

Copyright © 2008 Lim Wan Xiong, All Rights Reserved

Southbank, Victoria, Australia

~derek87's friend's apartment view. Shot yesterday during midnight with my new 5D MKII.

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© 2009 - 2021 couleur
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oO-Stu-Oo's avatar
Love it :-) How are you mate? Still active on here?
Jan-K-Fotografie's avatar
Andriandreo's avatar
wow, amazing shot! n.n :+fav:
iMarcB's avatar
Very impressive photo. Great job getting the exposures all perfect in the office and the landscape :clap:
Pandazrock's avatar
I'm amazed that you got to actually capture a shot of the man in the building. Very detailed and the colours are fabulous <3 You are a very talented photographer.
andyrogerson's avatar
Simple, quiet, and tranquil. Great work! ;)
0Pharmacist's avatar
StianKarlsen's avatar
Ice cold, this image looks great :)
Hall-Miller's avatar
Hey, where is this, might I ask? And did you get this finished product straight from the camera, or was there a little technique in photoshop too? sorry to be nosy. This is really excellent looking to me.
kaenguruguru's avatar
DrewHopper's avatar
I've had this in my faves for a while now, but I have to ask what lens did you use? :)
AliS-JG's avatar
Moma-Vujisic's avatar
This shot represents everything that I love about cities at night. Fantastic!!
diiem's avatar
incredible! ~
ikonicimagery's avatar
this is one of the best photos i've ever seen
dejz0r's avatar
wow man, thats amazing.. :O
couleur's avatar
krishnachandranu's avatar
what a clarity man!
itscheryl's avatar
lovely, crisp clear capture with nice exposure.. congrats on being the daily deviant!
couleur's avatar
Thank you. :)

How are you btw?
Kuningaspultti's avatar
Freakin' awesome! Love the colors. Did the guy just happen to be standing there?
Atriletz's avatar
Such precision. You are talented.
Josu-oh's avatar
great contrast n' composition ;D
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