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My Bio

Hello everybody, my name is Samantha, and everyone can call me Sam or Sammy, If you like too. Basically, I have been obsessed like anthro, fan art, comics and more of them... Then I was been practicing with my drawing for very, very long time ago. I was been autism since I was little, but everyone is getting on my nerves or something like that, I don't know? Apparently, I could become a creator for my own show when I get older. I am artistic creativity I usually do with traditional art and digital art stuff.

Likes: Cartoons, animes, comic, books, reading, cooking, making a friends of toons, travel of cartoon dimension, music, rap, r&b, pop, Japanese music, soft music, playing around, drawing, taking photography, kick some bad guys, video game, swimming, animals, watching movie, comedy, fantasy, adventure, getting powerful, jewels stuff, save a world, ice cream, sushi, Japanese food, Mexican food, laughing too much, magic, hanging out, blue, pink, purple, niceness, kindness, playing volley ball, posters, colorful and cute stuff.

Dislikes: Sadness stuff, rudeness, selfness, horror movie, action movie, annoying peoples, ugly stuff, people get danger, Mary Sue, loud music, school, math, homeworks, bully at me, nuts, villains, killing, yelling at me, bug (bug), losing my game, gross stuff, peoples think are uncaring, acting like a jerk, rollercaoster ride, candy mint, some cartoon characters keep on change a voice cast, they never understand me and sickness.

Country: United States

Age: 29

Eyes color: Dark brown

Hair color: Dark brown

HGT: 5'03

Wight: ???

What's my birthday: Oct 9th, 1994.

What's my Zodiac: Libra.

What's my favorite music: Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow & Mariah Carey.

What's my favorite foods: Pizza, sushi, hamburger, chill dog with cheese, sandwich, strawberry, orange, chicken, and salad

What's my favorite drinks: Coffee, sweet tea and Coco Cola.

What's my favorite Desserts: Apple pie, ice cream, jell-o and cheesecake.

What's my favorite cartoon characters: I have too many!!

What's my favorite anime characters: Usagi, Chi and Konata Izumi.

What's my favorite voice cast: Maurice LaMarche, Charlie Adler, Tara Strong Tom Kenny and Tress MacNeille.

What's my favorite colors: Blue, Pink and Purple.

Current Residence: Florida

Print preference: Something like animals.

Favorite genre of music: Hip hop, pops and rap.

Favorite photographer: Ice cream and cats

Favorite style of art: Disney and Warner Bros.

Operating System: Windows 10

MP3 player of choice: My Ipod.

Shell of choice: Turtle shell.

Wallpaper of choice: Anime.

Skin of choice: I dunno why is that?

Favorite cartoon character: I have too many cartoons.

Personal Quote: You are awesome, guys!


Fur Affinity:…


MissCutieTastic#3516 (friend only)



Favourite Visual Artist
Don Bluth, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Tom Ruegger, Eric W. Schwartz, & Ralph Bakshi
Favourite Movies
Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Looney Tunes Back in Action, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, The Aristocats, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Anastasia, The Swan Princess, Cool World, Inside Out and more.
Favourite TV Shows
Space Goofs, Oggy and the Cockroaches, The Smurfs, Animaniacs, TTA, LT, FB&CC, Regular Show, Chowder, T.U.F.F. Puppy, The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, Sonic X, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters & PGBC
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Lady Gaga, Shakira, Pink, Fergie, Michael Jackson, Jeant Jackson, Aqua, Kesha, Maddonna, Mariah Carey and Tata Young.
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts, Star Fox Adventures, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Sonic Adventure 2 and more.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Game Cube, Play Station 2, Nintendo DS and XBox 360.
Tools of the Trade
Pen, pencil, color pencil and MS Paint.

Donation Pool

For a point commission only, and please ask me.

1 person for 10 points without colored, 11 points for colored

2 person for 20 points without colored, 21 points for colored

3 person for 30 points without colored, 31 points for colored

1924/2000 points
I finally I'm back home from Disney World!
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Hi guys, I'm just gotta closed for request, art trade and point commission for now. Because I need a break since I'm very busy with coming up with my new characters, and we're going to the Disney World with my family, so I'll be gone for 7 days. Okay, now you need to listening too me clearly, when you'll have to wait in till your picture It's finish sooner since I'm doing some more responsibility for a friends. And please don't said a lot, like "It's a request open?, It's art trade open?, or It's a point commission open?" That's why you need TOO listen on my note when I focus my drawing for a friend, and thank you for understand.
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I have a bad news, my aunt Darlene passed away from 2 days ago…😭😢😭😢
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so I know requests are closed but what about art trades?

Hello there, Samantha! How's it going, buddy?

Thank you so much! 😊

The Bimbettes 34
The Bimbettes 21
The Bimbettes 25
Minnie Mouse 35
Minnie Mouse 25
Minnie Mouse 18
Minnie Mouse 10

So glad you like my screencaps!

Betty Boop 33
Betty Boop 27
Betty Boop 25
Betty Boop 16
Betty Boop 15

Thanks for the faves :)

do you open requests?