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As pretty as she is....i really don't like the way shes looking at me...
lajvio's avatar
so beautiful
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someone doesn't look happy.
I find her expression to be unsettling. she looks... kind of... out of it. drugged maybe. (I don't mean that in a bad way)
hawthorne-cat's avatar
ooooooooooooooooooooo this minds me of Galadreil from the LOTR
surya-s-dolls's avatar
she is sooo adorable <3
hawthorne-cat's avatar
"what do you mean the cake has been all eaten?"
CandyMaid's avatar
Wow this one is beautiful! Looks like a painting! Gorgeous beclground, and beautiful BJD. This wold make a great music video! Wonderful work!
Caleidoskope's avatar
This pic is awesome. The light and the color are great. Just stuning... love it.
Vissepopje's avatar
Nice composition! And there is so much in those eyes which keeps me drawn to the photo. Wonderful! I also love the smoke-like background.
SushiiKun's avatar
Very pretty! ♥
sbslink's avatar
She looks kind of sad and angry at the same time.. real nice shot!
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