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🐱🍔🍟My shop is open!🐱🍔🍟
This is my first for opening an international online store. If it has anything wrong
 please let me know 🙏💦
This journal is about asking questions I got a lot. 

*Prepare a broken English*

Q :Are you still selling tarot card?
A : I don't sell tarot card anymore. A ton of tarot website stole my art without permission. Also, half of tarot card files were damaged. (Lie on the ground despairingly) So I don't want to continue tarot cards anymore *cry*

Q : Where is English "The girl and the soul" webcomic?
A :I have to sincerely answer that I've been paused this webcomic after I got a full-time job in 2014-2015. About a full-time job, it is about drawing *a weekly comic*. Yes, It's weekly. It was not just a *weekly*. Not just a 1-2 page per week but 10+ pages per week. And it not just a weekly comic with 12-15 pages per week. The comic is COLOR!!! color every panels (don't ask me how I did that). After I've been out from a company. The girl and the soul have been paused for a year and...I want to redraw it if I have a chance. I think I'll post English version somewhere but I don't back to draw it oncoming this year or next year. Because I have another project.I apologize if you guys are waiting "The girl and the soul" but I hope one day I have a chance to work this story again.

Q : What is "Glitch"?
A: Glitch is my another comic that I used to work with company. A weekly color comic, 12-15 pages per week, updated every Tuesdays. A story is about a girl was dead by shot through head and got a deal 10 wishes from wish seleman. At present, copyright is mine now again. I will open both Thai and English website but English will be lately updated because I need to hire a translator.
Hello, guy! How is going! First, I think I've said it but I will say again. Happy new year 2016. wish everyone have a great year!
Last year I was super busy, 
I worked weekly comic for months that rarely have time for a commission but currently comic was (on hold) ended so that's I'm back now.
Well, the last year. A job was better but at the end, it went wrong and worst. Our comics need to be ended before time. By the way, our copyright will be back to us next week and we will be started our webcomic that will not relate company.
 (You can visit comic via company website here )
A story is about a girl was dead by shot through head and got a deal 10 wishes from wish seleman

I had to break "The girl and the soul" webcomic last year because this work. Actually, I should go back to continue it but... I feel bound between this new comic, Me and this work had suffered a trouble and disaster together. So I really, really want to continue it.
I apologize if you guys are waiting "The girl and the soul" but I hope one day I have a chance to work this story again.

Alright. Actually, I just want to talk two things here. 

- Commisison info was updated
- New webcomic will be open soon. W
e have a plan about translating to a foreign language in the future, depends on our fund.

Thanks for reading!
Short news! my interview in "Obscuridad De Noviembre" was released (///▽///) I was so really glade and very pleased. if anyone want to download the magazine (in spanish) you guys can go here

About my life. You guys probably saw I draw (almost) everyday, it's not like I don't have anything to do but next month I would be busy as abyss, I want to spend worthy time while I have little free time left.

That's all, I don't have anything to say much lol
Hello, guys! how is going! I posted this journal for bad news. It's not really bad but it would make disappointment.

First, my neck is still inflame, but, I still can do commissions. just slower then usual ; ;

Second, I just got a big project that I need to do it after commission, so I have a little time for everything here.

Third, good news. The girl and the soul webcomic will be update tomorrow! with new rules about posting. And the bad new is... after ending of 6th chapter, I will close it for super long time, it might be years or longer then that, therefore , I will close patreon forever ; ; I honestly feel bad for everyone who had supported me but it's time to drop my pen now. I will delete it next week so everyone have time to cancel the payment.

I apologize to everyone and thank you for every supports. 
Hello everyone!

I have to tell the honest I need to rest for 2-4 days. I've got office syndrome on neck and hands Orz it feels like someone tie my neck all the time. Actually, it happens everyday for ages but this time is real, it's too hurt to work. I think my neck's muscle is inflame ( ⌣́,⌣̀) .

I apologize to :iconravenblackcrow: , :iconm0onqueen: and :iconp-cate: , commission might not be finished in very soon.

If anyone interested in discount commission, I still can sketch a bit but the real process (inking and coloring) will take time for a while ^∇^"
Hello, everyone! The 6th episode in my webcomic was done! it means time for translation so I decided to open discount commission!

*Thank you so much everyone! I actually thought few people commission this ^w^" and I was so surprised many people are interested. While I'm doing commission I got office syndrome so work might not be finished fast like usual. I also figured some people didn't see pledges in my patreon and I didn't get any paid ;w; I thought it's a patreon problem now it's seem it's my own, I will submit journal about patreon problem later. Last, I will sell my comic on October 11th @_@' I didn't forget my webcomic, please don't worry Orz*

$10 for each character
COMM - rattosa by CottonValent 

$15 for each character
  Cat Woman by CottonValent

Full Body
$20 for each character
Charlotte random pose by CottonValent  Stella's dress by CottonValent  COMM - kaachan1 by CottonValent

$5 for each cat
Creepy Cat 15 - Pillow by CottonValent

Character/cloth design

- Your characters, my characters, fan art, all of them.
- Scary/creepy characters
- Gothic victorian / lolita / aristocrat fashion
- I don't mind drawing bug anthros ◎‿◎! (plus victorian cloth make me dokidoki)
- I'm ok with cute things of it's still in a lolita fashion concept, but I will do it in my way, creepy eyes as my normal style (Please take a look my gallery, it will look like that)

I will not do
- Porn, sexual things, nudity (Anything that's too far then service stuff)
- yaoi / yuri
- Muscle men/women (Because my skill is bad for drawing huge muscle)
- Realism
- Background

*This is a personal commission. Copyright of the art remains to me.
*Please note/contact me before you know your commission was accepted.
*You cannot resell work you buy from me in anyway.

After I've accepted.
- Send the character's reference as much as possible, and the reference needs color (accept your character is pure white or B&W).
- If you don't have any image of your character (or just character but no cloth) the price will charge more for character/cloth design.
- I will draw in my style only.
- I will start the process after the payment.
- If you don't like my first sketch you can tell me to redraw more 2 times. It means I can sketch for you 3 times.
- I will fix it in the sketch only.
- Please don't forget your e-mail address for sending no-watermark image and full-size artwork to you.
- If you want to use my art for something please tell me and give a credit.
- No refund
- After finishing product, prepare to receive A3 high-resolution!!!
- If commission have a deadline, please tell me in the message.

Bullet; WhitePaymentBullet; White
PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers 
My paypal account is
Two ways
1.Paid 100% upfront. 
2.Paid half upfront then the other half before I send the final/full resolution image.

Process will be around weeks, please be patient ;w;/

Bullet; BlueTo do listBullet; Blue

1. :iconm0onqueen: waist up (Done)

2. :iconsuperflymiceguy: Chibi (Done)

3. :iconravenblackcrow: Chibi (Done)

4. :iconm0onqueen: waist up + cloth design (Done)

5. :iconp-cate: Chibi (Done)

6. John [via email] Chibi (Done) [deadline mark]

7. :iconkarimuffin: Chibi, 2 characters (Done)

8. :iconannetti-spaghetti: Chibi, 2 character (Done)

9. :iconhoney-bea: Chibi (Done)

10. :icontraein: Waist up + Chibi (Done)

11. :iconwindnara: Fullbody + Chibi (Done)

Yep, I opened again >>>…
After I've decided about pricing and thanks again for comments/voting my latest journal! also, point commission is accepted. For other commission such as full cg character commission or chibi are not available at this time. And I've just finished products for selling at Comic Avanue 2. So! I got my full time back for webcomic and enough time for commission. (If you're gonna ask how is my dog.... last week he didn't get operation at all because he ate fish's head before went to vet, the operation have been put off next week - -||| )
I started thinking about prices when one customer asked me to draw detailed-full cg character for $15 that I need to spend 8+ hours. It's almost the biggest problem if I don't need to draw nipples... actually it's my bad I didn't write "nudity" in will not do list @_@' I'm already thinking I will charge more for service stuff but nudity (that kind of male perspective) it's too much so I charged very high. Because I feel lost innocent mind every time I draw sexy stuff and I don't want my portfolio is full of boobs and butts. (By the way, something like josei manga is fine (,,⌣́w⌣̀,,))

Alright, back to the topic! =A=/

I have been thinking about pricing for months but still curious and confused. I had searched so many topics, most painting talented artists are charge many costs and I was pretty shocked they spend time for making product the same as mine (around 6-8 hours). Believe it or not, I spent 7-8 hour for this artwork ,although it looks simple. I didn't know at all until I had started counting time O-<-<. So that's why I deleted all prices in commission journal. I need time to set my skill for a while. Anyway I have a close client/friend prices. I still remember everyone who've supporting me till these day, commissions, patreon, tumblr,, facebook, etc. Thank you everyone (´;ω;`) I'm very please to lower costs for you guys.

A lot of artist here said deviantart is not a good place for selling art. It's not a lie. I got few notes for free art (mostly from fandom), invite me to work their low costs project (with a bunch of sketch!). And another true story is if you are not famous (sample : your art selling is not quite well in printing shop) and good at marketing, you will be poor. I'm already poor Orz I must more hard work for my webcomic, I need to do another comic for real publisher. And think of how much I should really charge for commercial work, personal work, etc

If anyone have opinions, you can drop comment here. Talking with myself is a bit lonely and boring.

ps, Sorry for my English U_U"

Rohesia - Prologue by CottonValent

Comic book
PDF file
Price : $9
76 pages include illustrations
My website
*warning* This comic have an disturbed scene. 
"Rohesia is a heartless doll and she becames to nanny. One day, twins' mother was not home. She was therefore met the situation that she will remember it for her whole life."

My webcomic will not update for months so I wanted it have something while nothing being active. I had sold this comic since April, Thai OC only event. Yes, I'm also doing real comic book. It's Thai language but had translated to English.

The story is about life of abnormal doll and same universe as "The girl and the soul".


Hello, everyone. I'm busy with commission, creepy cat products and "Shadow boy" episode so my webcomic will not be update this month (still need few pages, text and translation). For empty update, I will sell my book that I had sold since April, Thai OC only event. If you add my facebook, twitter and tumblr you would know I'm also doing real comic book (you can see her here,too) It's Thai language but had translated to English. Cannot let it read for free on the internet because I would be a murderer and betray all of my Thai friends/clients who have bought my book.

I can not spoil right now what is story about. 

So I have a question. I'm interested to sell PDF file. Just found Gumroad but I don't have any credit card and only use paypal (;´Д`) and I don't know how much people will buy it so I really need a low fee website.

If anyone know selling PDF service website please let me know.

Just in case someone have a question about me
You guy can ask anything!
Me and my art was invitee on'm very thankful Cala Clack for invited me and fixed my English (I don't sure about word, it's not exactly interview). Ah man, I'm so shy and a bit embarrassing, most of the showcase are old art. I think I need time for portfolio ;A;

The girl and the soul - Patreon by CottonValent

Finally I decide to promote it through patreon

I still need money for translator o-<-< so it's one last hope.

Still need update my journal.

The girl and the soul webcomic by CottonValent

"The girl and the soul" is a fantasy / horror graphic novel about the girl who run away from home to the outside world.
Updates every Tuesdays and Saturdays around morning in Thailand time zone (and reblog again in evening).


Like I mentioned before, I want my international web comic so here it is!
Thank you everyone for commission so have enough money to buy some stuffs
(But I'm still owe my friend lol) 

(The title should write "Is anyone interested to commission me for making my webcomic?" but it has no space left.)

If you're following me through dA, facebook, tumblr, etc you've probably seen my Thai webcomic (but it's actually graphic novel), many foreign people asked me to put Thai texts on the page and they will use google translate. I must say I dislike google tanslate it's always translate Thai into silly meaning. But it made me had an idea to create international webcomic (My Dreamweaver was lost for ages so I use KompoZer. Hope it would be fine)

At the moment Thai webcomic was update 5 episodes but it updates every months and it's really bad that the readers certainly upset my speed lol. Also, blog is not good for update one time with just two pages.

I will update all pages of first episode and will update two pages after that. 2 times per week (Tuesday and Saturday) and 2 pages per day. Episode will be end 10-20 pages so it should be same as Thai webcomic that updates one time every months.
Why I'm not update all five episode that it's already finished? Because I'm very poor for hiring translator.
My friend charge 200฿-300฿ per one page (about $6-$10) it looks inexpensive but it would be really huge for making all episodes. And sadly paypal doesn't open donate option for Thailand O-<-<

This is my first step for making my original project to English so I'm a bit nervous and excited XD.

Anyway, Thanks for reading!

(Sorry, I wrote wrong and it changed the sentence a lot O-<-< )
This year is the most people said happy birthday to me. I've never got so many massages (include my facebook and twitter) like this before so I was really surprised. Thank you, everyone!
[Red Fable] - 01 The Rabbit's Bride by CottonValent
I just noticed many members fav+ me and so surprised I 've got Daily Deviation lol.
Thank you for fav+ and watch+!!!
Sorry I don't have any plan for English yet but I want you guys enjoy my art (and hope for translation someday).

Yes I have another account. Im gonna upload artwork that bigger then dA (I'm still confused about size for goods and stuffs). Feel free to visit!