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Damaged Hand Speedy

By cottondragon
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oh my, I totally fail when having to draw with the pen only and not being able to use the keys on the tablet :U It takes like-forever! Pancho bit me the other day *no worries here, he was in pain and I made it even worse by trying to do what the vet said...* rottweiler vs. human-rottweiler wins xD well, my left arm is a mess. 2 deep holes and an infection reaching from thumb to ellbow is just-yay ;o; Sooo ever since thursday there is totally nothing one can do apart from chatting to sweet people and maybe try to draw something :'D Wanted to refine but in the end I had to give up as it is totally not possible for me plus-paaaaain =o_O= Anyway, some kind of coyote thingy in a wood-thingy sitting on some thingy with some anatomy fails because I love doing those and-no idea what I'm talking, enjoy <3
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CorusTenebraeHobbyist General Artist
rly nice done!
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KaleoscopeHobbyist Traditional Artist
The anatomy is not that bad :D
Well that's a bummer, I hope you het better soon!
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StormlugiaHobbyist General Artist
Ohhh weia! Hundebisse sind gemein, weil sie so fiese Bakterien haben, die ziemlich lange brauchen, um zu heilen...
(Das mit dem gebissen werden von verletzten Hunden kenne ich von meiner Verstorbenen Freundin zu genüge... ich hab die eine oder andere Narbe von ihren Zähnchen... und die hatte relativ Kleine im Vergleich zum Rottweiler... :( )
Nimm ja Antibiotika und reinige die Wunden täglich,... (oder tu, was der Arzt sagt, ich bin ja erst in einem Jahr eine Ärztin^^)

Zum Bild: gefällt mir gut, dadurch, dass der Wuffzi scharf und detailiert ist und die Umgebung nicht, sieht es auch, wie ein Phtoto vom Wuffzi. (zugegeben, es fehlen Details im Hintergund... aber das mach nix^^)
Schöne Stimmung, die das Bild hat^^
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RanshiinsithaStudent Digital Artist
Fuck D: I hope you get better soon dear </3
it's a lovelly picture, as always, i just don't like the color contrast very much, for some reason, but i won't critique because it's a quicky, i know how that is x) that animal looks beautifull
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cottondragonProfessional Digital Artist
thank you love <3 we are getting there, it will just take some time to heal o.O
I know what you mean, I'm not happy with that at all myself, especially cuz the colors don't match :'D Awful thing is, I'm dying to draw but-can't really unless I'll change the workflow ;o;
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RanshiinsithaStudent Digital Artist
You're welcome <3 and sorry for the late reply, been busy as hell hah x_x

and at least you draw much better than me <3 hahah i havent been able to draw in months DX
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chosaguroHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks really awesome! I love the fur :3
and I hope you get better soon. c:
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