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By CottonValent
Update :
21/12/2018 : The commission is closed. Thank you so much, everyone!!!
26/07/2018 : Edited info and added commission slot.
19/04/2018 : Chibi flat color is added and the commission is open!
12/04/2018 : Rewrote the infomation.


- Your characters, my characters, fan art, all of them.
- Scary/creepy characters
- Gothic victorian / lolita / aristocrat fashion
- I don't mind drawing bug anthros ◎‿◎! (plus victorian cloth make me dokidoki)
- I'm ok with cute things of it's still in a lolita fashion or school girl concept, but I will do it in my way.

I will not do
- Porn, sexual things, nudity (Anything that's too far then service stuff)
- yaoi / yuri
- Muscle men/women
- Realism

*Please note/contact me before you know your commission was accepted.


If you want to commission me, please email to me so I will apprise the order.
The prize depends on...

- Style of painting/coloring
- Full body, half body or just head
- Details
- Personal work or commercial work

Charlotteandnameless by CottonValent 09 25 2015 by CottonValent Words and moon by CottonValent The last moment by CottonValent  Sailor by CottonValent  Sepia by CottonValent  COMM - piktips by CottonValent  COMM - The-Bloody-Bishop by CottonValent  COMM - Erubun IV by CottonValent
Flat Color
(B&W or color)
additional character :+20
additional frame/background :+$15

Sakura by CottonValent  COMM - PumpkinPromise by CottonValent
Chibi - Flat Color
(B&W or color)
additional character :+15
additional frame/background :+$15

Full moon road to the ghost man by CottonValent  Moomin by CottonValent  Lady, creature and car by CottonValent  fantaspoeXII - poster by CottonValent
(Depends on how much I paint texture on black)

  CreepyCat09 - Fur by CottonValent  COMM - catDays by CottonValent    COMM - Max Kaynes VIII by CottonValent COMM - sarfiaholic by CottonValent  COMM - The-Jasmine-Nation by CottonValent spin by CottonValent   Black cat bookstore by CottonValent
Sketch (B&W or Color)
Rough painting process and almost lineless
additional character :+25
additional frame/background :+$15


Monika Tania - COMM by CottonValent COMM - emizels by CottonValent Mello by CottonValent Its windy today by CottonValent Windy Shoujo by CottonValent Spider web umbrella by CottonValent  10 2 2016 by CottonValent   09 05 2017 by CottonValent
   COMM - Natanicha K. by CottonValent COMM - D. Gane by CottonValent  COMM - Sliph77 by CottonValent  COMM - 01 01 2018 by CottonValent   Commission - Max Kaynes III by CottonValent  Doll Showcase - COMITIA113 by CottonValent  Dhrita Gane III by CottonValent
Normal cg + texture
additional character : $30
additional frame/background :$20-$30

    You and me in the snow day by CottonValent 
Detailed Background + light and small line

Additional cloth/character design
+$34 for each character.


After I've accepted.
Please contact me via E-mail : or note me in Deviantart. 
- This is a personal commission.
- Send the character's reference as much as possible, and the reference needs color (accept your character is pure white or B&W).
- I will draw in my style only.
- I will send paypal invoice after the agreement
- The reservation time of unpaid slot is not more than 2 days from the moment I send an invoice. I will add the list in the slot after the payment.
- I will start the process after the payment.
- It can be fixed 3 times and I will fix it in the sketch only.
- If you want to use my art for something please tell me and give a credit.
- No refund
- You cannot resell work you buy from me in any way (except commercial commission).
- If you are interested in commissions that I didn't include such as half-body commissions, book-cover commissions, visual novel sprites, commercial works, est. Feel free to ask me.
- The artwork will be finished in 1-7 days for each image after an agreement of the sketch process
- This commission is a digital product. You will receive a high-resolution .jpg file when it's completed.

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers 
Two ways
1.Paid 100% upfront.
2.Paid half upfront then the other half before I send the final/full resolution image.


© 2011 - 2021 CottonValent
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Laelathestrangeone23's avatar

Hello! Please tell me when you'll be open again. <3

PumpkinPromise's avatar
Do you happen to know when these will be open again?
CottonValent's avatar
Not sure, I'm currently super busy. I will announce if I have free time.
Chaotic-Booberry's avatar
This is great I'm super happy you're still open I'm gonna try and save up I just gotta!

Tho I'm curious do you still do these?…
CottonValent's avatar
Did you mean pet commission?
CottonValent's avatar
Yes, feel free to note me.
Chaotic-Booberry's avatar
Sure thing!
I'll contact you when I can ^v^
ChrysiJeager's avatar
Are these aways open ^^?
CottonValent's avatar
Yes! Feel free to send note anytime
MadNimrod's avatar
Gonna fave this in the event I can actually commission you someday XD
PumpkinPromise's avatar
Are these open? 
CottonValent's avatar
UmaYorokobi's avatar
If only you also use the Commission Widget :( I guess I must work faster to get money so I can commission you:la:
traein's avatar
What would you consider digimon drawings to be, price wise?
CottonValent's avatar
For fresh, in-training is $5 and rookie will be $10 or $20.
IsolaLuu13's avatar
oh man if there was ever a time i regret not getting a pay pal its now. ;n; your art is just beautiful i would've loved to commission you QnQ
UltraRob's avatar
Love your style! If it suited anything I needed art for, I would hire you in a second! Keep at it!
Gurinn's avatar
:´D if i had international credit cards i would comission you
CottonValent's avatar
I want a credit card too. ;A; I am 20+ but don't have any card.
MizuTorrent's avatar
If I ever find myself employed, i'll be asking you for a commission.
CottonValent's avatar
ZephyrElric's avatar
Oh, yay!
I'm hoping to save up for a commission from you now, because I've loved your style from when I first saw it!
CottonValent's avatar
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