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fur or grass

some brushes for CS
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Nice brush :)

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some brushes dont appear to me

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Thank you been looking for these type
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how to install it?
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Am I able to use this on mobile? If so, can I use it in ibis paint?
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nope, this is for photoshop only, and I think that is totally imposible to install brushes on ibis.
hope I helped you.

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Thank you for sharing! (=
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Used here:…

Amazing brushes, thanks for sharing them!
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thanks so much for share nice day for you
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I used your lovely brush here ->The girl behind the mask by KatZaphire   Thank you so much :hug:
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wont let me download DX
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Try right clicking on the download button and tell it to open in new window. That's how I got mine to download. Also, I'm using the newest Firefox browser, just in case it is different from others in the downloading department.
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Used here :

thank you very much .
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