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Thanks for all the kind comments and continued 'check ins' on my page. I have not posted anything in a while due to other projects taking up my time, but I am rendering again and coming up with some new stuff. I have a lovely new version of Nina that I think a lot of you will appreciate. I should be posting some work by this weekend.
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I've been suffering a little from poor health lately but am starting to feel better. I've also had computer problems and have been slow to fix them, because I haven't felt up to par, but that is being dealt with as well.

Unfortunately, during the time that I was largely AFK, there was a caching bug on that was preventing people from registering! Not good. Thanks to a persistent interested fellow who noted me here to let me know about it, I think that issue has been fixed - and in the process other little bugs with the site have been found and hopefully squashed.

So, if you were one of the dozens of folks who couldn't register to the site, you should try again!
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Computer issues have prevented me from submitting much stuff lately, or even working on it. I think they'll be resolved soon, though.
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I am offering a poll to help decide who will be the next "Blind Date" character and after a day or two it's a tie! Unbelievable. I won't say who it's a tie between, because once you vote, you'll see the current results. And hopefully it won't be a tie for too long.

If you haven't voted now, do so, please, thanks!
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I thought it might be helpful and important to make clear a few things about buying my Premium Content packages through DA:

1. I do not know who purchased them! I just know how many were purchased. So, your privacy in intact. So far, I've had excellent feedback from those who've told me they've bought them. Thank you. Don't feel obligated to do so.

2. I'm not going make a whole lot of money doing this on DA. It's a nice service and I appreciate DA offering it, but to be frank, for as easy as they make it to sell, they make it cumbersome to buy. Not everyone has more than 100 points or so, and are not in the practice of buying points so that's only one hurdle. The other is how the Purchase button is completely buried beneath a whole bunch of stuff, ads, the infernal "More Like This" (don't get me started) and other things. Which means I greatly appreciate those that have gone through the process. It was fun to do it, and that's a good enough reason for now.

3. Having said that, I'd like to do more. I was wondering, and please indicate your preference in the comments, who of my OCs would you like to have a Blind Date with? I'd make a poll, but I'd like to keep it more free form. Please respond. Thanks!
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I just added a bunch of outtakes to my website of Carnipelago's Buxom American fugitive, Kitty Sue Kelsey. No nudies, just 10 poses, scenes and renders from when I was first shaping her morphs and developing her character.
Very unfortunate.

Which one of us is going to let dA know first?

Don't all shout out at once.
...and they all have the same feet!

Feet matter, too!

(Just a random vent...)
I wish I didn't care so much about my lack of "front-page" material. I try, though... but I think for my next act, I'm going to dress Gigi up as Miku Hatsuni... Maybe that will do it. Yeah...
To the anonymous person that gave me a three month premium membership!

It's been a tough time for me this month and it's often the artwork (as perverted as it is) that gets me through some of the stressful weeks. And to be given a nice, meaningful gift like this makes my day.

By the way, it's my birthday tomorrow...
It might be worth upgrading my dA account. I wouldn't mind some convincing aside from the idea that I can get rid of that silly dancing elf or gnome or whatever that thing is in the World of Warcraft animated banner.
Question 1: Is it rude to delete (check the X) on the many boxes in my message stacks?

Question 2: I am really grateful when someone takes the time to favorite one of my pieces or thinks enough of my work to add me to their watch. Is it rude not to thank each and every one? If so, I must apologize... and I have some work to do!
Thank you to all the people that have found me one way or the other. Even though I have been a member here for a while, I haven't really dived into it since I'm usually crazy busy with real life. I will eventually, I'm sure, learn all the dA conventions and customs and etiquette.