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B-Day Gift 2017: PeterAndCompany



A birthday gift for my favorite artwork :iconpeterandcompany:

Here is a picture that I did as a birthday gift for my awesome artwork :iconpeterandcompany: A picture of his original character, Whitney with my artwork style in her sexy lingerie heart pose for her birthday gift. Because I was having a bit of different to figure out some sexier what to draw on my own recently, I was in the mood for drawing a picture involving my friend's anthro feline character after checking out some random artwork, especially since I've been able to draw her in my original style for a picture that I did sometime as well. For this picture I've done, I was able to draw Whitney in her beauty sexy lingerie pink heart with a good pose. When I was coloring the picture in my MS Paint, I was able to use a blue and purple for the background, and I decided to fill up much of the empty space by adding a wiggle style-ish in different sizes. The picture turned out really nicely after being completed, and I just know he will love it no matter what.

His original character:

Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D  Happy Birthday, :iconpeterandcompany: !!!!birthday cake Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D

Police revamp Warning: Do not copy, steal or using it without permissionPolice revamp 
Thank You!

Whitney belongs to: 
Artwork by: :iconcottoncattailtoony:
Art Tools: MS Paint
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Wow... this done in MS Paint?!

:jawdrop: YOU'RE GOOD!!!