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Adorable Anton

duuuuuuh of course I didn't have time to draw during my days off :< Instead I spent the days in our shelter :'D This is Anton, another dog I train there. He is totally adorable, I could EAT HIM. Sadly he is declared dangerous as he killed one dog and bit a woman. If a dog gets declared dangerous in Germany it is very difficult to find a home for it. They have to wear a muzzle, are not allowed off the leash and owners have to pay horrendous taxes for them. He and me are training very hard to get him at least under control (the boy is as big as an american bulldog and strong like 2 cows) so that he is able to do a test. This test will turn him into a normal dog-at least when it comes to taxes. He is doing great progress, meanwhile he is able to look at me when he sees another dog and stay calm when the distance is big enough :'D Still a long way to go but I do hope he will find a loving home. Oh, he comes from a kill-shelter in Hungary, not a nice place to be for any creature, kill-shelters are the worst thing on this planet-or well one of the worst things :(

Photo was taken by my lovely friend Kim, I was the very talented person who held the dog, haha ;D
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