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Tiny doggy- sort of :'D

Well, looks like I fell in love- once again :) His name is Karl, in summer he'll be in our shelter for two years so it's time for him to move- move straight into my house ;D The only tiny problem I still have is... the boy is a little bit...ahm...big... 90cm (35,4 inches) from ground to shoulder with 64kg (141 pounds). The fact that he is a Kangal and therefore pretty protective doesn't make it the slightest bit easier buuuuut... he is soooo cute ;_; totally adorable <3 If everything goes the way it should then he is mine by june'ish ^__^
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Gorgeous boy, I would start wring with and training him now, to ease the transition!
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Yes, I have had him home with me several times already so he gets to know the house, the other animals, family and of course the routine :) So far not one problem- apart from him being super protective but that is something I won't even try to train away as it is his nature :D
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That's good. Do make sure he doesn't get OVER protective, and knows you are still in charge and he can relax a little at least!
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Have you owned Kengals/Anatolians before? He's certainly a handsome fellow. We've owned several and loved them, but they are very different than most because of their independence, dominance, and protective nature. We now have a Great Dane, on the complete opposite side of behaviors.

Best of luck!
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Nope, this is my first one :'D I've trained several live stock guarding dogs in our shelter but only now after having dogs for 19 years I actually feel comfortable enough to own one :D I already notice the huge difference, if I tell my Rotti to come he is there like a shot. Tell Karl the same thing and he will decide if it is necessary or not xD Oooooh Dane <3 They are beautiful and lovely natured dogs <3<3<3
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Haha, thanks! We'd previously had, as mentioned, Anatolians, and they were quite protective. Definitely in their own world. They were trained well, but often took a bit more effort and would sometimes challenge authority. As long as you give off that vibe that you're the dominant dog, I think you'll be fine. Congrats! I hope he falls in line and becomes your personal teddy bear defense. :D
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Oh my, no way I am that kind of dog owner who has to dominate their dogs all the time ;D I feel very deeply with that issue, my dogs are my companions, my family and I've trained every single one of them with love and understanding of their language. Anatolians certainly are very different in almost everything, I do love their way of life tho. They give you the kind of impression that everything is cool, no need to worry to much. Also their stubborness, I love it, completely different to what I've had so far xD Oooooh he will be come the personal teddy bear of all teddy bears <3 
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Ahhh Kangals sind toll *_* ich drücke dir die Daumen dass alles klappt! :D
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Jaaaa, das sind sie, unheimlich tolle Hunde *_* Vielen lieben Dank <3
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